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What are the best treehouse rentals in Texas? Today, we explore the finest treehouse getaways in Texas.

Treehouse getaways have become popular in recent times. They offer you an opportunity to escape the hustle of the city and the stresses of modern-day life.

Treehouses offer serenity and tranquility that you wouldn’t otherwise get when camping. They are equipped for comfort and relaxation. Treehouses also allow you to take in the beauty of nature and get lost in the immersion of the wilderness.

Texas has some of the finest treehouses in the United States. It is not only blessed with thick and luscious woods; it happens to have many stunning places for treehouses.

Here are the best Treehouses for rent in Texas:

List Of The Best Treehouse Rentals In Texas Reviews

1. Las Palmas Treehouse

Las Palmas Treehouse
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The Las Palmas Treehouse is a beautifully and elegantly designed getaway living space located by Lake Dunlap. The interior is quite spacious, with gorgeous décor and natural lighting.

Las Palmas treehouse can accommodate up to eight guests. It has two queen-sized beds, rollaway beds, and a one-fold-out bed.

The kitchen comes fully stocked with just about all the appliances that you want, from toasters to a refrigerator. Get to enjoy excellent facilities like an outdoor pool, BBQ, cabanas, among others.

Its location allows you to enjoy stunning views at sunset as the sun sets over the lake.

2. Leaf Treehouse: HoneyTree Farm

Leaf Treehouse
Image Credit:

The Modern Texas Treehouse is a modern treehouse equipped with everything you desire. The three-bedroom unit offers you and your loved one sufficient space and a sizeable interior.

Unlike most treehouses, Modern Texas Treehouse has a high arched ceiling that provides decent space on the inside. 

The décor is relatively modern. You will feel right at home in the space. You will have access to a fully equipped kitchen as well as a fireplace.

The house receives decent natural lighting and incredible views all around. Some of the facilities available at Modern Texas include a tennis court and multiple swimming pools.

3. Treehouse: Lake Travis

Treehouse Lake Travis
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What better way to escape the city than with a trip to the treehouse on lake Travis? If relaxation is what you desire, it is one of the best places to visit. 

With a stay at the treehouse, you get an elevated patio that allows you to watch the sunsets on the lake.

The interior is relatively modern, with vast and spacious rooms. The décor is excellent, and you wouldn’t notice that you are in a treehouse from the inside. You get to enjoy hot tubs, access to swimming pools, and short walks to Lake Travis.

4. Spicewood Treehouse

Spicewood Treehouse
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Spicewood Treehouse is the getaway you need if you are looking for comfort. It is one of the best treehouses stays in Texas. The Spicewood Treehouse is the epitome of luxury.

The massive unit is equipped with four bedrooms, perfect for family getaways. It has enormous top-side balconies where you can relax and take in the wilderness in all its beauty.

You will be getting a massive interior with vintage décor. The living area is decked with huge sofas. 

Its kitchen is fully equipped with all the appliances that you might desire. You also get to enjoy hot tubs and pools.

5. Treehouse Haven

Treehouse Haven
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Treehouse Haven offers you an opportunity to escape city life for a fun and relaxing outdoor experience. 

The treehouse has a fantastic balcony that allows you to enjoy remarkable views as you take in the cool breeze.

The treehouse is quite comfortable; you get access to an air conditioning unit, fans, and heating as well. 

At the Treehouse Haven, you can enjoy a jacuzzi and access to swimming pools. You are allowed to have pets without an extra charge.

The kitchen comes stocked with the necessities: a microwave and a refrigerator. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the river from your patio.

6. Cypress Valley Willows

Cypress Valley Willows
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Experience nature in all its magnificence at the Cypress Valley Willows in Spicewood, Texas. The incredible treehouse features a simple yet comfortable design for a relaxing and luxurious experience.

The treehouse is ideal for two. It is equipped with a queen-sized bed, a balcony, and a porch.

You will have access to swimming pools.

The treehouse is eco-friendly as it is powered purely by solar energy. All amenities you could desire for a comfortable getaway are provided, including a shower, towels, and toiletries. It means that you don’t have to pack extra for your trip.

