Sunflower Fields In Texas; Best Texas Sunflower Fields

Texas is one of the most beautiful states in the US since most of it is nature and farmlands with a few cities. 

There is no destination better than Texas for people who love flowers, and you can have your fill if you know where to look. 

Sunflower is a particularly gorgeous flower, and it makes for a great addition to a photoshoot project. Inspired by the beauty of these flower fields, you’ll probably want to share a piece of joy with your loved ones by sending a bouquet of sunflowers. Even if the person you love is far away, it’s no problem sending flowers to Israel, Japan or anywhere else.

There are a lot of places you can go to get Texas sunflowers, some you pay for, and others are free. Let us look at some of the best destinations to help you enjoy Texas;

Top Sunflower Fields In Texas Described

1. Wildseed Farms

Wildseed Farms.

These impressive Texas sunflower fields are outside the town of Fredericksburg in Texas. This property is a 200-acre estate complete with walking trails that allow you to go in during visits and take in the beauty of this excellent farmland.

This farm grows several species of sunflowers, including the gray stripe sunflower, the autumn beauty, the lemon queen, the chocolate cherry, and the sunspot. Apart from sunflowers, the farmers at Wildseed also grow wildflowers on the estate.

Wildseed also has a vineyard where they grow grapevines for wine that they process on site. They have a tasting room for enthusiasts to go in and try out the products of the grapes. They even have a store for those looking for home décor.

You can get gardening-inspired décor to use in your house, and it is an excellent place to learn about farming. This farm is open to guests all week long, so you can go over and visit whenever you go to Texas.

2. Froberg’s Farm

Froberg’s Farm.

From Houston, you only need a thirty-minute drive to get to this fantastic farm in Alvin, Texas, and it will be worth the drive. As part of the fall festival, you can walk through Froberg’s farm sunflowers and pick your perfect flowers.

The sunflower species of Froberg’s farm bloom during fall, so the best time to visit is October. You will get the flowers bright, and there will be lots of birds in the air, and it has a peaceful feeling unlike any other.

On this farm, you get to pick your fruits off the trees, and it has a lot of fruits to choose from. You will find citrus fruits, blackberries, and strawberries for an all-you-can-eat buffet. This farm has an extensive array of wildflowers to choose from for flower lovers.

You will have to pay for the products you get off the farm, and the attendants will charge it by weight. There is also a bakery on the premises, and it makes some delicious pies and jelly from the farm produce.

3. P-6 Farms

P-6 Farms.

You will need a thirty-five-minute drive going west from Conroe on the TX-105 to get to the P-6 farms outside Montgomery. 

This happens to be a public Texas sunflower field, one of the few near Houston, and it can be a fun place to visit for all family members.

The sunflowers typically grow to eye level, making it a beautiful place to wander through and take pictures of. The P-6 Farms mostly grow three sunflower types: lovely orange, dark red, and the traditional dark yellow variety.

You can go into the sunflower and enjoy the beautiful sunshine along with the serenity of the flowers around you. After this, wander in the cornfields or hunt in the pumpkin patch for Halloween. 

Additional activities, rides, and games at this farm will help make fond memories for all family members.

4. The Robinson Family Farm

The Robinson Family Farm.

If you want to pick some flowers, October is the best month to experience the best fall in Temple, Texas. 

On the Robinson Family Farm, you can walk on the trail through the five feet tall sunflower and pick the best blossoms for your bouquet.

The sunshine, coupled with the beautiful flowers, will make a great combination to take beautiful photos. They have sunflowers, a pumpkin patch, and a large cornfield, all of which you can go and visit.

Apart from the plant, there are a series of games you could participate in when you visit the Robinson Family farm. You could play in the corn pit, listen to live music, or play in the open yard. 

This is a working farm, so it is not always open, except for select weekends. You must confirm it will be open before committing to the drive.

5. Mainstay Farm Park

Mainstay Farm Park.

This is a farm park that a Family owns in Cleburne, Texas, and you will make a thirty-minute drive from Fort Worth to get to it along the I-35W. The best time to visit Mainstay Farm park is between September and October since the sunflowers bloom.

Mainstay Farm Park has a program that involves sunflowers and a pumpkin patch during the fall, and both can be fun. 

The Wilson family started this park in 1989, and they have put a lot of love and attention into it, making it a place many visitors love to spend time.

There are games and outdoor activities for children of all ages; thus, this park can make a full day event for the whole family. 

You can enjoy the music while stuffing your face with domestically made deserts and food, then get souvenirs and décor on your way out.

6. Dewberry Farm

Dewberry Farm.

Drive a little over forty minutes west from downtown Houston to get to Brookshire, Texas, where you will find the Dewberry Farm. 

