Best Resort Style Living In Florida: Classic Coastal Living

This article will be a good read if you want the best resort-style living in Florida. The Florida lifestyle is one of the most relaxing and fun ways to live, and you need to get a place that reflects it. 

There are numerous gated communities in Florida with resort-style amenities. There are multiple residential neighborhoods, and it might not be an easy choice where to live. 

You need a location with a fitness center, resort-style pool, and an all-around active lifestyle community. Let us look at some of the best luxury estate homes and find out;

What Are The Best Resort Style Living In Florida?

1. Amelia National Golf and Country Club

Amelia National Golf and Country Club

  • Location; Fernandina Beach
  • Address; 95197 Amelia National Parkway, Fernandina Beach,
  • Phone; +1 800 243 3691


  • Gated community
  • Private Tom Fazio Golf course
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Full bar and dining area

The Amelia National Golf and country club has some of the best resort lifestyle homes in the US. You can get estate homes from &700k and single-family homes at $600K. This location is highly desirable since it is close to the airport and beach.

The gated community has a staffed gate that ensures all home buyers are safe. Guests get easy access to the private Tom Fazio golf course, one of the best in the country. They have many practice facilities and a pro shop with everything you need. 

You will get all these resort-style amenities at a low initiation fee. The resort is not all about golf; you can use their new tennis center with the dedicated pro tennis staff. 

They also have a resort-style pool, making this one of the best living locations. You can work out at the state-of-the-art fitness center and go for a massage at their high-end spa. 

You can get to amazing restaurants for fine dining evenings within a short drive from this resort community. There is a bar and many things to see in and outside the community.

One aspect that makes this resort stand out is its custom nature. You get a say in the interior design of your home. 

Any good home community should make the houses a home, and this is what customization offers. You will have professionals walk you through the process.

2. Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club

Plantation Bay Golf and Country Club

  • Location; Ormond Beach
  • Address; 100 Plantation Bay Drive, Ormond Beach
  • Phone; +1 888 497 5768


  • Staffed gate and patrolling security
  • Community amenities like pools
  • Dedicated Pickleball courts
  • Close to Disneyworld

You owe it to yourself and your family to live in the charming seaside town of Ormond Beach if you want a resort-at-home lifestyle. 

The Plantation Bay Golf and Country club is a safe, gated community with numerous resort-style amenities.

You will also get easy access to other attractions like the historic St. Augustine, shopping, and fine dining restaurants. Their world-class amenities have made this one of Florida’s best luxury estate home options.

They have a 7000-square-foot spa and fitness center to get you all the comfort and exercise you need. Next to the spa are state-of-the-art Har-Tru tennis courts, Pickleball courts, and hiking and biking trails. 

You have 2.5 championship golf courses suitable for any golf enthusiast. You get all these amenities with a low initiation fee and a simple joining process. The location of this resort is also convenient for the kids; it’s about an hour and a half from Disneyworld.

Plantation Bay Golf and Country club offers many home designs and options to ensure each guest has their best home. Whether you retire or have a family, you will be happy here.

3. Cresswind Palm Beach at Westlake

Cresswind Palm Beach at Westlake

  • Location; Westlake
  • Address; 5615 St. Armand’s Way, Westlake
  • Phone; +1 561 476 0051


  • Relatively affordable houses
  • Specific for retirees and active adults
  • Promotes better health and an active lifestyle 
  • Amazing active lifestyle community

Cresswind Palm Beach at Westlake is one of the best choices for adults and retirees who want an active lifestyle. 

A healthy lifestyle is crucial in adults, and Cresswind Palm Beach has many amenities encouraging it.

They have customizable designs for their two and four-bedroom houses that range from 300K to 500K. 

All these houses have energy-efficient air conditioning and appliances. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a resort lifestyle after you retire.

The outdoor amenities include; a resort-style pool, a spa, a resistance pool, and sports courts for tennis and Pickleball. The bocce ball courts make this property stand out since it encourages an active adult lifestyle. 

An abundance of sports courts ensures the residents have activities to participate in. This property has walkways for strolls and two dog parks for dog lovers. The private clubhouse has a state-of-the-art fitness center to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The fitness center has cardio equipment and professional yoga classes. You will also get an art studio and an activity director that plans community events. You can easily access restaurants, cultural attractions, state parks, and a championship golf course.

