Where Did Alina Habba Grow Up? Alina’s Road To Trump

Alina Habba has become a common name in news articles over the last few years, and it has gotten many readers pondering, where did Alina Habba grow up? 

Alina has an exciting and somewhat controversial personality that has interested people in her origins and early life.

So, how did Alina’s early life and career lead to her becoming the lawyer we all know? This article will go into all the information about Alina Habba, her family life, and her association with Donald Trump. Take a read and find out more about this interesting topic; 

Where Did Alina Habba Grow Up?

Alina Habba was born and raised in Summit, New Jersey, with her parents and two siblings. She was raised in a Chaldean Catholic home, and her parents were immigrants who moved to the U.S. from Iraq in the early 1980s. 

She went to Kent Place School, where she graduated in 2002, before attending Lehigh University for her Bachelor’s in Political Science.

Alina Habba’s Early Life And Career

Alina Habba is no stranger to controversy, and there have been many times when she has ended up on the headlines because of something she said or did. 

Most of a person’s attributes can be traced back to childhood, so we must understand how her life and career molded her.

Alina was born to her immigrant parents on the 25th of March 1984 in New Jersey, USA. Her dad, Saad Habba, was a gastroenterologist, and her mother was a traditional wife who stayed in the home to care for Habba and her two siblings.

She witnessed her culture’s deep heritage and diversity, and this history led to her career choice in the future. 

She went to Kent Place School and graduated in 2002 to follow her love for and interest in politics by doing Political science at Lehigh University.

She graduated in 2005 and worked in fashion, dealing with marketing and accessories production. She then decided to leave the industry and go do law to give herself a better footing in politics.

Alina went to Widener University Commonwealth Law School, where she studied for a J.D. in 2010. Alina’s cultural roots and diverse experiences helped make her a flexible and well-adapted individual, which was a significant factor in helping her navigate the legal clientele.

After finishing Law School, she started her career in a legal clerk position working under Eugene Codey Jr. She then worked as the Presiding Judge in Essex County. 

All this happened in a year, and she gained much experience in the workings of the justice department.

This helped her hone her legal prowess and set her up to become a successful and famous lawyer. She shifted and became an associate with Tompkins, McGuire, Wachenfeld & Barry, LLP. 

She proceeded to improve her legal knowhow while at the firm, as she handled many cases. She built a good foundation in advocacy and litigation before she got another chance to advance her career in 2013.

At this time, she started working as an equity and managing partner at Sandelands Eyet LLP, a small firm. She kept the position for seven years, which enabled her to expand her professional network and boost her leadership capabilities.

Alina joined Trump’s National Golf Club in 2019. She met Donald Trump here for the first time, and they started talking, fixing the stage for a professional relationship.

Trump added Alina to her legal team in 2021, much to many people’s surprise since she replaced many experienced lawyers. Alina wasn’t well known by the public then and hadn’t previously worked with Donald Trump. 

Her career and growing reputation caught Trump’s eye, and his hiring her pushed Alina into the core of the public eye. As Trump’s lawyer, she participated in many cases that got media attention.

She made headlines, one of the biggest being the $100 million suit against the NY Times. The suit involved the New York Times itself, three reporters, and Mary L. Trump, Trump’s niece. 

This courageous step showed her willingness to stand by her clients even in public scrutiny, which is part of why she is an outstanding lawyer. She would look out for Trump in many legal proceedings in the coming years.

She famously defended Trump from the federal lawsuit filed by Michael Cohen, and she got the charges dismissed. 

Alina Habba’s Professional Achievements 

Alina Habba is an outstanding lawyer, and she has had quite an interesting career with many significant achievements. 

Even before she met Donald Trump, she had a fruitful career, and their relationship only made her more famous. So, what has Alina achieved in her professional life?

1. Representing Donald Trump 

Representing a President is one of a lawyer’s best achievements, and Alina managed to get to this point. 

Her association with Trump and her job as his legal representative is one of the biggest achievements in her career.

As Trump’s lawyer, she showed a lot of dedication and tenacity while defending him. She participated in many high-profile cases and showed her prowess and experience in legal matters, which saved Trump a lot of trouble. 

Her good job and mannerisms got her a lot of legal admiration in the legal community, and Trump understands her value, as is seen from their close friendship. She was there to support him even in cases where she wasn’t involved. 

2. Successful Career in Law

The most significant achievement in Alina Habba’s career is her success as a lawyer, which spanned over a decade. 

Alina had a natural talent in law, which is how she managed to go up in the legal world so fast and get to high-profile cases.

She did in a decade something that takes other people almost 30 years to achieve. She demonstrated outstanding legal skills, dedication, and professionalism as a law clerk until she became the managing partner at her law firm.

Finally, founding her law firm was the crowning achievement of her career, allowing her to get more professional connections. Her firm, Habba Madaio & Associates LLP, is a successful business with many high-profile clients.

3. Lawsuit Against the NYT 

One of the biggest headlines Habba made was her lawsuit against the New York Times, where she sued them for $100 million representing Donald Trump. 

The suit got much attention and showed the public how tenacious she was when looking out for her clients.

The case was ultimately dismissed, but she was willing to go up against giant corporations and media houses to protect her client’s interests. This was only one of many other high-profile cases she went into with the odds stacked against her.

4. Fighting for women’s rights

She is admired by many for her active role in advocating for women’s rights. Her contributions in support gender equality and empowering women have positively impacted society and have inspired others to follow in her footsteps to create a better world for women.

Her successful career and personal life make her a good role model many young women can admire. 

She has proven to many little girls that you can have a family and a career to lead a fruitful life with family, love, and professional achievements.

Alina Habba’s Personal Life

Alina Habba has had to share much of her personal information with the public since she became Trump’s legal advisor. The position brought her a lot of attention, and her personality is interesting, so many people got curious about her personal life and its role in her career.

Alina’s life is not all about work; she has a happy married life with her husband, Gregg Reuben. Gregg is Alina’s second husband, and she was previously married to Matthew Eyet for eight years, but they divorced in 2019.

She got both of her two children from her first marriage to Matthew. She met Gregg a year later, and they hit it off and married. The couple is now living together in Bernardsville, New Jersey.

The family leads a fulfilling and loving life with each other. They embrace their joys and help each other out through the turmoil of their respective careers. Gregg Reuben is the CEO of Centerpark, a parking management company in New York.


You now know where Alina Habba was born and have a better understanding of her background and the factors that created her belief system. 

Alina is a well-known lawyer, mostly due to her tenure as the legal representative of former United States President Donald Trump.

She is a natural in legal affairs and has made numerous headlines with her advent support of her clients and some controversial statements and interactions with the courts. She has a successful law firm that has created a worth of about $3 million.

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