This farm is one of the biggest in the area, and it has over twenty-five varieties of sunflower in 4-acre farmland.

One acre is a late bloomer that comes out during fall, while the rest come out in May and early June, so this is the best time to visit the farm. The blooms change in color depending on the variety, and they vary from yellow to red.

In May, the Dewberry farm hosts a Sunflower festival, and you can come in to pick flowers and take pictures. 

You can pick as many flowers as possible and then pay for them since the price depends on the number of flowers.

There are lots of rides on the farm, including a train that you can use to get a tour of the property if you aren’t up for a walk. There are a lot of fun activities for all members of the family at Dewberry farms.

7. Wild Berry Farm

Wild Berry Farm..

In between Gainesville and Sherman is the town of Sadler and the home of the Wild Berry Farm. This farm has been relatively new to growing sunflower since they started in 2016, and it was a success, so they expanded their sunflower farms.

Currently, most of the farm has sunflowers, and you can cut them for a price if you visit when they are blooming. The farm won’t provide shears or bags, so get your own to help cut and carry the flowers.

The farm also has some wildflowers and fruits to harvest and pay for if you are interested. They have a café that works from spring to fall to get fresh food items directly from the farm.

8. Maxwell’s County Family Farm

Maxwell’s County Family Farm.

This incredible option is on the outskirts of Amarillo, and it is a family-owned sunflower field that extends for acres. 

You can visit the field on any weekend, but it will be best if you go in mid-September of October when the sunflowers bloom.

A flat trail goes through the farm, allowing easy access for all people, even those on wheelchairs. The West Texas breeze and the flowers come together to give you an unforgettable fall experience.

There are many ways to have fun in this park other than walking in the sunflower fields and taking pictures. You can go to Bunny village, shoot an apple cannon, climb the hay pyramid, and much more.

There are also rides and treats like corn dogs, funnel cakes, and kettle corn for you to feast on. This is an exquisite option for the whole family to visit and have fun for the weekend.

9. Lone Star Family Farm

Lone Star Family Farm.

The Lone Star family is in Stephenville, Texas, about an hour southwest of Fort Worth, and they have a large sunflower field. They grow a sunflower variety that blooms during fall, making this the perfect time to visit the farm.

You can’t pick sunflowers on this farm, but you can take photos and walk through the farms for the serenity of it. 

Apart from this, there are a lot of fun activities that members of the whole family can partake in; thus, it is an excellent place to go for a family trip.

You can pick pumpkins and cotton on this farm but not sunflowers. You can also allow your kids to explore the small hay bale mazes to stimulate their sense of adventure. If you want more thrill, you can go to the pig races and laugh your ribs off.

This farm also takes care of the adults; you can play corn hole, go for a hayride, or practice roping while your kids play on the other side. The park also has picnic tables; you can grab a meal before going back to having fun.

10. Yesterland Farm

Yesterland Farm.

This magical farm is about an hour from Dallas, and the name says everything about the farm and its activities. 

Going into this farm will be like stepping into a time machine and going back in time when crops were all over, and wildflowers made everything spectacular.

Yesterland farm welcomes fall each year with their sunflower day’s festival in late September. This is one of the newest farms on the list since they started their sunflower growth in 2020, but they are already a favorite for many people. 

They have a giant corn maze and a pumpkin patch that will offer a lot of sweet spots for amazing photos. 

If you are looking for a thrill on a farm, this is the best location since they have roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and carousels for a fun time.

There is something for everyone on this farm, and they have special activities all year, especially on the holidays, including Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. Even if you don’t go during sunflower season, you will have fun.

11. Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm.

A forty-minute drive from Austin will get you to Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, a tourist favorite in Texas. If you have a keen interest in seeing sunflowers, this is one of the best spots.

This is a good choice for most people since it is relatively close to a big city so there is adequate housing and you can get to it fast.

The farm has 6.5 acres of sunflowers, and it looks beautiful during its sunflower festival in June. 

The first ten days are about the classic yellow sunflowers; the remainder is for the remaining sunflower varieties; this farm has more than 35. You will see purple, black and green sunflowers along with giant varieties that go as high as 14 feet.

You can go to particular areas for photos to get a professional job. Visitors can’t pick flowers in these areas; thus, the vegetation is plush, and it will make for an incredible photo. You only need the admission ticket to see these fantastic flowers, and it goes for $18 online.

12. Calhoun Flower Farms

Calhoun Flower Farms.

If you ever visit El Paso, Texas, make sure you don’t come back before visiting a local beauty, Calhoun Flower Farms. 

This is a farm you can use to get flowers for your wedding arrangement or any other occasion for which you need this.

They have a beautiful greenhouse in which they planted a series of flowers for commercial purposes. You can get an appointment and go for a visit, so you buy fresh flowers directly from the source.

