USA Response To Russia  

Even after the talks between US and Russia, the tension continues to build because Russia seems unsatisfied with the talks. During the talks, the US demanded Russia to refrain from attacking Ukraine. 

On the other hand, Russia wanted the USA to prevent the Ukrainian country from being admitted into NATO. However, the US responded by saying that they had no power to do that. Ukraine has a chance of joining the alliance just like any other country. 

Russia has not acted to prove that it will not attack Ukraine. The country was supposed to remove its military from the Ukrainian border, but they didn’t show any intentions of doing so. 

On Wednesday, Antony Blinken Blinken delivered a speech to address Russia’s demands at a conference. He said nothing had changed; we would still not stop Ukraine from joining the alliance. “NATO’s door is open, remains open, and that is our commitment,” Blinken said

Blinken did not share a lot, and he said that more details would be aired out with Russia. Nato’s spokesperson also said that it could not deny a country admittance.

“We call on Russia once again to immediately de-escalate the situation.” Stoltenberg told reporters.

People are questioning Russia’s demands. Why would the country be against Ukraine joining the Nato alliance, yet they have its military on its border. The demands appear to be unreasonable. 

Blinken advised the USA citizens in Ukraine to fly back to avoid any inconveniences. Russia is a threat to Ukraine, and it might attack, which will put the lives of us citizens in Ukraine in danger. 

The US government will offer loans to the citizens stuck in Ukraine to facilitate their transport. 

However, Russia holds that they are not planning to attack Ukraine. It blames the west for fuelling tensions. It is unclear because the country had warned that it would act if the USA did not meet its demands.

Blinken further said that he intends to talk with the Russian foreign minister to discuss further the issue, which is creating tension. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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