Is Ted Baker A Good Brand: Read Before You Buy A Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a popular fashion brand in Britain. But are they as good as they claim? Many brands claim they are the best. Whereas, the product displayed in their stores shows otherwise.   

Now, let’s focus more on Ted Baker to help you make a decision you’ll never regret. Ted Baker is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing lifestyle fashion brands on British soil. They also have a robust global recognition.  

However, this post is about understanding the brand more. Should I trust the quality of fashion accessories, clothes, shoes and other products they create and market? 

You can check out Ted Baker’s fashion accessories here to save time. But if you’re not in haste and interested to grab more information about the brand, continue reading. 

Is Ted Baker a good brand?

On Trustpilot, Ted Baker had a 4.3 rating from over 70,000 reviewers. Some of the reviewers expressed displeasure, but the rating indicates that many of them have nothing against Ted Baker but love.

Now, here’s what you need to know about Ted Baker. They are a good brand. Ted Baker is a reputable lifestyle fashion brand with global recognition. The brand strives to ensure anything that has the Ted Baker logo on is durable, stylish and top-quality.  

So if you’re interested in owning a Ted Baker, you have made a wise decision. Just ensure you pick the right size and design. 

Alright, let’s discuss more on Ted Baker. 

What Ted Baker Is

Ted Baker has a rich history. The high-street clothing brand began by producing men’s clothing but now has diversified into other products. 

Ted Baker is a top-rated lifestyle fashion brand headquartered in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Londer Ray Kelvin started the company in 1988. 

Londer claimed he had a passion for fashion but wasn’t interested in the spotlight. Unfortunately, you cannot operate in the fashion industry, make runway-worthy designers, and expect to stay off the radar. 

How many stores is Ted Baker operating currently? Here’s another question. 

Firstly, Ted Baker’s shares are publicly traded today. The company also operates 376 stores and concessions spread across the globe. 97 Ted Baker stores are in the UK alone, North America has 95, Australasia 9, while the Middle East, Asia, and Africa have 94 Ted Baker stores. 

In 2020, Ted Baker’s employees were 3,622, which would likely increase over time. The company seeks to spread its British-style clothing across the globe, and it has been effective in that regard. 

What Is Ted Baker Popular For?

Ted Baker is a highly-rated British lifestyle fashion company famous for producing clothing for men and women. Ted began the journey with men’s clothing, and soon after, women’s clothing and other products followed suit. 

Today, Ted’s women’s clothing line is gaining ground, carving out a niche in the industry. Ted Baker also sells branded accessories, gifts, fragrances, bedding, and homeware.

However, most people from the 80s recognize Ted Baker for its well-sewn shirts and suits. The ability to create styles out of this world and fitting regardless of body size sets the company apart. 

Ted’s women’s clothing line’s growth is also noteworthy. The company has improved its women’s wear to the point where they now compete with top brands like Versace and Christian Dior. 

What Are The Reasons Ted Baker Is A Good Brand? 

Ted Baker possesses traits that set the company apart. Even most top companies don’t come close. 

They creatively put together and market a wide range of fashion apparel. These include fashion accessories, sunglasses, watches, and fragrances for all genders. 

Alright, so what makes Ted Baker products good? Why are they a top-rated brand? Let’s dig deeper for a better understanding of this British street-clothing company. 

#1: Ted Baker uses quality materials:

Ted Baker’s apparels are of exceptional quality. They pay great attention to detail, resulting in well-shaped and sewn wears considered super durable. 

Now, high-quality material should translate to a higher price. Isn’t that so? Of course, that’s what many fashion brands do. They make high-quality clothes but put a high price tag on them. People have to break the bank to buy some of these clothes. 

Ted Baker isn’t one of such greedy fashion brands. They make high-quality and detailed clothes but price them reasonably. The company wants people on a budget to also experience luxury fashion without breaking the bank. 

Ted Baker’s ability to make good quality clothes for men and women without compromising quality is a big mystery. But we believe the company isn’t as greedy as many fashion brands out there, a reason their following keeps increasing. 

The company’s standardized quality management processes allow quality to remain consistent across suppliers. 

#2: Creative and sustainable packaging: 

Packaging is the first thing buyers see before any contact with the content. Yet, many fashion brands don’t pay much attention to it. 

Ted Baker has shown that packaging is almost as important as the product itself. And they want their customers to start smiling from the moment their orders get into their hands.

The company uses creative and captivating designs to make its packaging eye-catching. And that’s not all. Ted Baker has also stated its commitment to reduce environmental impact in everything they do. 

#3: Timeless designs:

Ted Baker has managed to stay relevant throughout its many decades in the industry, thanks to its ability to tweak its designs to meet current trends. 

The company’s clothing lines are trendy and timeless. Ted Baker’s ability to make modern wear and set the tone for how men and women should dress has earned them a much deserved praise in the fashion industry. 

#4: Adored by celebrities:

If you want to identify a luxury fashion brand, check out how celebrities are embracing their designs. 

From actresses to singers, many celebrities in London and other parts of the globe have been spotted wearing Ted Baker several times. Some of the names on the list are Katherine McNamara, Ariana Grande, Laura Marano, Cher Lloyd, and Dinah Jane Hansen.

