New York’s Democratic Representative Katheleen Announces That She Will Retire This Year

Kathleen rice, New yorks democratic representative announced that she would not vie for the seat this year. She will be the 30th “House democrat,” not to contend for a reflection in U.S history. She announced this on Tuesday. 

“I have always believed that holding political office is neither destiny nor a right,” she said in a statement on her Twitter page. “As elected officials, we must give all we have and then know when it is time to allow others to serve.”

She further stated that her focus is “protecting our democracy and serving my constituents” for the remaining period. Rice has been new yorks 4th congressional district representative for seven years. 

According to a tally conducted by NBC News, thirty Democrats have stated they will seek other offices or retire. Twenty-two seeks retirement while the remaining eight seek to shift offices. 

Last month California, Tennesse, and Rhode island’s representatives announced that they would be retiring from office. 

Although the Democrats are more than the republicans in the House and are certain that they will gain control of the chamber during the November elections, the competition will be stiff because the number of republicans has been rising steadily. 

Rice, who was vying against, won the representative elections back in 2020 with more than 56%. She switched to the democrat party from the republican in 2005. 

Rice has achieved a lot in her career. “Rep. Rice has dedicated over three decades to public service, rising up the legal and political ranks from prosecutor to district attorney to United States representative,” Maloney said. “During that time, she has admirably fought public corruption, advocated for veterans, and been a leader on national security.”

Representative sean Maloney wished her success and the best in what she undertakes next. “ I wish her the very best in her next chapter.” he said. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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