Eight People Die From An Attack By Shooters In Nigeria

Eight people in northern Nigeria died, and more than 24 others were injured after being attacked while on a train by armed gangs. 

The train had more than 300 people on their journey to the “northern city of Kaduna” from Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city. 

Musa Bashir Usman, the head of corporate communications in Nigeria, was among the travelers caught up in the crossfires. The gang attacked on Monday. 

In his Facebook post, Samuel Erawan, “The Commissioner of Kaduna, States Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs,” described the incident as a “terror attack.” Muyiwa made the eye, “the governor’s special adviser” signed the statement. 

Usman, who survived the attack, told CNN that the shooters hit the train with double explosions and then shot the commuters who were trapped. 

After the explosion, travelers panicked, and because of this, some ended up being trapped, giving the shooters a better chance to shoot at them. 

“About 25 minutes to the journey’s end, there was the first blast. It was dark, and the electrical system of the train went off. All we could see were explosion lights (fireworks). 

The train was still moving, and within 30 seconds, a second explosion derailed the train. The next thing we heard were sporadic gunshots. Gunshots everywhere, through the windows,” Usman said.

According to Adekeye, he reported that the number of civilians injured was 26. However, the number of commuters abducted is unknown, but they fear that the number might be high. 

The mission to rescue the kidnapped travelers is ongoing and led by the security agencies and military personnel. According to reports, the attack marks the second time shooters have attacked a train. 

Chinelo Megafu, “a dental surgeon,” died from the attack on Monday after being shot. 




John Taylor
John Taylor
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