10 American Made TV Brands; The Best TVs Made In America

America’s economic market is growing, and the economy grows stronger with every new purchase you make.  

There are millions of electronics in the US, most of them are imports from countries like Japan and China.

Some people feel they need to buy products from their home country since it contributes to the local economy. 

This is okay, but it might be hard to find TVs made in America so let us get all the brands together for you to make it easier;

List Of The Best TVs Made In America

1. Silo Digital

Silo Digital
Image Credit: silotv.net

Silo digital is one of the best TVs made in America, and you will get your money’s worth with this brand.  

This private company runs its businesses in the US and has its headquarters in Chatsworth, California. 

Silo digital specializes in LED TVs, and they have been giving Americans high-quality products for more than a decade.  

When the company started, its primary focus was on tube TVs, but they adopted new technologies and evolved.

Currently, the company is focused on LED and LCD TVs since tube TVs are obsolete.  They have products ranging from 32 inches to 84 inches, so it will be a good choice for most people.  Though limited, they also produce some 3D LED products.

2. Philips Magnavox 

Philips Magnavox
Image Credit: m.media-amazon.com

This electronics company started in 1911 as a Commercial Wireless Development company, and its first headquarters were in Napa; then, later on, it shifted to San Francisco.  There were numerous changes to the company in the years that would follow until 1974.

Philips, a Dutch electronics company, acquired Philips Magnavox and made it an electronics company that focuses on producing many electronics, including TV sets.  The company has had a good past, and it expanded in the US and other parts of the world.

Currently, there are plants in Mexico, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and the US.  This company assembles most of its products overseas to cut manufacturing costs, but they work on some models internally, especially projectors.

3. Panasonic 

Image Credit: assets.entrepreneur.com

You might be surprised to see this brand on this list since it is a Japanese company.  The fact is, it is an international company, and it has manufacturing plants across the world, including the US.  There are more than 270,000 Panasonic employees in the US manufacturing plants.

Panasonic assembles most of their products in Malaysia, but some of their models come out of the US.  

For instance, they assemble their 20-inch TV/VCR TVs in the US so you can buy their products and support the local economy.

4. Seura TV

Seura TV
Image Credit: uploads-ssl.webflow.com

When looking for high-quality TVs made in America, Seura has to be one of your first thoughts.  This company has its headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and they have been giving Americans high-quality TVs for more than a decade now.

Seura is a family company that Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson started in 2003, and they came into the market with an incredible idea.  Their first hit was a mirror TV, which becomes a mirror when you turn it off.

Since then, Seura has specialized in making TV mirrors that you can use in spaces like bathrooms.  Aside from this, they also manufacture a series of outdoor and indoor models for regular use, so they have something for all customers.

5. SunBrite TVs

SunBrite TVs
Image Credit: encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com

SunBrite TV is one of the biggest companies in California, and its headquarters are in Thousand Oaks.  

This company focuses on producing outdoor TV that can withstand rough outdoor conditions like rain and wind.

They have a verandah series, which will work well for an outdoor environment outside of the sun.  

They are not as bright or durable as other series, so you might not be able to use them in extreme conditions.

You can also look at their signature series, which is a good choice for outdoor use at a place that receives some sunlight. 

 It is a bit bright but won’t work well for full sunlight.  If you want to use the TV in the bright sunlight, you might need to go with the pro series.

Sunbright has its main plant in California and two other Texas and North Carolina stations.  If you are looking for high-quality TVs made in the USA, Sunbright will have several good options for you.

6. Element Electronics

Element Electronics
Image Credit: elementelectronics.com

If you use Element TV, you can tap yourself on the back for being patriotic since it manufactures all its products domestically.  Their assembly line is in Winnsboro, South Carolina, and it is also their headquarters. 

Element TV is a trendy brand in the US since it produces smart TVs for Android and Roku units.  If you have used an Element Roku TV, you will know why this company is so popular.

The company manufactures their TVs in Asia, but they assemble them in their US plant, employing thousands of Americans.  

This brand will be a good choice for a person that wants to stream content in high resolutions like 4K.

7. Vizio TV

Vizio TV
Image Credit: vizio.com

Vizio TV is another reliable option when choosing a smart TV for your home.  This is an American company with headquarters in California.  They specialize in producing LED HDTVs and LCDs that hold up amazingly in the market.

Vizio TVs have a reasonable price range, and they offer fantastic picture quality for their price.  

They also have a series of smart TVs, but their quality is not the best since it’s not a premium TV company; most people complain about the OS, but it’s no surprise considering their price.

They also produce TV accessories and more electronics like tablet PCs.  All their TVs range between 16 inches and about 60 inches for you to choose what yo0u like.  If you are looking for a 3D TV, you can turn to Vizio since they have a 3D series.