7. Cypress Valley Yoki Treehouse

Cypress Valley Yoki Treehouse
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The Cypress Valley Yoki Treehouse is one of the unique treehouses in terms of design. The unit is created with a relaxing rooftop area, and down a semi-spiral stairway, you get access to a balcony.

The treehouse offers sufficient accommodation, and you can have up to three people at a time. You can enjoy access to a bathtub. 

The scenery is quite magnificent, the views are exquisite, especially in the evenings and nighttime,

You are provided with all the toiletries and towels required to guarantee a comfortable stay. You can pack light for the trip.

8. Escape the City Extraordinary Treehouse Dallas

Escape the City Extraordinary Treehouse Dallas
Image Credit:

It is inarguably the best treehouse in Texas. The unit is so luxurious that you wouldn’t even notice that you are in a treehouse from the inside. You would have to be inside to appreciate its magnificence. 

What sets the unit apart from other treehouses is the size and décor. Rarely will you find an interior endowed with this much space and comfort? The furnishings complement the interior of the rooms and enhance their magnificence.

With the treehouse, you have access to a spacious balcony, a fireplace for those chilly nights, and incredible ambient lighting.

Kayak services are convenient to access in the area.

9. Cloud 9 Treehouse

Cloud 9 Treehouse
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Enjoy the beautiful scenery at the Guadalupe River and Lake Dunlop with a stay at the world-famous Cloud 9 Treehouse.

The treehouse is perfect for you if you have a large family. It has four huge bedrooms—the interior of the house is spacious and comfortable.

With a stay at the Cloud 9 Treehouse, you get to enjoy a massive swimming pool, a cabana, and a BBQ. It is also child-friendly, with access to a playground for children to enjoy. The treehouse has a sizable balcony ideal for relaxing as you take in the breeze.

10. Juniper Treehouse

Juniper Treehouse
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Juniper Treehouse is designed to help you enjoy nature in all its magnificence. It has a minimalist design that would be ideal for people seeking to escape the hustles of everyday life.

The treehouse is perfect for a couple looking for a beautiful getaway without having to break the bank. 

You will get treated to dazzling scenes at sunset while having access to incredible scenery. The treehouse has massive balconies where you can relax.

There are several incredible facilities to enjoy. They include swimming, ziplining, and trips to the lake. You also get access to BBQ equipment and shared hammocks.

11. Hobbit Nest Treehouse

Hobbit Nest Treehouse
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The Hobbit Nest Treehouse is an excellent getaway for you and your family. It is a spacious and comfortable unit equipped with a queen-sized bed. You also get two optional air mattresses.

With Hobbit Nest Treehouse, you get an immersive nature experience. Not many locations allow you to enjoy outdoor showers, but you can at the Hobbit Nest Treehouse. Toiletries and towels are provided.

There are several amenities provided, such as hot tubs and swimming pools. You experience beautiful scenery all around and catch beautiful sunsets. The location is dog-friendly so that you can travel with your pup as well.

12. The Casa Estiva Treehouse

The Casa Estiva Treehouse
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The Casa Estiva has perhaps the most modern design on the list. It is a lovely living space that is large enough for a couple. 

It is ideal for honeymoons and lovers to spend time away from the city. The treehouse receives a lot of natural light during the day.

It is equipped with a kitchenette where you can conveniently prepare meals. The serene environs are pretty therapeutic. It also happens to be very comfortable and luxurious. 

The porch is also large enough for you to accommodate a few people. It has a minimalist design that complements its size.

It is conveniently located near Weatherford.

13. Arbor House Dripping Springs

Arbor House Dripping Springs
Image Credit:

Are you looking for a getaway for you and your family? The Arbor House Dripping Springs is perfect! It is one of the best treehouses stays in Texas. The unit is large enough to accommodate up to five guests at a time.

The treehouse is located in an ideal place for birdwatching. It is surrounded by beautiful vegetation. You also get a large balcony where you can relax and hang out with family and friends. The massive windows let in light during the day.

There is a great nature trail in the area, with lots of natural life. You have access to a BBQ.

