Best Tennis Resorts In US: Tennis Lovers’ Paradise

Finding the best tennis resorts in the US is difficult without a guide to help you make choices. There are numerous tennis resorts in the US, and it is not hard to find a tennis court. 

This is the case, but sometimes you need more than a tennis court to have a good time. Tennis and golf enthusiasts can pick from the following list of resorts for their next visit. 

Each club has aspects that make it stand out and a good choice for some tennis players. Tennis vacations need to be fun, so let us review each one of them and help you land the best fit; 

What Are The Best Tennis Resorts In US?

1. Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

  • Location: South Carolina
  • Address: 1 Sanctuary Beach Dr, Kiawah Island, South Carolina
  • Phone: +1 843 459 9538
  • Website: 


  • Professional tennis director Roy Barth
  • It has activities for all members of the family
  • 10 miles of pristine beach
  • An abundance of fun activities, including golf

Kiawah Island golf resort is one of the best choices for individuals or families looking for a tennis vacation. 

It has two tennis clubs, and they have a strong commitment to its tennis program. This is clear in them putting Roy Barth in the director position.

Roy Barth is a former touring pro who runs the operations through his son. His connection with the game ensures he always offers the best tennis instruction and services. Barth has designed an amazing and extensive array of tennis activities.

These include junior tennis options if you want to come along with some kids. They also have tennis programs for groups and teams for a fun time. You can visit the pristine beaches and see the elegant pristine turtles nesting.

If you want to try, Kiawah Island golf resort also has five designer golf courses. There are many more fun activities to participate in once you finish the tennis game. 

Children can have everything they need at the park. This is the best choice if you are in South Carolina.

2. Rancho Valencia

Rancho Valencia

  • Location: California 
  • Address: 5921 Valencia Cir, Rancho Santa Fe, California
  • Phone: +1 858 756 1123
  • Website: 


  • 49 suites and 17 courts
  • Dedicated staff
  • There is a spa and restaurant on site
  • The area around is gorgeous 

If you are looking for an amazing place to spend your tennis vacation, Rancho Valencia should be on your list. 

This elegant tennis resort has 49 suites for guests and 17 tennis courts. This high capacity ensures you always have a partner and court to use.

Tennis is the central amenity here, so they have focused on getting adequate tennis facilities for their guests. 

This is made better by the nice employees that try their best to give you the best experience. This resort focuses on personal attention.

You can arrange private lessons if you are a beginner or get into one of their tennis programs. This resort makes tennis feel like a comfort. Once you are done with the court, step into the spa and have a nice massage to relax those muscles.

The suites are another amazing part of this resort since they are all elegant and spacious. This is one of the best tennis resorts since you will have everything you need in one location. You get accommodation, a restaurant, tennis facilities, and a spa.

3. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel


  • Hawaiian tradition and hospitality
  • 11 tennis courts
  • Beautiful whale and dolphin sightings
  • Professional assistance and trainers

With the Mauna Kea Beach hotel, you don’t have to choose between going to the beach and playing tennis; you can have both. The hotel was originally built in 1965 and rebuilt after an earthquake in 2006. 

The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel is a landmark that showcases Hawaiian traditions and hospitality. The hotel is built inside tropical gardens, and this beauty attracts many tennis fans. You can always go down to the white sand beach if you need a break.

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel has enhanced and enlarged rooms to give its guests a good rest before and after the daily clinics. It has tennis facilities, 11 courts, and all the necessary equipment. 

The area is so close to the sea that it is common for players to go on breaks to watch whales or bottlenose dolphins swimming offshore. 

Craig Paulter, the tennis director, has set up several effective tennis programs, game matching, social tennis, daily clinics, and private lessons.

4. The Boulders Resort & Golden Door Spa

The Boulders Resort & Golden Door Spa


  • An amazing surrounding landscape
  • Access to Golden door spa
  • Easy access to facilities
  • High-end guest accommodation

A perfectly manicured court awaits you at the Boulders Resort and Golden door spa. This is one of the best luxury tennis resorts in the United States. This 1300-acre tennis and golf paradise is set in the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix.

