Is Guess A Good Brand: Read This Before You Splash The Cash 

GUESS is a brand whose name people can easily remember. The name sounds quite catchy. But then, GUESS has had some proud moments over the years, as a business entity. 

However, questions about a fashion brand’s quality won’t cease anytime soon. So, don’t get surprised when you find people asking questions like, “is GUESS a good brand?”

Anyway, if you want detailed responses to this question, including insight into some of their collections, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about GUESS to make an informed decision on the brand

But hey, if you’re in a hurry, and want to check out the brand, feel free to do so. You can check out GUESS Collections Here

However, if you have more time to spare, you can continue reading to learn more! 

About GUESS – How Did The Company Start?

The Marciano brothers, Paul and Mauricio Marciano started GUESS in 1981. The company headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. 

GUESS was first launched in Beverly Hills. From there, the Marciano brothers started opening other branches across the globe. GUESS boasts licenses and distributors spread across different continents. 

These include the Middle East, South Africa, Asia, Canada, Latina America, Australia, Europe, etc. In total, they operate in over 484 locations. 

Interestingly, both brothers are from France. And when they introduced their brand of denim jeans, which boasts lighter color and softer, they quickly captured the hearts of jean lovers and made a grand entrance into the market. 

As stated on the company’s official page, GUESS began when stonewash jeans weren’t even popular in the US market. Additionally, people didn’t believe the two brothers from the south of France would offer a special outfit as they did. 

However, the Marciano brothers claimed they took a bold step by distributing their stonewash jeans and a handwritten note to select department stores. From there, the rest was history. 

In their first year of operation, GUESS’ designs were already in every major US department store. Their advertising style, using adorable models and inspirational backgrounds, also makes GUESS more popular in the US market. 

Is GUESS still a famous brand? Well, yes. They have been in operation for over 40 years, and they seem to have the magic touch when it comes to winning style-conscious males and females. It would be unfair not to consider GUESS as one of the popular lifestyle brands in the US, given how much they have contributed to the fashion industry.

Can You Call Guess A Luxury Brand?

Yes, GUESS is a luxury brand, though they aren’t at the same level as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and even Prada. But their designs are reasonably priced. In other words, compared to their closest competitors, GUESS brands are relatively more affordable. 

So, what defines a luxury brand? 

There are several factors to consider when deciding if a brand is a luxury brand or not. Check them out.

  • Price point – Is it expensive?
  • Exclusivity
  • Aesthetics

Now, let’s discuss each of these factors quickly. 

#1: Price point: 

The price point is the first factor on the list. Is the brand in question expensive? A luxury brand has to be costly. However, “expensive” doesn’t mean the product should be super-pricey. It doesn’t have to be in the same price region as the likes of GUCCI, which cost thousands of dollars. 

If the brand is above the average price you may find similar product in standard department stores, then it is worth calling it a luxury. 

So, how does this make GUESS a luxury brand?

First and foremost, GUESS isn’t super expensive. But if you take a closer look at their products, you’ll understand that the manufacturer can decide to slap higher prices if they desire such. 

Most GUESS products cost less than a hundred dollars, while some are just a fraction above this amount. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a jacket, handbag, or jeans; GUESS’s products are reasonably priced. 

So, you won’t be breaking the bank, but look stylish. 

#2: Exclusivity: 

Do you know how brands like Louis Vuitton manage to increase their designs’ value, price, and exclusivity? It is simply by making sure products left unsold are destroyed. They don’t offer discounts and don’t offer unsold product lines as deals. 

So, this makes Louis Vuitton’s designs insanely expensive. But that is expected, given they boast over two hundred years of experience and are the world’s most valuable luxury brand. 

Now, back to the GUESS brand! And guess what, GUESS offers discounts. They don’t destroy unsold merchandise as Louis Vuitton does. And even though their products are affordable, GUESS still records massive sales and annual revenues like other top brands. 

#3: Aesthetics:  

Another way to determine a luxury brand is aesthetics. Is the brand’s merchandise appealing? Do they look like luxury brands?

Well, you can see brands like Louis Vuitton are luxurious. They create designs whose aims are to turn heads. But GUESS is entirely different. How? Their designs are just the everyday type and not meant to turn heads. 

But that doesn’t mean you won’t melt hearts wearing some of GUESS’ products. You can. However, how you combine your outfits can also play a huge role. 

In a nutshell, GUESS’s decision to make its products budget-friendly doesn’t make them any less of a luxury brand. The company derives pleasure in churning out designs and seeing their products on people. 

GUESS is a luxury brand. Notable personalities in the entertainment industry have worn their products.

Celebrities Wearing GUESS

GUESS is proudly one of the top fashion brands in America and a host of countries. Many celebrities in the United States and beyond love their designs. Otherwise, they won’t even consider spending their cash on GUESS. 

Here, we’ll quickly look at famous faces that have rocked GUESS. 

#1: GUESS One-piece Logo Swimsuit – Worn By Jenifer Lopez:

No one can argue that Jenifer Lopez has had such an incredible music and acting career over the years. The singer, entrepreneur cum actress, has been gracing our big screens with her presence for many decades. 

Interestingly, J.Lo’s beauty and fashion sense make her unique. She’s one of the entertainers who deserve a place in the fashion Hall of Fame. 

J.Lo has been spotted wearing the GUESS One-piece swimsuit, soaking up the sun in a floating doughnut-shaped pool float. The actress was having a good time in her backyard pool and decided to share clips of her good moment with her 195 million followers on Instagram. 

