Biden Approves The Release Of Trump’s White House Guest List To The Investigating Committee

Biden’s decision to waive executive privilege over the documents with trumps white house visitor might be a blow for Trump. It will allow the board investigating the attack on Capitol by the republicans in 2021 to get the documents. 

The committee will learn about the people who visited the white house on January 6, 2021, when Trump’s supporters attacked the democrats who were celebrating Biden’s victory capitol building

According to Biden, The committee should receive the logs before fifteen days. The records will help with the investigation. They will learn if Trump had any connections with the attack from this. 

It is not the first time Biden has waived over the privilege of Trump’s documents. He did the same on October 8, 2021, when he approved “Trump’s -era presidential documents” release to the investigating board. He tried to fight the release of the documents by filing a federal lawsuit, but it failed.  

According to the appeals and district courts, the Bidens waiver made more sense compared to trumps claim. Since Trump left office, he has been trying to fight against the release of confidential presidential documents. 

Earlier this year, there were reports that Trump did not hand in all presidential documents to the national archives. People argued that he destroyed some confidential documents by flushing them down in the white house. 

There have been claims that the Justice Department will investigate Trump’s businesses because they might have been involved in corruption. The January 6, 2021 riot case is far from being solved, a year since the event, and the committee has not made significant leads and discoveries.

“The President has determined that an assertion of executive privilege is not in the best interests of the United States, and therefore is not justified, as to these records and portions of records,” Remus wrote.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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