This resort will be the best for tennis lovers looking to relax and play for fun. The winding paths of this resort go through a garden full of beautiful desert plants. The accommodation is nothing but the best with amazing southwestern design casitas.

The balconies show you the beautiful Sonoran Desert landscape and world-class golf courses. The resort has 8 tennis courts that guests can access at any time. 

Four premier hard courts, a classic clay court, and three premier cushion courts. The courts are between Palo Verde trees, cactus, willows, and flowering shrubs.

This is one of the best tennis settings in the US. The tennis director’s setup ensures guests’ fun, comfort, safety, and relaxation.

You can take classes with some of the instructors, and once you are done with that, go to the spa and have the time of your life.

5. Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort

Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort


  • It has 25 tennis courts
  • It offers comprehensive training sessions
  • It has well-sponsored tournaments
  • Close to designer golf courses

The Palmetto Dunes resort is one of the best tennis resorts since it focuses on tennis and not many other activities. 

This tennis resort has 25 tennis courts for its guests to choose from. It uses a group instruction system that gives all guests enough time to improve. 

The tennis director, Dale light, takes a holistic approach when training the guests, making this the best tennis destination on Hilton Head Island. 

They teach technical skills, well-being, and tennis biomechanics. You can even participate in some of their Nike tennis camps.

The clinics and tennis programs go back to back, making it easy to make it fit into your schedule. You can work an hour or four hours, depending on your drive. This flexibility is part of why this resort attracts many tennis lovers. 

They have numerous junior tennis programs starting in March. The juniors have their programs in the morning, and the planning allows your family to stay together. If you want to play, there are always competitive matches for individuals, groups, or teams.

6. Topnotch Resort and Spa

Topnotch Resort and Spa


  • It has a pool, restraint, and accommodation on site
  • 10 clay tennis courts
  • They offer private lessons
  • It’s a family-friendly resort

The Topnotch resort is a newly refurbished location with 76 rooms. There are 1, 2 and 3-bedroom houses depending on what you need. This is a move to make the resort more accessible for families or large groups.

The Topnotch resort boasts a massive swimming pool, a European spa, and a casual restaurant. The resort lost a few tennis courts in the remodeling and pool expansion, with only 10 clay courts. But this has not crippled their tennis programs.

They have 6 outdoor tennis courts and four indoor courts so you can play any time. Topnotch Resort has an amazing tennis director, Milan Kubala. 

The resort takes advantage of the outdoor season between May and September to give between 3 to 5 hours of instruction.

You can arrange group or private lessons for juniors or beginners with the staff. You can golf nearby, walk the guided trails, visit the restaurant, rent mountain bikes, and enjoy the ride. This is an amazing family experience that you have to try out.

7. Saddlebrook Resort

Saddlebrook Resort


  • It can be a permanent residence
  • Offers rigorous training sessions
  • It has grass and clay courts 
  • Hot tubes and a huge swimming pool

The Saddlebrook resort is a gated community that offers one of the best professional tennis programs in the US. 

The resort looks nice and peaceful; you cannot imagine it as a tennis academy-like location. If you want to become the best, this tennis camp is for you.

Saddlebrook resort’s tennis director, Howard Moore, ensures all tennis facilities are available for guests. 

The programs ensure rigorous training sessions for juniors and other guests. Saddleback resort has 45 clay, hard, and grass courts.

Tennis fans will love the high number of choices and high-intensity training. Adults have 5-hour training sessions each day.

These sessions will help you improve your conditioning and technique. Teens will also go through the same drills for a solid foundation.

After tennis training, you can dip in your room’s hot tub or go swimming. Saddlebrook resort has bars, restaurants, and an amazing fitness center on-site. You can get some rare early bird workouts at the fitness center before you start training.

8. Caneel Bay Address

Caneel Bay Address
  • Location: Caneel Bay 
  • Address: N Shore Rd, Caneel Bay St John 00830
  • Phone: +1 340 776 6111
  • Website: 


  • It has 160 rooms
  • It’s close to a protected marine sanctuary
  • Hosts round robins tournaments
  • It has clinics for all ages and levels of players 

Caneel Bay is a project you can trace back to Laurence S. Rockefeller, just like the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. 