8. Sceptre

Image Credit: pisces.bbystatic.com

Have you ever watched a movie with clear resolution then wondered who manufactured your incredible Sceptre TV?  Now you know it is a US product.  Sceptre is an electronics company in California, USA, and it has no shortage of unique products. 

They manufacture a wide array of products like CRT TVs, notebooks, cameras, computers, networking devices, and more.  When looking at TV sets, Scepter is most popular because of its affordable LED and LCD TVs. 

The TV prices don’t infringe on the quality, and you can get fantastic image quality, even 4K if you are interested. You can easily find the best TV under $100 released by this brand if HD is the max quality you are looking for.

This is a budget company, and most people shy away from their products because they doubt the quality due to their low pricing.

9. Sharp

Image Credit: media.consumeraffairs.com

Sharp Electronics Corporation is a New Jersey-based American company with a somewhat turbulent history.  Initially, Hisense made all the products branded Sharp in the US.

In 2019, Sharp repurchased its assets from Hisense, and they got their name and brand back before they reinitiated production in the US from 2019.  Sharp Electronics mainly sells LCD and LED TVs of sizes up to 80 inches.

Apart from TVs, they also sell accessories like DVD players and Blu-Ray players so you can get those of you who want to go old school for a while.  Their products are top-notch, and they have a good reputation in the market.

10. Toshiba

Image Credit: streamtelly.com

Toshiba is a Japanese company, but it conducts many businesses and manufacturing processes in the United States.  

Toshiba will come at the top of that list when looking for a reliable, high-quality, and durable TV. 

Toshiba’s SuperTube TV and Flat Tube HDTV have their assembly lines in the US, and you will see the “Made in the USA” tags on them.  They also manufacture several series of Plasma TVs in the USA.

Toshiba is a highly diverse electronics company, and they manufacture nearly all electronics and machine parts.  

This is among the biggest companies on the planet, and it is no surprise it has close ties to the US.

Why Most Companies Don’t Manufacture In The US

Outsourcing has quickly become a vital business tool that most companies use to solve major operations issues in small and large companies.  Outsourcing refers to when a company shifts its production line into a different country.

Most companies outsource to China, Malaysia, and other Asian countries in our economic sphere, especially when dealing with electronics.  This is the case with most prominent brands in the US, including Samsung, LG, and others.

There are hundreds of TV brands that Americans use, yet there are less than 15 which manufacture their products in the US. 

Let us take a deeper look into business to see why most companies outsource their products and the benefits that come from it;

1. Allows companies to focus on vital processes

Outsourcing mostly happens with non-business functions of a company, and relieving yourself of such issues will give you more freedom to manage the core aspects of your company.  Companies will therefore move operations like manufacture and assembly to other nations.

This will allow the company to focus on other aspects of the business, like sales, and in the end, the company will reap its benefits. 

It will use the financial, human, and management resources to work more effectively and deliver better services.

2. Outsourcing offers new skills and talents

Most companies have a problem with this since the cost of labor is rising in the United States, it might be challenging to find enough skilled workers.  Outsourcing can be an asset since it provides skilled labor in high numbers.

Some countries like China have a large population with many young, skilled, and educated people in their labor forces. 

They keep up with the rapid technology, so they will work as well as you require most of the time.

This means that a company will make the most value out of their services if they outsource them because of the flexibility of the workforce.  Such workforces can undertake tasks with high skill making better products.

3. Outsourcing cuts costs

Outsourcing production has a lot of short-term and long-term benefits based on the services you use it for.  Outsourcing offers flexibility to allow your company to expand its operations without much investment.

This reduces your company’s capital and the total costs you incur; thus, you will make more profits in the long run.

Asian countries have high populations of working-age people.  With supply and demand, there will be many people needing the job so you can get them to do the work at a lower price than you would in the US, and this is part of why companies outsource to Asia.

Asian Governments want their people to get jobs, so they offer tax incentives to get companies to outsource.  

You will pay them fewer taxes, and for any business, the more costs you cut down, the more profit you can make.

You will also have lower inflation rates when you outsource, and all these factors come together to make it easier to save.  

Some countries have non-stringent labor laws, so companies can pay less for the same work while outsourcing than in the US. 

4. It offers better service quality

Most international companies are becoming demanding to keep things to the best standard.  Outsourcing can be a tool that will improve the quality of services or products because of its innovative and flexible nature.

Companies can offer more extended and flexible work hours because of outsourcing, and manufacturers can generate more products.  

A company can sustain 24/7 operation with outsourcing, but a feat like that would be hard in the US.


Not many companies in the US manufacture their TVs locally because of the high cost of this.  Despite this, there are TVs made in America, and they hold up well in use; thus, they grow more popular amongst Americans. 

More prominent companies sell their electronics in the US but outsource manufacturing to other countries like Malaysia or China.  This is a smart move since it will reduce overhead costs and increase service quality.

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