According To A CNN Poll, Both Democrats And Republicans Have Lost Their Confidence In Biden And Trump

A new CNN poll done by SSRS shows that a large number of both republicans and democrats hope that the parties will find alternative candidates to Joe Biden and Donald Trump. 

It shows that the supporters are losing confidence in their respective party leaders. Trump made it known that he will still vie for the presidential bid in 2024 after losing to Biden in 2020. 

The current united states president came out to say that he will also contest the next presidential elections in 2024. 

However, people do not seem happy with the administration of both Trump and Biden. 45% of Democrats prefer to have Biden vie for the presidential elections, while 51% prefer a different candidate from the party. 

50% of the republicans prefer Trump as the party’s running candidate, while 49% prefer a different candidate from the party. 

These are the results of a survey held in January and February. Although the stats show that both Democrats and Republicans are losing their hopes for their leaders, the former seems more disappointed in their leader than the latter are. 

29% of the republicans picked “just someone besides Trump.” In contrast, 21% believe that DeSantis is the right pick to represent them. Although DeSantis hasn’t made it clear if he will be among the candidates in the race for the white house bid, there are tensions within the party. 

Despite the next elections being two years away, 58% of Americans anticipate the elections, while 41% show no interest. 

People feel that Biden’s administration is failing. People started criticizing his leadership when he removed the U.S troops in Afghanistan. 

Despite the loss of Trump, the Republicans have proved that they still support him. The republicans still believe that Trump won the 2020 elections, but the officials rigged it. 

Methodology: “This CNN poll was conducted for CNN by SSRS, from Jan. 10-Feb. 6. A representative sample of 1,527 respondents aged 18 and older was used. The margin of sampling error for total respondents is +/- 3.3 at the 95% confidence level.”


John Taylor
John Taylor
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