4. Cresswind Lakewood Ranch

Cresswind Lakewood Ranch

  • Location; Lakewood Ranch 
  • Address; 5063 Simons Court, Lakewood Ranch
  • Phone; +1 941 217 7980


  • A community for active adults
  • One of southwest Florida’s most enticing locations
  • Lounge and game room
  • A polo club

Cresswind Lakewood Ranch will be a nice fit for you whether you work remotely or in retirement. 

This ranch is an age 55+ environment for active adults who want to live an active lifestyle in one of the most beautiful places in Florida’s southwest.

The Cresswind Lakewood ranch is a private gated community that will be safe for you and your family. 

Their community amenities include a lounge, a game room, the Cresswind SmartFIT training center, and an arts and crafts studio.

The activity director organizes many club meetings and community activities for fun and socialization. 

You can use the outdoor resort-style swimming pool, the spa, or the sports courts. You can choose between tennis, Pickleball and bocce ball courts. 

Cresswind home buyers can use the amenities at the Lakewood Ranch master-planned community. 

The available amenities include; a polo club, medical offices, shops and restaurants, golf courses, and much more.

They have new single-family houses that offer 20 different models to ensure you get the best house. 

All their designs have two-car garages and spacious rooms for guests. You can visit several cultural attractions and the gulf coast beaches.

5. Village of Citrus Hills

Village of Citrus Hills

  • Location; Hernando
  • Address; 2400N Terra Vista Blvd, Hernando
  • Phone;  +1 800 511 0814


  • Wide range of price options from $400k to 1.5M
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Private restraint and spa
  • Customizable single-family homes

This is one of the best master-planned communities in Florida, and there isn’t a better showcase of the unique Florida lifestyle. 

The Village of Citrus Hills is an amenity-rich community with beautiful environs. It is full of rolling green hills, towering oaks, and nice gulf coast breezes.

You are only a few minutes away from the incredible gulf coast and its amazing Florida lifestyle. The location and décor make the resort bring a different Florida lifestyle that you won’t get anywhere else.

A large collection of customizable single-family homes will suit your needs. You can work with professionals to change nearly any aspect of the house to meet your exact standards. There are several world-class amenities a few minutes away from you.

The amenities include; a championship golf course, private dining, first-class tennis courts, a beautiful spa, and a fitness center. 

They have two tennis centers, and the resort gives easy access to Tampa Bay; you get peace and convenience.

6. Windsor at Celebration 

Windsor at Celebration 

  • Location; Celebration
  • Address; 1370 Celebration Blvd, Celebration 
  • Phone; +1 407 305 7581


  • Rooftop sky bar
  • Nightly theme park fireworks show
  • It is custom built for seniors
  • Many choices for entertainment

Windsor offers its residents an amazing experience unlike any other. Before going further, you should know the houses are rentals which means you don’t have to make a lifelong commitment to them. This means the property has stepped up its amenities to ensure you never want to leave.

You will get nothing but the exceptional in this master-planned community. This is a thoroughly modern luxury estate home. It is a resort-style senior rental community and one of the best places to spend your golden years.

Windsor used some of the US’s best architects and interior designers to give you a high-end Florida lifestyle. 

The design of the houses and the décor is superb; even better, you can make adjustments to meet your requirements.

Windsor has a rooftop sky bar that offers a front-row seat to the nightly theme fireworks show. The amazing designs, breathtaking landscapes, and first-class service make this one of the best Florida lifestyle resorts.

There are numerous community amenities to satisfy the needs of any active adult. The amenities include; biking and walking trails, a golf course, a fitness center, indoor heated pools, a spa, an on-site bar, and a dog park.

7. Ave Maria

Ave Maria

  • Location; Ave Maria
  • Address; 5076 Annunciation Circle #104, Ave Maria
  • Phone; +1 239 352 3903


  • A business center for shopping and dining
  • It is one of the bestselling communities in the US.
  • They have many sports courts that encourage an active lifestyle
  • 2 championship golf courses

This is another master-planned community that will be a nice fit for retirees and families looking for a Florida lifestyle home community. It has a charming and friendly feeling of the gulf coast, combining it with an active lifestyle.

The home price ranges from $215K to $700K, depending on the size and design of the home. This location has an active adult community that is welcoming to new members. The community includes multiple residential neighborhoods.