They have a large sunflower field, and it will be a fantastic experience to watch the sunflowers come from the field and turn into beautiful bouquets. If you have something special in mind, you can talk to a florist, and they will make it happen.

13. Ennis Highway 287

Ennis Highway 287.

Texas has a lot of farms, and sometimes, all you need to do to see sunflowers is look out your window on a highway. 

There are two sizable wild sunflower fields in Ennis, Texas, and it is not entirely clear who planted them.

You can pull over and go into the fields to take photos with the plants. They offer a good scene, especially in the sunset, and they can be a nice place to sit and take in the beauty before moving on with your journey.

You don’t need to pay for tickets to go into these fields, and it might be tricky to go in since there aren’t many clear trails to use. 

Regardless, it would be best if you treated the plants considerately to ensure they keep growing, so they maintain the landscape’s beauty.

14. Whitewright Texas

Whitewright Texas.

Whitewright is not easy to find since it is deep in Texas, and you need to use a beaten path off Fiddler’s road to get to it, but it will be worth the trouble once you do. You will find an extensive series of privately owned sunflower fields and farms in Texas to visit.

There are many wildflowers to pick, and while this is a good place, it will be hard to get to, and this is an adventure on its own. The sunflower varieties in this region bloom starting June through July, so this will be the perfect time to take the trip.

There are many things to see in Texas and good restaurants to eat in; the sunflower fields are an addition to the beauty. Remember to be respectful to the sunflower farmers and their work since everyone depends on their hard work to keep the fields bright each year.

15. Hillsboro Sunflower Fields

Hillsboro Sunflower Fields.

You don’t always need to pay to see or take photos with sunflowers in Texas. Drive about an hour south of Dallas along Highway 35, and you will know you are in Hillsboro when you see the magnificent sunflower fields.

This farm is right off the highway, and you can park and step into it. The sunflowers will be in full bloom by early June. You can carry scissors and a vase to put them in and take them home or take some pictures in the field.

This is not a privately owned farm, so there is not much tending, and the sunflowers are not in clear rows. 

As such, it might be hard to walk into the field without the proper clothing. Nonetheless, try not to destroy the plants when you stop there to maintain the landscape’s beauty.

16. Navarro 


Driving through the back roads in areas near Dallas, like Navarro, you will see a lot of sunflowers. 

These are not parks, and there aren’t any games or meals here, but if you are looking for a place to stop and take a photo, these fields will do fine.

Driving along these roads, you will see sunflower fields for acres, and it will be almost as satisfying as going to a park. 

Sunflower is a commercial crop, and the people in these areas depend on it as a source of livelihood, so do not cut the sunflowers.

17. Texas Hill Counties

Texas Hill Counties.

You can see sunflowers for free in most hill counties around Texas if you visit between June and July or September when the sunflowers bloom. Most of the fields have private owners, and you will have to pay for any flowers you want to cut.

As such, they will not mind you stopping to take a few pictures, but it would be best if you don’t cut any of the sunflowers. 

Also, make sure you park off the road or on the designated spots. Such roads have fast traffic, and small mistakes could lead to severe injuries.

When Is The Best Time To Go Sunflower Hunting In Mexico? 

Like most flower species, sunflowers are seasonal, and you have to time your visit correctly to get the best out of it. In Texas, most flowers bloom during fall, so this is the best time to come and see the vibrant colors.

The most common type of sunflower is bright yellow, and it blooms between mid-summer and early fall. 

This means you can see the flowers from June till August in some areas. If you’re traveling for sunflowers, you might want to put your trip in this window.

Other species will bloom between July and September, and this is the best time to visit since most flowers keep the same calendar. 

You will see sunflowers and hundreds of other flowers bloom, which will make the experience even more enriching for you and your family.

Depending on the variety, sunflowers take between 80 and 120 days to produce a bloom after you plant the seeds. Sunflowers typically keep the bloom going until the first frost of winter.

Some sunflower types are perennial, so they grow more flowers each year. This means that you will always get a better experience in the following year so it might be worth going back if you liked it the first time.

You also need to check with the Farms and parks to see the dates of their sunflower festivals. These are days full of fun, more products, people and souvenirs, which will be better than a regular day.

Visiting a sunflower park might be just what your family needs at this moment. With the ongoing pandemic, a farm will allow enough space for social distancing so you can have fun around other people without breaking any laws or putting yourself in danger.


There are many Texas sunflower fields, and you can visit them and pay to pluck some flowers and take them home. Some farms have a lot of activities for children and adults, which will make the whole experience a fond memory for the whole family.

Some farms are private and a source of livelihood for those that planted them. Most of these are off highways, and you can stop and take pictures but do not cut the flowers. Cutting the flowers without permission can land you in a world of trouble.

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