Many of these celebrities have worn Ted Baker to awards ceremonies and even their music videos. Finding celebrities in these     

Laura Marano Wearing Ted Baker Flora Print Dress:

A photo posted by Laura Marano on Instagram

Laura couldn’t hide her love for this Ted Baker Flora Print Dress. She was super busy, snapping pictures for her over 9.9 million followers.

Laura Marana is pretty, but she appeared super gorgeous in the Floral Print Dress. The dress looks casual yet dashing. It would fit anyone regardless of body shape. 

See Current Price Of Ted Baker Floral Print Dresses

Katherine McNamara Wearing Ted Baker Edah Embellished Top And Butterfly Pant:   

A photo posted by Katharine McNamara on Instagram

Katherine McNamara looks like the complete package in this Ted Baker outfit. Her smile alone tells she’s feeling herself in Ted Baker’s Edah Embellished Collar top, butterfly pants, and the Nasty Gal Avenue d’Orsay pump. 

Ted Baker’s passion for producing a wide range of fashion accessories sets them apart. It also makes the search for the right outfit and combos a breeze for fashionistas. 

So, when you visit Ted Baker’s online store, you’ll find all the clothes and accessories you need to look sleek for that event or outing. 

Do you want to look gorgeous as Katherine McNamara? Ted Baker has the perfect outfit for your amazing body shape, budget and fashion appetite. 

See Current Price Of The Ted Baker Pumps For Women

Does Ted Baker Make Good Sneakers For Women?

Ted Baker is over three decades old. So they have plenty of experience up their sleeves. And don’t forget they have a reputation to protect. 

Now, let’s revisit the question; does Ted Baker produce good sneakers for women?

Yes, Ted Baker makes quality sneakers, which are reasonably priced. 

The Ted Baker Women’s Astrina Sneaker is among the kicks that show how far ahead Ted Baker is in the fashion industry. 

The sneaker boasts a 76% 5-star rating, an indication many are happy to make the Astrina Sneaker their choice. 

You can wear the Astrina Sneakers all day. Its cushioned footbed helps to provide the support and comfort necessary for extended use. 

You’ll likely get compliments for the lace on these sneakers because of their patterns. The lace also makes the sneaker a breeze to wear. 

Ted Baker crafted this top-rated women’s Astrina Sneaker with plenty of attention to comfort and style. Don’t forget that this sneaker comes in a wide range of colors. So you can find your color of choice or choose a color that matches your outfit. 

See Current Price of Ted Baker Women’s Astrina Sneaker

Are Ted Baker Wedge Sandals Good Quality?

Wedge sandals are far healthier for your feet. They help distribute the pressure throughout one’s foot.

Wedge sandals are great for summertime, but who says you can’t wear them throughout fall? Of course, you can!

Furthermore, khaki or linen shorts on wedge sandals can be your perfect summertime outfit. Any of these combinations will make you appear warm and timeless. You can even wear them all summer. 

Ted Baker makes wedge sandals. The question here is, are their wedge sandals good quality? What makes them special?

Well, first and foremost, Ted Baker makes great wedge sandals. Are you still in doubt? This Ted Baker Women’s Wedge Sandal might change your mind. 

You’ll discover that this sandal already has  a 79% 5-star rating. The rating indicates that a majority of the users are happy with their purchase and use of the sandal. 

So what makes this wedge sandal unique? 

Well, everything! You can see the soft, supple leather Ted Baker used in crafting the sandal. It comes finished with a cross-over strap design, making it comfortable on the feet. 

Stability and comfort are two things that set this shoe apart. You can walk around in this wedge sandal from dawn to dusk. 

The flattering and simple style also makes the sandal adorable.

See Current Price of The Ted Baker Women Wedge Sandal

Does Ted Baker Make Good Quality Men’s Shoes?

Style, comfort, and durability are three key things to consider when rating a shoe’s quality. Unfortunately, most brands of men’s shoes cannot offer all three. Some might be comfortable but lacking in style and durability. 

So, is the Ted Baker’s men’s shoes good quality? Are they comfortable, stylish, and durable?  

Well, we understand the company has a reputation for using quality materials. They strive to ensure that every product with the Ted Baker logo provides value to customers. 

The Ted Baker London Men’s Brogue Shoes show that Ted Baker men’s shoes are worth discussing. The company’s style statement with this kick is remarkable.

These London men’s shoes boast a 71% 5-star rating, which is impressive. The rating shows that many people already using it believe they made the right call. 

With a brogue pattern, these Ted Baker men’s shoes will bring you plenty of compliments. The shoes come stylishly crafted with premium leather, making them durable and instantly recognizable. So, expect these shoes to last from season to season. 

The signature contrast sole gives these shoes an elegant finishing touch. Burgundy leather upper, including hand-cut and hand-sewn detailing, indicates these shoes will look even better over time. 

Ted Baker London Men's Brogue Shoes

Final Note

So, is Ted Baker a good brand? The easiest way to find out is to use one of their products. Comments from real users may even contain enough information on Ted Baker’s products.

Ted Baker produces a range of fashion accessories. These include shoes, clothes, and even watches for men and women, including children. 

From experience, their designs are incredible. Ted Baker’s clothes are timeless. They can remain trendy year after year. Ted Baker’s willingness to offer quality luxury apparel at reasonable prices makes them unique. 

So, overall, Ted Baker is a good brand. 

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