You also get easy access to a town center with many amenities. The amenities include; a business park, shopping centers and restaurants, office space, and recreational amenities. You can take a 20-minute drive to get to the start of the art recreational center.

The community has several sports courts, including tennis, bocce, and Pickleball. There is a large playground and two community parks. The fitness center and 2 18-hole championship golf courses ensure your active lifestyle.

Ave Maria has several family-friendly neighborhoods for home buyers with children. They have a variety of single-family houses and condominiums, ensuring many options. Additionally, there is the Del Webb Naples 55+ active adult community.

8. Babcock Ranch

Babcock Ranch

  • Location; Babcock Ranch
  • Address; 42850 Crescent Loop Babcock Ranch
  • Phone; +1 941 202 0954


  • It melds with modern technology
  • It is a solar-powered town
  • It has many easy-to-access amenities
  • It is spacious and gorgeous

Babcock ranch is one of the most outstanding resort-style communities on our list. Babcock ranch is the product of decades of planning and state-of-the-art engineering, and it exists to give you the best Florida lifestyle has to offer.

The ranch merges with modern technology to give you a comfortable and affordable stay. Babcock ranch is the first solar-powered town in America, which is not the limit of its impressiveness.

There is a lake very close to the town, and you can go fishing or swimming when you want to. They have a tennis center and Pickleball courts for an active lifestyle, making it great for active adults. They have walking trails in beautiful surroundings.

Their nature walks, tax-friendly, and land preservation goals make them the first choice for many home buyers. 

You can go out to a nice dinner in their on-site restaurant. They have world-class amenities that will satisfy your every need.

Another feature that makes Babcock ranch stand out is its community garden. It is a lush, well-maintained garden and can be a nice place to relax. Move to Babcock ranch and enjoy resort-style amenities.

9. Arden


  • Location; Palm Beach County
  • Address; 660 Arden Lake Way, Palm Beach
  • Phone; +1 561 461 5501


  • Many Florida lifestyle extras
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Multi-tier resort-style pools.
  • Electric-powered fishing boats and canoes

With West Palm Beach just a few minutes away, Arden is an amazing destination if you want a taste of the true Florida lifestyle. 

Many families and retirees see this as a premier luxury estate home. They have a lakeside clubhouse with numerous amenities. 

The most important amenities include meeting spaces for community members, a fitness center, a multi-tier resort-style swimming pool, a splash pad, and a tea and coffee bar. The community has private docks for kayaks, fishing boats, and canoes.

You can take out a boat and go sailing for fun or fish. They have Pickleball and tennis courts for those that want on-court participation. Apart from that, there are playing fields for other games and a massive event lawn.

There are more than 20 miles of biking and walking trails for residents to live an active lifestyle. The biggest flex for Arden is its “Agrihood.” This five-acre garden has organic fruits and veggies for the residents.

You can use their big, beautiful red barn if you have a small meeting or family gathering. They have customizable single-family homes and villas. Arden insists on healthy living and the importance of nature; thus, it is green and beautiful.

10. Lakewood Ranch

  • Location; Lakewood Ranch
  • Address; 8131 Lakewood Main Street, Lakewood Ranch
  • Phone; +1 941 907 6000


  • Amazing medical facilities
  • Three business centers
  • A sports campus
  • A farmer’s market

Lakewood Ranch is the best place to live if you want the Florida lifestyle. At Lakewood Ranch, it is all about living to nourish your mind, spirit, and soul. This is why many active recreational and high-quality medical facilities are on site.

The ranch has a lot of nature which is key to its fun and peaceful appeal. There are educational opportunities for home buyers of all ages, and you can always find something creative to do. The ranch has several community activities and areas to connect the residents.

The ranch has three town centers, Sarasota Polo Club, a farmer’s market, and a sports campus. You can get anything you need for your healthy, active lifestyle within a few minutes. Just behind the ranch are the University town center and white sand beaches.

Direct ocean access is one of the reasons why Lakewood Ranch is so popular. You also have access to four airports; thus, traveling will be easy for you. Lakewood Ranch is the best place for your physical and mental health.

They have a state-of-the-art fitness center with all the gym equipment you need. Their prices range from $400K to $1M, so there is a price for everyone. There are over 20 resort-style villages and several resort-style swimming pools.

