Florida International University President Resigns

Mark Rosenberg resigned as the president of Florida International University last week on Friday afternoon. He believes he was causing discomfort for one of his colleagues. 

Rosenberg had led the university for 13 years. He added that resigning from the position would help him care for his sick wife. 

He later made another appearance on Sunday to update people about his wife’s condition. Later, he apologized to a colleague, saying he had caused the colleague emotional discomfort. 

The young woman had earlier shared Rosenberg’s with a colleague. An investigation started from this.

His wife, aged 47, has dementia and type 1 diabetes, affecting her movement. She uses a wheelchair to move around. He further said that his wife’s condition had caused him much mental suffering. As a result, he is seeking counseling. 

“Regrettably, these issues spilled over to my work, and I caused discomfort for a valued colleague,” Rosenberg said.

However, he never mentioned the name of the colleague. He just used vague words.  

Dean Colson said that the resignation of Rosenberg saddened people, but the reasons that forced him to do so are disappointing. He praised him, and according to him, Rosenberg did everything to defend workers and ensure that the working policy was friendly. 

The board’s spokesperson said they would not comment further on the event because of the employee privacy considerations. The policy protects the workers’ personal information by not disclosing it. 

Although Rosenberg resigned, he might have to face the school’s board to answer for causing discomfort at the workplace for a workmate. 




John Taylor
John Taylor
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