Concerns As Severe Weather Rocks Parts Of The United States

Many people are excited about the weekend, but this one might not be such a cheerful one as the chances of a storm increase. There is a possible risk of severe storms from Michigan down to Tennessee. Some portions of Louisiana and Oklahoma City will experience rough weather.

Luckily the treat level is not high, but possible there will be small storms. There is still a chance that these storms will be severe, so you can’t dismiss this weekend as a quiet one. On Sunday, there is a significant chance of storms in most parts of the country.

The entire eastern third of the country will most likely experience severe weather. These will happen from Penslelvania down to Texarkana and Springfield. Memphis, Springfield, Tulsa, and Green Bay will have stormy weekend events. 

This happened less than a week after Tornadoes tore through Texas and Oklahoma. They had at least 8 tornadoes in 24 hours, causing a lot of damage. Officials said the storm did not claim any lives, but 2 people had injuries in the destruction.

This was a horrible sequel for Oklahoma since they had a severe tornado on Monday. Residents shared how they hid in vaults and basements to save their lives. In Texas, there was another nightmare as a storm came in the dark.

It directly hit the town and caused damage to millions of people’s homes. This is only the beginning as the weather service warms about more severe storms, winds, and lightning. Officials closely watch the wind movements to predict such catastrophic weather events. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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