The Snow Emergency To End In Boston After Blizzard Conditions

Although people in Boston were happy and started digging out snow, mayor Michelle Wu said that the emergency would continue till Monday.

After a strong nor’easter discarded snow, banks knocked out power and flooded coastlines across Massachusetts on Saturday. 

According to Wu, the snow started falling from about 10 pm on Friday to roughly 9 pm Saturday in Boston. 

The snow was sometimes recorded to be more than three inches. The storm also caused hazardous conditions. Whiteout conditions made it almost impossible and dangerous to travel. The National Weather Service said that the storm situations in the state on Saturday evening met the blizzard conditions. 

A storm is termed a blizzard when it blows snow or snowfall, and in addition, winds of thirty-five mph decrease visibility for about three hours.

Martha’s Vineyard, Worcester, Marshfield, Hyannis, and Beverly are some of the locations in Massachusetts that met blizzard conditions on Saturday. The parking ban will end after the snow emergency in the city. 

The regular parking rates will resume two hours after the snow emergency ends. The residents will also have forty-eight hours to remove shoveling and remove space savers. 

“I am so grateful that we have not only survived a historic storm but seen the incredible teamwork and collaboration to have the roads mostly clear at this point already and be well on our way to digging out,” WU said on Sunday at a news meeting.

Wu said that schools would also reopen. He urged the residents to take the responsibility of digging out the ice to help the smooth running of activities. Digging the snow around people’s homes will help people walk around, and children access bus stops. 

“It will take us a little while to get through all of the city’s responsibilities, especially as we’re doing multiple passes.” We concluded. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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