Beware Of These Common iPhone Problems!

iPhones are undoubtedly the best smartphones offering smooth and incredibly seamless performance. However, it is fraught with its fair share of problems. But there’s nothing to worry about because most of the issues can be solved instantly without frantically calling the service center. Read on to learn about the common iPhone problems you might encounter and their easy fixes. 

The Cellular Connection Isn’t Working 

The cellular connection might not be working on your iPhone because of network and outage-related issues. You need to ensure there’s no outage in your area.

If the issue persists, reset the network settings and get rid of the sluggish network. Go to Settings > tap General > tap Reset > choose Reset Network Settings. The problem should be solved. 

iPhone Refuses To Turn On

Are you wondering what to do if your iPhone won’t turn on? Some of the reasons your iPhone refuses to turn on might be physical damage, discharged battery, or water damage. If the problem is a discharged battery, you need to put your phone on charge and try restarting your phone. 

Also, remember to ensure the charger and cable of your iPhone are in perfect condition. If you observe any cracks or bends, you need to get a new one. 

Applications Freezing Or Crashing 

Apps crashing and freezing are quite common, but they can spoil your mood. Apps crashing and freezing are quite common, but they can spoil your mood and you wonder why is my iPhone glitching? If you have good technical knowledge, there are quite detailed guides across the website on how to solve this issue, if not, then better to consult with professionals. Typically, apps crash or freeze when they are outdated. You need to go to the App Store and update the apps to their latest version. The problem should be fixed because app updates come with bug fixes. 

iPhone Not Getting Charged 

If your iPhone isn’t charging when plugged in, check if the cable and charge are in good health. If they check out, you can try wiping the charging port to remove debris and dust. 

You can also try a factory reset to check if the problem is internal. If the problem continues, contact a technician. 

The White Screen Of Death 

The White Screen of Death isn’t a Mac-only problem. You may encounter this problem on your iPhone because of a failed upgrade or hardware problem. The problem can be fixed by restarting your device. But if that doesn’t resolve the problem, you need to factory reset your phone. 

Try booting your iPhone in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode if that fails. However, your iPhone’s data and settings will be cleared in this mode. Therefore, don’t forget to back up the essential data. 

Battery Life Draining Rapidly

Battery draining fast is a problem commonly faced by iPhone users. It is one of the most annoying issues, and you would want to fix it right away. Generally, battery life issues are faced after an iOS update. You can tackle the poor battery performance via factory reset. Alternatively, you can control the app’s usage that consumes a lot of battery, like Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube, etc. 

You can even remove or uninstall such apps from your phone that consume high battery. For instance, you can save battery by accessing YouTube and Facebook via the Safari browser. 


Does your iPhone feel too hot to touch? Do you think your phone needs to cool down? You can cool down your iPhone by keeping your phone away from direct sunlight or heat. 

You can also stop using your phone and switch it off. Allow your phone to cool down, and then restart your phone. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can Reset All Settings on your phone to resolve the overheating problem

You can also look for iOS updates and install them. 

iTunes Showing Error 3194

The iTunes error 3194 is typically encountered when users try to upgrade or restore their iPhones. You may face the issue because of a wrong firmware version, or the iOS version you are trying to install isn’t approved by Apple. 

The problem can be resolved by making a few changes to the host files on your system. You can even do a complete factory reset to resolve this error. 

Before resetting your device, remember to back up all the critical data. 

Face ID Isn’t Working 

The Face ID feature in your iPhone enables you to access your phone, iTunes, App Store, etc. It allows you to access your phone and apps without entering a passcode. Sometimes this feature may fail, especially after you have updated your device. You need to turn off your device and then switch it back on to make the Face ID feature functional again. 

If this doesn’t work, go to Settings > tap Reset the Face ID. But if the problem persists, contact the Apple center. 

Wrapping Up 

Don’t let these common iPhone problems keep you up or spoil your day. The quick fixes mentioned in this guide should help you quickly get your phone back on track.

John Taylor
John Taylor
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