The Caneel Bay is not a hotel exactly; it’s more of a cluster of one and two-story buildings. The whole property has 160 rooms to choose from.

None of the rooms have phones or TVs, so it is ideal if you want to unplug and enjoy a tennis vacation. 

The property is also close to the beach if you want to take a swim after your game. The land around the property is a national park, and the beach is a marine sanctuary.

This is amazing, but its tennis complex does a lot to impress its guests. It has 11 courts that attract local tennis players and tennis players from other states. The resort is under Burwash International, a tennis management company.

The company offers many round robins tournaments for its tennis player guests at the resort. They also have clinics for tennis instruction for those that want it.

These are amazing for kids and adults, and the social round robins tournaments offer nice socialization opportunities. 

9. TOP’S Beach & Racquet Resort

TOP’S Beach & Racquet Resort


  • It offers all racquetball courts
  • The resort offers daily clinics
  • It has a large white sand beach
  • Many stores and dining options close to campus

This is one of the most relaxing tennis camps in the US since you get all the tennis facilities you need and a white sand beach to complement it. You can get many racquetball courts at TOP’s beach, but tennis services are their primary focus.

Most tennis vacationers visit this resort because of its many on-court activities. You can be sure there will be a tennis game each day by local tennis players or guests. Daily clinics, lessons, and round robins tournaments make this an amazing tennis resort.

There are team competitions during the weekend, which can offer a nice experience for the whole family. 

Joe D’Aleo, the tennis director, has created a paradise for tennis vacationers as they spend time on tennis courts and the white sand beaches. 

If this is not enough, you can visit the surrounding areas. There are numerous stores where you can get anything you need. If you want a nice meal, there are restaurants like Destin and more close to the resort.

10. Wild Dunes Resort

Wild Dunes Resort


  • Free children’s programs
  • Easy access to restaurants and historic houses
  • There is a nice rapport between staff and guests
  • You get access to a fitness center

Tennis fans will have one of their best tennis vacations at Wild dunes resort in South Carolina. This place will be nice both for adults and kids. 

They also have an amazing tennis program complementary to the resort, so guests won’t pay for it.

It has a diverse tennis roster and round robins tournaments between guests and local tennis players. 

They also have two Fazio golf courses if you are interested in the sport. They have mostly clay courts and a total of 17 tennis courts.

The courts are central for easy access to the 93-room hotel. The hotel has condos, a restaurant, a market, a day spa, and a fitness center. There is a nice amphitheater if you want some live entertainment after your training.

Local tennis players are friendly and mingle with the guests to ensure good game turnouts. Workouts, daily clinics, and tournaments are always a lot of fun. Juniors have nice training programs to help improve their technique.

11. La Quinta Resort and Club

La Quinta Resort and Club


  • 23 tennis courts 
  • Tennis icon Tom Gorman oversees it
  • Offers coaching at all levels
  • Many easily accessible pools

La Quinta Resort is a luxury tennis resort that serves the international superstars Novak Djokovic and other amazing tennis players. Since La Quinta Resort has 18 tennis courts, you will always have an open court.

Of these, 18 are hard courts and five Har-Tru courts, depending on the preference. The resort morphs with the beautiful desert landscape to create one of the best tennis resorts. Part of this resort’s success is its manager, tennis icon, Tom Gorman.

La Quinta Resort offers an amazing tennis program with comprehensive lessons and coaching at all levels. 

They also have strategy clinics and singles and double matching to practice the skills you learn. This makes it a great place for the whole family.

Just because they have many tennis facilities does not mean that La Quinta Resort misses out on other activities. 

The resort has 41 swimming pools scattered around the property for easy access. There isn’t any crowding, and the water is always clean.

12. The Resort at Longboat Key Club

The Resort at Longboat Key Club


  • It has a 500-seat stadium
  • It has a café and bar on site
  • Fuses local tennis players with guests
  • It has twenty Har-Tru courts

This is one of the best tennis resorts on Florida’s gulf coast, and it holds up an amazing reputation. 

