Russia Finally Attacks Ukraine

Russia warned that it would attack Ukraine if it did not meet its demands. After several talks failed, the country has launched an attack on eastern Ukraine. Russian troops launched missiles causing explosions in cities like Kyiv. 

Russia made the attacks during dawn. In a statement, Joe Biden warned that Putin would attack their neighbors last week. A senior Ukrainian official told the citizens not to be afraid and urged them to remain strong. 

“No panic. We’re strong. We’re ready for anything. We’ll defeat everyone because we are Ukraine,” he said. However, following the attacks on different cities, including the military’s base and the airport, Ukrainians are panicking from the videos and tweets. 

The videos capture the missiles flying through into buildings. Earlier in the morning after the explosions, sirens in Ukraine were heard declaring a state of emergency. 

“We don’t understand what we should do now,” a woman told BBC in a call. “We’re now going to a place where we can be safe, and we hope we can leave safely. We have family in Mariupol, and now they’re very nervous.”

Putin, Russia’s president, made a speech addressing the issue in the morning. The attack was because the Ukrainian troops had been terrorizing Russian civilians. he claimed that the Ukrainian military supported NAZISM, Putin called them NAZIS. 

The United States president responded that they would respond to the attack in unity with the allied and NATO. Ukraine believes that the U.S will support them. 

“President Putin has chosen a premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering,” he said. “The world will hold Russia accountable.”

However, Putin warned that any country trying to help Ukraine would also face the same consequences. He claims that they will win the war despite any hindrances that they will face.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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