On J.Lo, the swimsuit appeared simple and modest when viewed from the front, with the “GUESS logo” boldly printed. But when you carefully examine the back of the swimsuit, you’ll see just how sexy and sporty J.Lo looks. 

Check Out The GUESS One-Piece Logo Swimsuit Here

You can also check out the GUESS Green Cropped Hoodie worn by the stunning actress, dancer, and singer, Jennifer Lopez. She wore it when welcoming her colleague, Cardi B, to the NY set of the Hustlers. 

When we checked the price, we discovered this cropped hoodie from GUESS is budget-friendly. But on J.Lo, it looked high-end. J.Lo won’t wear low quality, so this GUESS Cropped Hoodie oozes class. 

Check Out The GUESS Cropped Hoodie 

#2: GUESS Faux Fur Jacket – Worn By Bella Hadid: 

Bella Hadid is a model, so her choice of clothing should include brands that stand out. She’s a model and regarded as one of the best in the business. 

The irresistible Bella won the model of the year award in 2016, a well-deserved victory. By the way, industry professionals themselves voted for the American model. 

Isabella Khair Hadid is the model’s full name. She joined IMG models in 2014 and has enjoyed a blistering career over the years. 

Well, it is interesting to know that the supermodel is still doing her thing, thanks to her body, looks, and techniques on the runway. She’s just a beauty to behold. 

However, Bella has been spotted in a GUESS Embroidered Suede Faux Fur Jacket, looking effortlessly cool. She paired the jacket with the Miss Sixty mid-rise jeans, a combo that indicates she’s still the adorable Bella.

Check out the GUESS Faux Fur Jacket Here

You’ll find diverse faux fur jacket designs by GUESS, indicating that the brand is on top of its game in the business of jacket-making. Seeing Bella Hadid on the jacket shows how good the quality is. 

#3: GUESS Cassandra Jacket – Ashley Benson:

Ashley Benson is another popular celebrity who hasn’t hidden her love for GUESS designs. She has been spotted wearing a GUESS Cassandra Jacket, looking effortlessly gorgeous. 

The American singer, model, and actress, born December 1989, have had a blistering career over the years. Her fashion sense is also something only a handful of people of her age and personality can possess. 

Well, her obsession with fashion isn’t something new. Ashley has even declared she’s a casual chic, a topic for another day. She has also spoken about her desire for long and short dresses, including low backs and form-fitting outfits. 

Interestingly, Ashley Benson has never hidden are support for GUESS, as she made herself available for the brand’s pool party organized in 2013. She was one of the numerous famous faces that showed up at the event. 

Ashley has worn several GUESS designs over the years and looks completely stunning in whatever she wears on her skin. Ashley looked super gorgeous on the GUESS Moto Zip Jeans and even sexier, combining it with the GUESS ‘Mipolia 3 Pumps. 

Check Out Guess Jeans Collection Here

GUESS has also shown why they are a well-rounded fashion brand, producing stunning kicks. 

So, if you’re eager to land the GUESS Mipolia worn by the likes of Ashley Benson, you are welcome to check it out. You’ll discover that GUESS boasts quality shoes too. 

They have shoes for both genders and a wide range of outfits. 

Check Out GUESS Shoe Collection Here

A long list of famous faces has worn GUESS. And these celebrities have never failed to show off their dresses made by GUESS. 

Surprisingly, most of the GUESS designs worn by these famous faces are pocket-friendly. So, celebrities and anyone on a low-budget can afford them. 

Interestingly, although GUESS’ outfits are reasonably priced, the company never compromises quality. And how they manage to produce such high-quality products and offer them at budget-friendly prices is surprising. 

Other Celebrities that wear GUESS 

#4: GUESS Tee – Britney Spears:

The American singer, songwriter, dancer cum actress have been spotted wearing a GUESS Tee. 

#5: GUESS Miranda Leggings – Miley Cyrus: 

Miley served hotness in the GUESS Miranda Leggings. The 29 years old is a fashionista and knows how to dress glamorously. 

#6: GUESS Fulham Velvet Jacket – Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas is another celebrity that has been seen wearing GUESS designs several times. The singer, songwriter, and actor have been seen wearing a GUESS Fulham Velvet Jacket, an outfit that makes men look super cool. 

Joe Jonas has also proved he knows how to pick the perfect kick, as he has been spotted wearing the GUESS Mitt Perforated Sneakers. 

Other GUESS outfits he has been spotted in, including the GUESS 1990S Vintage Denim Jacket and the Guess Alpine Embroidered Bomber. 

In all, it is obvious Joe Jonas has a thing for Jackets. And thankfully, GUESS has shown they have a good number of jackets to meet their customer’s needs. 

Check Out Guess Men’s Collection Here

Is The GUESS Store On Amazon Legit? 

First and foremost, Amazon is a reputable e-commerce platform. They scrutinize all their sellers and ensure only genuine ones are given access. 

How Amazon operates also makes it difficult for unserious sellers to thrive. They also have a strict refund policy, which they follow keenly. 

With that said, Amazon is a top-rated e-commerce platform. But besides that, GUESS is a good and reputable brand. They have been around for many decades, indicating they must be doing something right. 


Is Guess a good brand? Yes, they are. The company has been around for decades and has stores scattered across the globe. 

GUESS’ designs have been seen on celebrities across the country. These include actors, actresses, singers, dancers, and models. What sets GUESS apart is that they have a wide range of dresses for everyone. 

So, visit their online store on Amazon to see the various collections and make your choices. 

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