Many tennis fans that visit Florida’s gulf coast end up at The Resort at Longboat Key Club to use its high-quality tennis center.

The gem of the Longboat Key Club is their twenty Har-Tru courts that bring players from all over the world to Florida’s gulf coast. The resort also has a 500-seat stadium for tennis fans to watch and cheer the games. 

This is all thanks to the tennis director, John Woods, who has run the tennis programs at Longboat Key Club since 1976. 

John oversees a program that fuses local tennis players with visitors. This is nice for socialization and sharing of skills and tips.

Guests can access the courts anytime, and there is a café and bar at the viewing decks. The resort’s beachfront swimming pool will be the best place to end your day after training. It won’t be a vacation without some tropical cocktails by the ocean.

13. Four Seasons Resort and Club

Four Seasons Resort and Club


  • First-class accommodations
  • The club’s saltwater lap pool
  • It has many sports activities
  • It has a rare early bird workout session

The Four Seasons Resort is a paradise on the outskirts of Dallas and Fort Worth, and it is the best destination for hundreds of tennis and golf enthusiasts annually. One of the best aspects of the Four Season Resort is its first-class accommodations.

It has a 176000 square-foot sports club that includes a tennis center. There are four indoor and eight outdoor tennis courts. 

You can go in and play in any weather or at night if you want to. This is only the beginning in terms of what the Four Seasons Resort has to offer.

You can also use the club’s saltwater lap pool for relaxation or the running track to burn some calories. 

The Four Seasons Resort has a squash and racquetball court for other games. It offers an amazing all-around experience that everyone can enjoy.

The resort has two tennis masters to help teach the guests everything about the game. The two have guided many tennis players and will help you improve your game. The resort has clinics, workout sessions, and matches.

You will get the rare early bird training that starts at 6 am. You can also participate in the “play with a pro” challenge, where guests get to play against some of the resort’s best tennis players.

14. JW Marriott Desert Springs & Resort Spa

JW Marriott Desert Springs & Resort Spa

  • Location: California
  • Address: 74 855 Country Club Dr, Palm Desert
  • Phone: +1 760 341 2211


  • 884 Rooms ensure accommodation for all guests
  • Many guests, thus many game participants
  • Wide range of activities to choose from
  • 18-hole golf courses

The JW Marriott Desert Springs is one of the best choices for a vacation you could go with, especially if you are interested in more than tennis. This resort has an array of activities you will love, including swimming.

Their tennis center is not lacking in any way; they have a full set of equipment and courts. Twenty hard, clay courts and grass courts ensure that their tennis player guests always have something they like. You can play on any court, depending on your preferences.

The tennis center is near the entrance and close to some timeshare villas. You can opt to rent some of these rooms rather than the hotel rooms. The hotel rooms are another part that makes this one of the best tennis resorts.

They have on-site restaurants, a swimming pool, a bar, and a fitness center. You won’t need to leave this property until you finish your vacation. 

There are two 18-hole golf courses for tennis and golf enthusiasts. Over 200 guests ensure there are always people to play against.

15. Boar’s Head Resort

Boar’s Head Resort

  • Location: Virginia
  • Address: 200 Ednam Dr, Charlottesville 
  • Phone: +1 844 611 8066


  • 6-court stadium 
  • University tennis teams are on the premises
  • ATP and WTA Pro challenger events
  • It has an expansive sports club

Visit the Boar’s Head Resort in Virginia and take advantage of their 26 hard and clay courts. Of these, 12 are indoor courts, and you can access them anytime. Additionally, they have a stadium with six courts for the UVA teams. 

Tennis fans can go watch the games if they find an ongoing match. This resort will be an amazing choice for any tennis vacationer since it has amazing tennis facilities. The large complex has 168 rooms for easy accommodation for its guests.

The resort is at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it is close to many amazing historical sites. You could visit Thomas Jefferson’s house or go to the University of Virginia. A University foundation

 owns the club.

