Biden Talks With the Chinas President, Aiming to Sway Them Not to Support Russia

The United States president and Chinese president, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, held talks because the former aimed to convince China not to support Russia in its attack on Ukraine. 

Sanctions imposed on Russia are meant to stop the country from attacking Ukraine further, but the move does not work. 

On Friday, Russia launched new strikes in L’viv and Kyiv. The two presidents talked for hours as they tried to come to an understanding. 

According to the “Chinas foreign minister,” the war between the two countries is “not in anyone’s interest.” He added that China renewed the sanctions it imposed on Russia. 

The white house reported that the president “described the implications and consequences if China provides material support to Russia.”. 

However, after ending the video call, Jen Psaki, “White House Press Secretary,” stated that she wasn’t sure if China would support Russia in its conquest. Still, she claimed that the U.S would monitor Chinese actions closely. 

China hasn’t picked any side on the NATO issue. The country holds good relations with Russia, although the western countries seek to cut their ties with Moscow. 

“Russian strikes targeted a residential building in Kyiv, killing one and injuring 19,” said Mayor Vitali Klitschko, “and a military aircraft repair facility in Lviv.” Russia does not show any signs of backing off. 

Bidens administration warned that if china supports Russia, they will face the consequences for their actions. However, if China joins Russia, it might be hard to stop Russia from winning because the two countries are superpowers. Russia would gain a lot from chinas support. 

According to reports, striking Lviv “was the closest Russia has come to striking the center of the western city.” 

The Ukrainian military shot down two missiles out of the six Russia sent to Lviv. More than 20 people died from the attack. The united states remain hopeful that there will be no partnership between China and Russia. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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