Parts Of U.S. to Expect Storms From Wednesday

According to the weather forecast, some parts of the U.S will witness storms from Wednesday. Heavy rains, showers, and snow will accompany the storms. 

People find this rather weird following the high temperatures witnessed last week. Due to such temperatures, people wondered how the Super bowl LVI match would have been on Sunday. 

The SoFi Stadium was equipped with cooling features to help with the high temperatures in California.  

According to meteorologists, the storms will be severe. They say that the clashing of the Gulf of Mexico moisture and Eastern Rockies air masses will result in the storms. 

Texas is one of the parts that will receive snow and ice. During the winter, there were reports of accidents in the icy lakes. However, nobody died from the many accidents reported. According to a news reporter, people need to be careful on icy roads.

“Snow showers will enter from the north and move through central and eastern Kentucky this evening and tonight. While we aren’t expecting any significant problems, snow in some areas could bring a bit of accumulation, and if it sticks to roadways, slow down.” Said a news reporter. 

“Temperatures will fall through the 20s for tonight and end up into the teens in central and northern Kentucky.” He added. 

Some of the pats in the U.S. where the weather conditions might be extreme from Wednesday include northern Louisiana, Arkansas, southeastern Oklahoma, and northeastern Texas. 

Cities in Kentucky and Paducah face the threat of damaging storms. People in the two cities need to avoid traveling or engaging in outdoor activities because the damage caused by the storms might be life-threatening. 

Meteorologists believe that the snow and storm conditions will continue till March, although they are unsure when the conditions will complete subsidizing.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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