11. Active 55+ Village Green

Active 55+ Village Green

  • Location; North St. Petersburg
  • Address; 2001 83rd Ave, North St. Petersburg
  • Phone; +1 727 577 0135


  • Offers luxury living at an affordable price
  • Full-time lifestyle director
  • It’s a family-friendly community
  • It has a pet park 

Do you know you can have a luxurious resort-style Florida lifestyle without spending a fortune? At Village Green, you can retire luxuriously and get a nice house at a fair price. This is an active adult community for members above 55 years.

The affordable price does not mean Village Green lacks in any way; quite the opposite. It has a million-dollar clubhouse, friendly residents, amazing resort-style amenities, and a full-time lifestyle director.

Village Green Community will suit you whether you want somewhere to retire or a comfortable place close to the water. 

The home buyers say living at Village Green is like being on vacation all year. This is the Florida lifestyle at its best.

Village Green has been offering active adults a place to get away since its launch in 1980. It is an award-winning resort community and will be a nice place to live. It has a fitness center, ballroom, arts and crafts studio, Dog Park, and the Courtesy shuttle bus.

12. The Isles of Collier Preserve

The Isles of Collier Preserve

  • Location; Naples
  • Address; 5445 Caribe Avenue
  • Phone; +1 239 747 6192


  • 1200 acres of lakes and natural preserves
  • Resident exclusive bar and grill
  • Amazing nature and water views
  • A wide price range between $460K to $1.5M

This beautiful community is strategically positioned close to Downtown Naples but surrounded by pristine natural settings. 

The Isle of Collier Preserve is a true taste of classic coastal living, and it will be a good fit for any active adult that loves nature.

The resort draws inspiration from Old Naples’s amazing, timeless architecture to create elegant new Minto homes for its residents. The homes overlook miles of hiking trails and scenic kayaking. 

More than half of the Isles of Collier is dedicated to lakes and nature. All water and plants save for the numerous amenities there for the guests. 

This new active adult community preserves its natural environment to give the most beautiful home.

Some amenities include the Isles club, a resort-style pool, tennis and Pickleball courts, a fitness center, and a yoga lawn. These will be enough for all the mental and physical relaxation you may need.

Sip cocktails at the incredible and exclusive, Overlook Bar and Grill with your neighbors. The bar overlooks Cypress Waterway, which gives an amazing view at night. The houses have a wide price range; therefore, you will most likely get one within your budget. 

The community has over 1600 new residences for sale, making it one of the largest master-planned communities in the US.

13. Solivita


  • Location; Kissimmee
  • Address; 395 Village Drive, Kissimmee
  • Phone; +1 407 614 4570


  • Guard gated entrance
  • 3 restaurants and an entertainment center
  • Over 250 resident clubs
  • You can resell a house

Look at the award-winning Solivita, a premier 55+ active adult community. Solivita is about 40 minutes from Disneyworld, and its location gives you access to several cultural attractions. Most homes here are built on conservation, pond, or golf course lots.

Home buyers will get 10 beautiful home designs for their house, with prices currently going as low as $426K. 

You can renovate and change up the house after buying it. Solivita has numerous community amenities that attract home buyers from all over the country.

Some community amenities include; 2 championship golf courses, a guarded gate entrance, 14 indoor and outdoor swimming pools, 3 restaurants, a fitness center, a pharmacy, and a business center. They also have sports courts to encourage an active community lifestyle.

They have softball, bocce ball, tennis, and Pickleball courts. Solivita offers its residents diversity with over 250 clubs and hundreds of community events annually. There is something for everyone, and the pricing is fair, especially for pre-owned homes.

14. Wellen Park

Wellen Park

  • Location; Venice
  • Address; 12275 Mercado Drive, Venice
  • Phone; +1 941 263 2474


  • Live music
  • Boutique shops
  • Many water bodies 
  • A resort for temporary guests

Wellen Park is an amazing place to raise a family or retire. They have many fun activities, from live music to amazing restaurants. They have tennis and Pickleball courts for residents to enjoy a game or two in the sunshine.

There are many options for water bodies at Wellen Park. There is a river, and you have easy access to a lake and a resort-style swimming pool.

This ensures you have all water activities, including swimming and fishing. They have a championship golf course.