University of Virginia players will often train and play on the resort’s tennis courts. The clay tennis courts always have something exciting to offer the guests at Boar’s Head Resort. They also host WTA and ATP Pro Challenger events.

These can be a nice chance to watch amazing tennis players showcase their talent. Many tennis fans come to this resort for the tournaments and other tennis packages. 

16. Horseshoe Bay Resort

Horseshoe Bay Resort

  • Location: Texas
  • Address: 200 Hi Cir N, Horseshoe Bay, 
  • Phone: +1 877 611 0112


  • It has both tennis and Pickleball courts
  • Four golf courses
  • Private airport and jet center
  • Ladies tennis and wine weekend getaways

This resort is on the shores of Lake Lyndon B. Johnson, deep in the heart of Texas, and this inland beach offers an amazing tennis vacation. 

Guests can dig their toes into this amazing beach, and the water can get as hot as 80 degrees in summer.

The real reason why tennis fans like visiting this slice of paradise are the tennis facilities. The Horseshoe Bay Resort has 14 tennis courts; 6 are red hard clay courts. These are enough for guests to have a nice time taking group lessons or playing.

This resort is still a good choice even if you don’t want to play tennis. They have 8 Pickleball courts in an oriental garden. Pickleball is less demanding than tennis; thus, it can be a good way to relax and have fun.

Golf enthusiasts will love it here since the resort has three 18-Hole Robert Trent Jones Golf courses and an 18-hole Bermuda grass-putting course. They also have a fitness center and spa on-site if you need additional relaxation from the games.

17. Hanalei Bay Resort

Hanalei Bay Resort

  • Location: Hawaii 
  • Address: 5380 Honoiki Rd, Princeville 
  • Phone: +1 808 826 6522


You cannot leave out Hanalei in the list of the best luxury tennis resorts in the US since it attracts tennis fans from all over the world. You can get group lessons from Mary Hannsz, who works with Burwash International.

This company runs all the tennis programs at Hanalei luxury resort, and you can expect the best tennis staff passion and dedication to your training. There are weekly rosters of sports and events at the resort to keep the guests happy.

These include daily clinics, junior tennis training programs, and cardio tennis. Tennis lovers of all kinds will like it here, especially because of the Sunday round-robin tournament. Other than this, there are doubles tournaments three days a week.

This resort has four grass courts with Pro Court XP synthetic grass, ensuring full ball control and comfort. 

They have a sand infill that ensures they drain rapidly after it rains. The rest are premier hard courts similar to those used in the US Open.

18. Wintergreen Resort

Wintergreen Resort

  • Location: Virginia
  • Address: 39 Mountain Inn Loop, Nellysford 
  • Phone: +1 434 325 2200


  • It has a beautiful mountain view
  • It has many choices of activities to participate in
  • The area is cool and comfortable
  • Full-service pro shop

The final luxury tennis resort on our list is one of the best choices if you want an outdoor tennis court. 

The Wintergreen resort offers two tennis centers. The first one is the smaller one with only four clay courts located at Stone creek close to the golf clubhouse. 

The main complex and star attraction for tennis lovers here is Devil Knob’s 18-court tennis center. 

This center has fifteen clay courts located beautifully amidst evergreen trees and hardwoods. This is one of the most beautiful tennis courts you will ever see.

The other three are premier hard courts beneath a pavilion that keeps the sun out. The diversity of the tennis services at this location makes it an amazing choice for any guest. The tennis center is just down the road from the Wintergreen Spa and Aquatics.

You can take a short hike to the spa and have a relaxing evening or go swimming. Steve and Colleen Campbell run the tennis programs at Wintergreen resort. 

They are both international touring pros and offer amazing group lessons for those that need tennis practice.


You have the best destinations if you are looking for the best tennis resorts in the US. Tennis is a popular game, and many tennis players have different skill levels in the US. You can always put in some extra tennis practice on a tennis vacation in a tennis resort.

You can get the rare early bird training at a tennis academy or one of the luxurious tennis resorts. Most resorts have grass courts, clay courts, and premier hard courts, depending on client preference. A perfectly manicured court awaits you, so book a resort room now.

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