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The Hills of Dubai have been singled out for many reasons. For new entrants into the real estate terrain in Dubai, it is always surprising why the Hills Estate makes rounds and covers a lot of noise on social media than many other locations. For what it’s worth, the hills are beyond beauty. This article aims to espouse the many impressive features and why investors are running to buy properties in Dubai Hills. You can expect to learn what the perks are to living in this area and what to consider before making your final purchase.

7 Fascinating Things To Do In Dubai Hills

The Dubai Hills is also known as the green heart of Dubai; one of its most impressive features is the enveloping greens and the fields, which can make one breathless. According to Emirates.Estate, green lovers enjoy walking around the gardens and the natural landscape of the Dubai Hills.

The Dubai Hills Park

The Dubai Hills Park is the lengthiest Park in Dubai, made of soft green vegetation, trees on the sideways, and a beautiful design. This Park is famous for its fantastic landscape and golf potential and is suitable for any sport. You will see many other people lounging in the Park, some enjoying the subtle green grass whilst others play various kinds of games. 

Join the Dubai Golf Club

The number two thing to do in Dubai hills would be to join the Golf Club. Make no mistakes, you can have an excellent time watching players, or you may even throw your hat in the ring and do golf yourself. It is a great activity to engage in. With time, you will mingle enough to meet new people and may find other things that interest you.

See the Dubai Hills Mall

The second largest mall in the area, the Hills mall leaves only a few things to the imagination. You can get everything you desire to buy in this two million square feet large mall, from fashion to food items and even furniture. There are over six hundred and fifty stalls selling a variety of items up for grabs. There are also excellent places where a family can have a nice time in the Dubai Hills Malls, such as the indoor rollercoaster, Cinema, show centers, restaurants, etc. The mall is the second most significant in the area, and it is gladly not too far from the resident’s quarters.

The Dubai Hills Adventure Park

The number one spot for family hangouts in the Dubai hills is the adventure park. This was developed to provide succor for people who desire green park solutions with trees, slings and natural slides, and all kinds of fun games. It beats its many competitors by how natural it looks with wooden sit-outs, wall climbing, and similar competitions etc.

Eat out on the Plethora restaurants

The Dubai Hills restaurants have a handful of lovely places where families and individuals can have a good time and eat various delicacies. This restaurant is different from the others around the hills because of its first-class interior designs and impressive artistry. You can have a three-course meal here and the best time of your life.

See a Movie at Roxy Cinemas

A list is complete with the inclusion of the Roxy Cinema, bringing people all the blockbuster movies from Hollywood to Bollywood and cross-cultural movies. In 2022, you can watch Black Panther and some of the best movies of the season at the Roxy Cinema. There are also many food options for visitors ranging from popcorn to snacks and quick meals to keep the mouth busy at the Cinema. The Roxy cinema sits pretty inside the Hills malls and has several visitors daily. We suggest you arrive on time or purchase a ticket prior to the movie time if you want to secure a seat, especially during this festive or holiday season.

Visit Some of the sides close by side attractions

A high side to living in the Dubai Hills is that you can easily visit other areas in town. For example, it is only about fifteen minutes from the Dubai Mall, and you can access most of the Dubai Downtown with little to no stress. You could use the metro to access most of the essential corners in town from the Dubai hills, and housing in the area are well positioned and impressive.


This article has dealt with the many features of the Dubai Hills estate and why it is a hot-cake spot for investors in and out of Dubai. The Dubai Hills estate awaits any well-meaning developer who seeks to own property in the heart of Dubai and in an area that is well under demand, homely, and behoove of all of the wonders of the Island.

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John Taylor
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