US-Russian Space Relationship Despite Tensions

The strong relationship between Russia and U.S in the “International Space Station” operation seems to be concrete despite the disagreements between the two superpowers over the invasion of Ukraine.

The two countries signed an agreement stating that they would “routinely share flights to the station on each other’s spacecraft,” this was according to the U.S space agency. Biden’s administration said that it will commit itself to keep the ISS operation successful through 2030

“Ongoing station operations continue, including work to fly crew to the orbital outpost and return them safely to Earth,” said NASA spokesman. However, “Roscosmos” did not react to the Reuters request. 

The aim of ISS was a foreign policy drive aimed at improving the “U.S-Russian” relationships after the fall and ending “the Soviet Union” and the “Cold War” enmity, respectively, that initiated the “U.S.- Soviet space” competition. 

“A Cygnus cargo spacecraft launched for NASA on Saturday by Northrop Grumman (NOC.N) arrived at the orbital laboratory on Monday carrying 8,300 pounds of food, fuel, and equipment.”

Nasa reported. 

The alliance has helped strengthen the relationship between the two countries. They plan to extend the agreement, which expires in 2024. The new deal will enable more NASA members to share flights with the Russian space members. 

The two teams will share Space X flights. “Three Russian Astronauts are currently training at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre near Houston,” reported NASA.  

Biden claimed that they would sanction Russia if they attacked Ukraine. But the sanctions do not point to the country’s space program. However, the relations between the two-country started falling in 2014 and have been worsening. 

It is unclear what will happen between the two countries because Russia attacked its neighbors, which the U.S was against. The United States might have to cut its ties with the Russian space program. 

Russia’s warns explicitly aimed at the United States because they reported taking action. It might affect the NASA- Russia relations. 




John Taylor
John Taylor
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