14. Southern Dream Luxury Treehouse

Southern Dream Luxury Treehouse
Image Credit:

The Southern Dream Luxury Treehouse is one of the most visually stunning treehouses in Texas. It is pretty extensive, with a spacious interior. 

The décor complements the room nicely. It honestly doesn’t feel like a treehouse from the inside.

You will love the enormous hot tub, especially in the summer. The views of the pond, especially in the evenings, are simply exquisite. 

You also get access to a kitchen with the necessities and access to a grill for BBQs with your friends.

You have access to an enormous patio with a swing bed for a premium relaxing experience. 

15. Canyon Lake Treehouse

Canyon Lake Treehouse.
Image Credit:

The Canyon Lake is one of the most sought-after treehouses in Texas.

It is a sizeable three-bedroomed structure. The spacious interior provides a unique blend of comfort and tranquility to its guests.

The treehouse has massive porches for hosting sizable gatherings such as family dinners. It comes with a fully equipped kitchenette to prepare simple meals.

The nature trail leading up to the treehouse is beautiful. It puts your mind at ease as you revel in the beautiful surrounding. 

The interior has an ultramodern design, cozy coaches, a large TV, and beautiful furniture.

16. Schwestern Haus

Schwestern Haus
Image Credit:

Schwestern Hause is a uniquely designed modern treehouse. It has all the makings of a decent holiday home, and this makes it perfect for getaways.

The treehouse has one bedroom with one king-sized bed, a single bed, and a sofa bed.

It offers accommodation to up to four people per house. It is perfect for a small family. It has a kitchen for those who prefer to cook their meals.

The living room is relatively large, offering plenty of space. It has a large patio with comfortable seats. Schwestern Hause is located near the San Antonio River.

17. Woodland Treehouse Suite

Woodland Treehouse Suite
Image Credit:

If you truly want to unplug and experience nature in all its majesty, try the Woodland Treehouse Suit.

The treehouse is located right in the middle of the Woods, shielded by a thick canopy of vegetation. 

The environment is quiet and teeming with life, offering not only tranquility but a sense of oneness with nature.

Here, you might be lucky to spot a few animals like deer. You get a kitchenette with all the appliances you need to prepare yourself a home-cooked meal. You can also go horseback riding.

18. Ryders Treehouse, Baird

Ryders Treehouse Baird
Image Credit:

Visit Ryders Treehouse and get to experience life from a luxurious perspective. It is the getaway of dreams. The property is located inside a vast ranch with lots of open space.

The treehouse is giant. It is ideal for two guests at a time. The kitchenette is stocked with the appliances you would require to make your meals. It has accommodation for outside dining so you can enjoy your meals in style.

The patios are spacious. You will enjoy breathtaking sunsets and beautiful views. Some of the amenities included are an indoor fireplace, a fire pit, and a waterfront.

19. Cardinal Casita

Cardinal Casita
Image Credit:

Cardinal Casita is located in the serene woodlands next to the magnificent Guadalupe River.

The treehouse is an architectural marvel. Its interior is ultra-modern, while the exterior maintains a traditional design.

The treehouse is adjacent to a beautiful picturesque trail. It receives a lot of natural light during the day. 

You are getting a very luxurious unit with lovely décor. The unit has a kitchenette where you can prepare homemade meals. It has all the necessities.

Inside is a private bathroom equipped with necessities, including toiletries and towels. The amenities include a TV, heater, Wi-Fi, and hot tub.

20. Laguna Vista Tree Haus

Laguna Vista Tree Haus
Image Credit:

The Laguna Vista Tree Haus is one of the best treehouse rentals in Texas. It also epitomizes the reputation of the state, as it is enormous. 

The unit is a four-bedroom behemoth and is large enough to accommodate 24 guests. It is ideal for large family gatherings.

The treehouse is super luxurious with a lot of amenities.

You get to enjoy a grill, swimming pools, hot tubs, and a fire pit. It is child-friendly, as it has a vast playground.

The patio is large enough to host dinners. The Laguna Vista Tree Haus is located near lake Dunlop and has incredible views.

