Shock As Two Prosecutors Leading Trumps Investigation Quit  

Two prosecutors in charge of Donald Trump’s real estate ventures resigned. It comes as the investigations seemed to gain momentum and neared completion. 

Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne handed their resignation letters to Alvin Bragg, Manhattan DA. Bragg took over the case from Cyrus Vance, his predecessor. “We are grateful for their service,” Bragg’s spokesperson told ABC News. “The investigation is ongoing”. 

The resignations of the two prosecutors leave the investigations in doubt. The actions of the two leave people wondering and posing questions because it is unclear why they resigned. However, the two “pleaded not guilty.” Filson added that the investigations are still underway. 

“We are grateful for their service,” Filson said. “We can’t comment further”. Liz Harrington, Trump’s spokesperson, praised the two prosecutes, saying that crime is skyrocketing. Most Republicans believe that the investigations are meant to intimidate and wrongly prosecute Trump. 

The investigations into Trump’s businesses began after claiming that he used his ventures to run corruption. In his defense, the former U.S president claimed that the Justice Department was wrongfully targeting his businesses. 

“For years, they’ve been going after my company. Many years. They’ve been using every trick in the book to, if they can, put me in jail. They want to put me in jail!” Trump said to his supporters in a rally in Texas in January. 

They charged Trump’s businesses with the evasion of Taxes for more than ten years. Other charges include falsifying business documents and conspiracy. 

Letitia James, New york’s AG, succeeded in subpoenaing Trump and his family to “sit for depositions.” Trump tried to block this, but the judge did not rule in his favor. The former president has had no luck with blocking investigations against him. 

Biden, U.S president, allowed the committee investigating Trump’s involvement in the Capitol building to access Trump’s white house guest. Letitia James did not indicate when they would conduct the depositions.



John Taylor
John Taylor
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