Florida Bans Math Books For Critical Race Theory As Part Of The Purge Of All Things CRT

You must have heard about how school systems across the US are banning CRT. The State of Florida announced it officially started the elimination of CRT. Some of the targets the State went after took people by surprise.

The Florida Department of education made headlines after rejecting 41% of standard math textbooks. 

These books supposedly had touchy and prohibited subjects concerning CRT. The Government says more than 50 books have references to CRT and other issues.

According to the Department of Education, the books touched on Social Emotional Learning and common core. These ideas go with Critical Race Theory, and the Government is moving to eradicate them.

These topics make the books unusable in schools under the new standards. The Florida Government banned CRT teaching in classrooms last year. 

Most teachers and parents are shocked by this ban since they don’t get what math textbooks have to do with CRT.

Most people don’t even understand how the ban works. It makes sense to find CRT in history and social studies books, but Math seems far-fetched. At this point, it is unclear to most people what Florida hopes to achieve with this move.

The fight against CRT is getting out of control as states take more drastic measures. It was a problem before, but now it is getting out of hand. It appears as though the states see CRT everywhere, and some bans are unnecessary.

Despite all the controversy, Florida moved on with its ban, and most citizens have concerns over what comes next. 




John Taylor
John Taylor
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