21. The Machan Treehouse

The Machan Treehouse
Image Credit:

The Machan treehouse derives a lot of design inspiration from the African savannah. It is evident in the décor and the location. 

From the treehouse, you will spot wildlife every once in a while. The location around it teems with natural life.

The treehouse has a large patio where you can spend your evenings taking in the beautiful sunset. 

The patio is large enough to accommodate outdoor dining. The unit has a kitchenette from which you can prepare simple meals.

You also have a waterfall shower to help you wind down. The overall experience is soothing and comfortable.

22. Aircastle by Highpoint

Aircastle by Highpoint
Image Credit:

The Aircastle by Highpoint treehouse is inspired by eco-innovation. The treehouse is made from four recycled shipping containers. 

It is a two-bedroom unit with a lot of livable space. It accommodates four people at a time.

The treehouse towers above most of the vegetation in its vicinity. You probably want to get over your fear of heights to enjoy the fantastic upper decker. The unit has five patios.

One of the containers serves as a kitchenette. It is equipped with the necessities required to prepare a simple meal. It also has a TV with cable channel access and high-speed and reliable internet.

23. Redwood Tree Haus

Redwood Tree Haus
Image Credit:

The Redwood Treehouse is a stunningly photogenic resort that is perfect for getaways. The unit can accommodate up to eight guests at a time.

Get to enjoy the best in poolside luxury. The unit overlooks a massive pool where you can dip your toes and relax.

There is a mini-dining area with a sizable countertop where you can enjoy in-house meals. You can also cook in the mini-kitchen, which has a good number of appliances.

The interior is a throwback. It has an old-fashioned décor.

You get amenities such as fire pits, BBQs, a cabana, and a playground for kids.

24. Waterfront Cabin: Gremio Creek

Waterfront Cabin

The Waterfront Cabin in Gremio creek is one of the most beautiful treehouses in Texas. The treehouse is embedded between two massive oak trees. The interior is finished with exposed wood, giving it a unique aesthetic.

The unit has a one-bedroom with a King-sized bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The bathroom has all the toiletries that you might need.

Unlike most treehouses, the Waterfront Treehouse has a full kitchen. It has all the requisite alliances that can allow you to prepare a full course meal, rather than just simple dishes.

Amenities include Kayaks, hot tubs, paddleboards, and a game room.

25. Trendy South Congress Treehouse Studio

Trendy South Congress Treehouse Studio
Image Credit:

The Trendy South Congress Treehouse is ideal if you are looking for a place to stop by and relax between trips. The luxurious treehouse is located just outside South Congress.

It has a spacious interior, with a high roof. It comes with a fully stocked kitchen with all the appliances you might require. 

You also get a working shower within the treehouse. The treehouse has one queen-sized bed.

Other amenities include a TV, air conditioning, and a washer and dryer. The interior is cozy and tranquil. There are a lot of activities to engage in, in South congress, which is mere blocks away.

26. Cyprus Valley Lofthaven

Cyprus Valley Lofthaven
Image Credit:

Experience the outdoors in a new way with the Lofthaven treehouse. You will not get a treehouse with a design this unique anywhere in the world.

The circular house is ideal for couples, and it can accommodate two guests at a time. In keeping with the circular design, the outdoor balcony is circular too.

Guests can enjoy a bathhouse, which is detached from the central unit. The bathhouse has a waterfall-like design, with water cascading down actual rocks.

The surrounding area is quite serene. It is enclosed by vegetation, giving you an authentic outdoor experience. 

So, there you have it! The treehouses listed above are the best in Texas. They are luxurious and provide you with excellent value for money. So, next time you are planning to go on a road trip, check out some of these fine treehouses.


The State of Texas has some of the finest treehouses for rent, not only in the United States but also in the world. It has got several top-tier locations for setting up luxurious and well-equipped treehouses.

Treehouse getaways have become popular. They offer the same type of luxury as you would get in a hotel while enabling you to experience nature in a camping-like manner. It takes the best of both worlds and blends them for a truly remarkable experience.

We have looked at 26 of the best treehouse stays in Texas. If you live in or ever visit Texas, be sure to pop into one of these fine establishments and experience nature like never before.

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