Did Jim Jordan Pass The Bar Exam? The Ohio Enigma

You must have heard some stories about Jim’s education and wondered, “Did Jim Jordan pass the bar exam?” 

Jim Jordan is an outspoken politician with many controversies, which has many people looking into his educational and family background to try and understand his political standing.

He is well-educated and studied law at some point, so people are curious about how far he advanced that career. 

This article will detail his life, education, and social beliefs to help paint a complete picture of this enigma. Here are more details on the matter; 

Did Jim Jordan Pass The Bar Exam?

There is a rumor that Jim Jordan failed the bar exam, but it is not true; he never actually sat for it and has been public about that. 

He has an Aster’s degree in education from Ohio State University and a Juris Doctor degree from Capital University Law School in 2001, but he never sat for the bar exams. 

Who is Jim Jordan?

Jim Daniel Jordan is a US politician serving his 9th round in the House of Representatives. 

He has been representing Ohio’s 4th congressional district starting in 2007 and is an advent supporter of the Republican Party.

Jim Jordan had a promising wrestling career before he became a politician. He was the NCAA champion wrestler and coached college wrestlers for a while after ending his career. Jordan helped start the republican Freedom Caucus in Congress.

He served as its original chairperson from 1015, then retained the position of vice chair from 2017. Jim Jordan was highly critical of John Boehner, the Speaker, and the caucus eventually pressured John to resign from his position in 2015.

Jim served as a ranking member in the House Oversight committee for a year, then later in the House Judiciary Committee, and he ended up getting the chairmanship in 2023. As a Republican, he became a strong supporter of President Donald Trump.

His support was evident in his attempts to clear up the stories about Russians being involved in the election that made Trump president. 

He even staged a sit-in that prevented the impeachment inquiry over the telephone debacle between Trump and Zelenskky. 

Jim Jordan returned to the public eye after Trump tried overturning the 2020 elections, where Joe Biden won. Jim Jordan supported suits to refute the win and didn’t support the certification of the Electoral College results.

The US House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack subpoenaed Jim after refusing to cooperate. He has had an interesting career and turned many enemies into friends, the best example being Kevin McCarthy. 

Jordan formerly went against McCarthy in his failed attempt to replace Boehner after making him resign as speaker in 2015, but they later became close allies. 

Jordan backed McCarthy in his run for the Speaker of House position in January of 2023, but he was removed in October of the same year.

Jordan ran for the position to supplant him, but he failed to win it in three rounds, and his nomination was revoked. 

Jim Jordan’s Youth and Education

Jim was born to Shirley and John in Troy, Ohio, on February 17, 1964. The family moved to Ohio since they had a home in Champaign County,  where he was raised and educated. Jim went to Graham High School, where he started his wrestling career and graduated in 1982.

Jim was an outstanding wrestler during his time in school, and he got the State Championship for each year of his high school education. He attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison and continued his exemplary wrestling career.

He won the NCAA Div I wrestling championship twice, in 1985 and 1986, in the 134 lb weight class. 

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1986 with an economics degree, but his wrestling career continued even after this. 

He participated in the featherweight division (126- 137 pounds), where he lost the semi-final at the wrestling trials for the 1988 US Olympics. This made him miss out on the opportunity to be in the freestyle wrestling Olympic team. 

He stopped participating and became a wrestling coach in his home state of Ohio. He was the assistant coach at Ohio State University between 1987 and 1995, and there were scandals about abuse in the team during this time.

Richard Strauss, the team’s physician during Jim’s tenure, took his own life in 2005. In 2018, the  Ohio State launched an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Strauss. Their investigation proved that Strauss sexually assaulted 177 students during his time on the team.

A majority of the victims were in the wrestling team, and they were assaulted through unnecessary genital and rectal examinations. Several involved people suggested Jim Jordan was aware of Strauss’s illegal activities, but he didn’t bring it forward. 

There hasn’t been any direct accusation of sexual assault from any of the wrestlers, but 4 of them named Jim Jordan as a suspect in their suit against Ohio State. Jordan denied all accusations and didn’t cooperate with the Strauss investigations.

He termed his accusers as ‘pawns in a political game ‘and claimed that it was all a plot to ruin his public reputation. 

Despite all the scandals, Jordan made it to the House of Representatives in 1994, launching his political career. He held the position for 3 terms before being bumped up to the Ohio Senate in 2000 and later advancing to the House of Representatives. 

What Are Jim Jordan’s Political Positions?

Jim Jordan is a deeply rooted Republican who has been very open about his political beliefs even when they landed him in trouble. 

Like most politicians, he has done many questionable things, and his public image depends entirely on who you ask.

He is one of the best conservative candidates for those who subscribe to such ideas. He has always been a leading critic of Democrat presidents, including Obama and Joe Biden. Here is a quick overview of his most outspoken political inclinations;

  1. Antitrust and Tech Companies 

Jim has a love-hate relationship with Tech companies as he has constantly critiqued them but is against breaking them up through antitrust enforcement. Google has even contributed to his campaigns since 2012; Tucker Carlson criticized him for this.

Conservatives criticized Jordan for refusing to make Ken Buck chairman of the Subcommittee on Antitrust. Ken Buck is the senior-most Republican on the committee and a strong and prominent supporter of Antitrust enforcement.

  1. Drug Policy and Healthcare 

Jim Jordan has been very openly against the Affordable Care Act and wants it repealed, which didn’t help his image with the people who need it. According to him, vaccination requirements are un-American, and he opposes them.

Jordan has voted against the liberalization of marijuana since he went into office. He supports the classification of fentanyl-related drugs as Schedule I drugs. He responded to the opioid epidemic by saying that most beneficial things can happen at the local level.

  1. Abortion and LGBT Rights

As a Republican, Jim is against abortion and advocates for banning federal funding for planned parenthood clinics. 

He has gone overboard with his views on abortion and even tweeted saying a ten-year-old girl that went to Indiana for a legal abortion was a liar and she wasn’t raped.

Later, the police arrested the rapist, and he confessed to committing the act on the girl twice. Jim Jordan consequently deleted the tweet after the police proved everything was true. Jim has also been openly against LGBT rights since he is conservative.

In 2015, he partly sponsored a resolution to change the US Constitution and ban same-sex marriage. 

The Supreme Court ruled that prohibiting same-sex marriage is a violation of the constitution, and Jordan condemned it for this.

  1. Taxes and Foreign Policy

Jim Jordan supported the Tax and Expenditure Limitation Amendment in the Ohio State Senate. This amendment would require the people to vote and decide whether taxes should be raised or if the money should be added to something. 

Jordan was among the 60 Republicans against Trump’s withdrawal of American forces from Syria. 

He also voted to repeal the AUMF against Iraq in 2021 and voted in favor of H.Con.Res 21 that led to the withdrawal of American forces from Syria. 

Jim Jordan has reportedly voted against nearly all the bills to give Ukraine military assistance since the Russian invasion. 

After the 2023 Hamas attacks, he endorsed providing help to Israel, so his general outlook on the matter is Republican.


Hopefully, you have a comprehensive answer to the question, “Did Jim Jordan pass the bar exam?” The truth is, Jim never sat for the exam, and he revealed this in an interview in 2018. 

His failing was an assumption most people made because he went to law school for a while and isn’t a lawyer. 

Jim Jordan has had a fair share of drama and controversy but has had a decent political career despite it. 

He is a strong supporter of the republican party and its agendas, and he is the perfect candidate in that regard, which is why he has held office for so long. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
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