Wellen Park has nature and hiking trails if you need to stretch your legs. Additionally, they have a state-of-the-art community clubhouse with amenities for all residents. You can go to the spa for a full-service session any day.

Wellen Park maintains an amazing community garden with fruits and vegetables for fresh produce. 

They also have a fitness center to ensure home buyers live healthy lives. You can get a house anywhere above $400K.

15. Telaro at Tradition

Telaro at Tradition

  • Location; Port St. Lucie
  • Address; SW Village Parkway and SW Discovery Way, Port St. Lucie
  • Phone; +1 561 599 6053


  • It is a large community
  • Comfy villa designs
  • Private clubhouse and poolside café
  • 20 miles of dedicated biking and walking trails 

Telaro at Tradition is an amazing choice for an active adult looking for a nice Florida community. Construction of this paradise is under Mattamy Homes, and it will end with over 400 luxury single-family homes.

All the houses have the best energy efficiency features and several customizable options for resident preference. 

Their comfortable villas offer almost 1900 square feet of space, and there are other floor plans if you need a larger option. 

Telaro residents get a private community clubhouse with a full set of amenities. Additionally, they have access to a poolside café, fitness center, market, and sports courts. The community has Pickleball and tennis courts to ensure an active lifestyle. 

The residents can use the 20-mile T Trail with numerous paths for walking and biking. If this isn’t enough, the community has an autonomous shuttle service. Tradition also has on-site fine dining options, top healthcare facilities, and a retail shopping center.

Golf fans can use the championship golf courses for a fun day out. Waterways outside the gates could make for a romantic evening cruise for couples. This is the home community you have been dreaming of.

16. Live Sarasota

Live Sarasota

  • Location; Lakewood Ranch
  • Address; 73515 Chester Trail, Lakewood Ranch
  • Phone; +1 941 266 5308


  • Fantastic weather all year
  • On-site schools and medical centers
  • It has many fun activities for residents
  • It is close to the city

The first thing that Live Sarasota has going for it is the weather. Lakewood ranch has amazing weather all year round without extremes. They also have a thriving culture and wonderful beaches that are the core of the Florida lifestyle. 

These factors make the property a hotspot for home buyers of all ages, creating a diverse community. 

The property has everything you need to create a nice town, schools, multiple country clubs, and medical centers.

It also has a busy main street, making accessing most services easy. The Live Sarasota team can help you choose a house on the property or anywhere else in Sarasota. The city has many community activities; everyone will find something they enjoy.

It has a Museum of Art, Museum of Science and nature, and Mote Marine laboratory and aquarium, to list a few. 

You can also see the theater and music at the performing arts hall. This beehive of activities makes Sarasota a hotspot for home buyers.

17. PGA Village Verano

PGA Village Verano

  • Location; Port St. Lucie
  • Address; 17127 SW Ambrose Way
  • Phone; +1 772 345 5041


  • Private Pickleball center
  • Saunas with locker room
  • Full strength training and cardio room
  • PGA golf special access

PGA Village Verano is one of the best options for gated communities since it offers elegance, security, and many amenities. 

This neighborhood has 19-floor plans ranging between 2 and 4 rooms and many customizable options.

PGA Village has a State of the art clubhouse that is the community’s centerpiece. Residents can access resort-style amenities, including the 27-court largest Pickleball center in South Florida.

The Talavera fitness center has full strength and cardio making it great for athletes and people of all ages. 

It has a sauna, locker room, cardio studio, and sports courts. There are bocce, tennis, and basketball courts apart from the 17 Pickleball courts.

Residents enjoy privileges from the neighboring PGA golf Club, such as cart access. The Talavera social club is an amazing choice for socialization. 

It has a library, lounge, billiards, cards room, demonstration kitchen, and an arts and crafts center. 

If you have a family meeting or any other gathering, you can use the ballroom, which has a catering kitchen. PGA Village Verano has a full-time lifestyle director that ensures social events run throughout the year.


You can now find the locations for the best resort-style living in Florida if you want to retire or move to a more resort-styled house. 

Living in a resort-style home community has a lot of benefits for your body and mind. You will be more relaxed and healthier.

Most people worry about buying houses since they think they won’t get what they want. All the communities in our list allow residents to modify their houses to their tastes. A Florida-style home might be expensive, but it will be worth every penny.

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