DeSantis Neither Sides With Pence Nor Trump While Eyeing The 2024 Presidential Bid

Florida’s governor, DeSanctis, declined to give his opinion on the matters in the GOP on Monday. DeSanctis has known his intentions as he eyes for the bid to the white house. 

It follows Trump’s claims that pence can overturn the 2020 election results. When asked by a reporter whose side he was between Trump and Pence, DeSantis did pick any side. “I’m not. I …,” he said. 

DeSantis, who seemed not into the reporters about the issues, changed the topic and declared that he and Trump have a “great working relationship.” He later criticized Biden’s administration for blocking his agenda. 

Although Trump and DeSantis have had their differences, they have publicly reported that they are on good terms and are relating well. 

Trump has been making false claims and giving incorrect information about the role of pence in the 2020 presidential elections. Trump sent two emails with different details. In the first, he claims that they wanted pence to change the election results. 

However, in the second one, he dismisses those claims by denying any allegations of overturning the election results by pence. 

Pence and Trump do not seem to be getting on well; their differences began after Trump lost the 2020 presidential elections and blamed pence for his loss. 

According to Rubio, vice presidents do not have the power of deciding not to certify an election.

Although DeSanti does not share a lot about his 2024 presidential plans, it is evident that he might be among the candidates vying for the white house.  

However, early primary surveys show that Trump is leading. But if by any chance trump does not run for the 2024 elections, there is a higher possibility that DeSantis will lead. 

The issue about the 2020 election has been trending recently. Apart from DeSantis, Marco Rubio is another politician avoiding crossing with Trump on the January 6 certification issue. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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