50+ Funny Native American Names Perfect For Girls And Boys

Are you about to become a parent and considering giving your baby one of the funny Native American names? If yes, this post is for you. 

Finding the right name for a baby is time-consuming and tiring. You and your partner have to search through hundreds of names and agree on a specific one to give the baby. 

The good news is we have done the hard work for you. Now, all you need to do is go through the list and choose. You’ll find tons of funny but inspiring Native American names that are worthwhile. Keep reading to learn more!

Funny Native American Names For Boys And Girls 

This list includes stunning but funny Native American names for your little princes and princesses. 

You may consider them funny because of their pronunciation, but the Native Americans won’t see it this way. Instead, they consider them powerful and meaningful. Let’s check out the names of both genders. We will divide this list into names for boys and girls. 

Native American Names For A Prince (Boys)

1: Gomda:

The Native Americans pronounce it as “Gawm-DAH. The spelling can also change, depending on what you prefer. Some would prefer “Gomdah,” adding the letter “H” at the end of the name. Now, it appears balanced. Isn’t it?

2: Bemidji:

The meaning of Bemidji is a river by the lake. The fact that it spots an earthly meaning makes it a good name for your little prince. And what’s more, this name isn’t trendy out there. So it’s a cute name befitting a prince.

3: Ahanu: 

A merry heart is like medicine. Laughter knocks off sadness. The name Ahanu means “He laughs.” It’s a good name for a prince. Happiness and laughter won’t stop in your child’s life. 

4: Achak:

The meaning of the name Achak is “spirit.” Most religious parents may have reservations regarding this name. But if you aren’t superstitious, Achak is a good name for your little prince.

Another exciting thing about this name is that it’s not that popular. Thus, if you are seeking a less popular name for your little one, Achak is worth considering. 

 5: Ahiga:

The Native Americans were warriors and will remain warriors to the rest of us. They fought like gallant men and women. 

The name, Ahiga, means “He fights.” It’s a proper Native American name and originates from the Navajo language—your little prince will adore this name when he eventually grows up. 

6: Atohi:

Don’t you like the spelling “Atohi?” You can use “Atohe.” This name originates from the Native Cherokee, one of the finest Native American names. 

The name “Atohi” means woods. So it is tied to Mother Nature. Using this name for your baby goes a long way to show how much you appreciate nature. 

7: Ahote:

This Native American name is pronounced “ah-Ho-the. And it can be the perfect name for your little champion. 

Ahote means “restless one” and originates from the Hopi language. 

8: Adoerte:

This cute name, Adoerte, is a kiowa word used for trees. So it means “trees.” Naming your child “Adoerte” shows you love nature. Above all, it indicates the blossoming career your little prince would go on to have in life. 

9: Dakota:

The name “Dakota” is popular because it’s the name of a state in the United States. We have North Dakota and South Dakota. 

We have adopted the name and made it look like an English name. But the truth is, Dakota is a Native American name. In the Yankton-Yanktonai and Santee dialects, it means “friends” or “allies.”

Dakota is a unisex name and has a cute meaning. It’s an exciting name for a male child too. 

10: Élan:

Here is another famous Native American name. Like Dakota, Élan means “friendly.” Your little prince will appreciate this name when he grows up. 

11: Kele:

Kele is another funny but exciting name. It’s popular among Native Americans, including Africans. The name Kele means “Sparrow.”

12: Nashoba:

Nashoba is a cute name with its origin in Native America. It means “wolf.”

13: Hiawatha:

Do you remember the famous writer, “Hiawatha Bray?” You can see that prominent people worldwide also love Native American names. 

The name “Hiawatha means “He who creates the river” or “He who combs.” It’s a cute name for a male child. 

14: Goyathlay:

This name originates from the Apache. It was the name of the famous Apache leader too. 

The meaning of Goyathlay is “the one who yawns.” Now, this is a hilarious name. And by the way, yawning is a natural process.  

15: Cochise: 

This name originates from Native Americans and means “hardwood or Oak.”

 16: Achak: 

The name “Achak” sounds pretty. However, the meaning may force most religious parents to choose a different name. Achak means “spirit.”

17: Elsu:

Elsu is another pretty name for boys and means “Flying Falcon.” It’s an exciting name to give a child destined for greatness. Every child is destined for greatness and deserves a great name. 

18: Bisahalani:

This name means “speaker” and is suitable for a male child who wants to become a great speaker. 

However, most people may express reservations about this name, given that it is long and complex. If you’re in this category, you only need to abbreviate it to something more appealing. 

You can abbreviate it to Bisa, Bi, Lani, Halan, Saha, etc. There are plethoras of variations you can make out of this name. 

19: Chiqala:

Do you need a funny Native American name? Check this one out. It’s pronounced See-KAH-laa and means “little one.”

Parents enjoy treating their children like babies even though they are grown up. Naming your child Chiqala will bring back the feeling of when he was just a baby to you. 

20: Chesmu:

Chesmu is no doubt a funny Native American name. However, the meaning is just so refreshing. 

Chesmu refers to a “witty person.” And hey, who doesn’t want kids that are witty and intelligent? Every parent does. 

You can name your male child Chesmu. It’s such a pretty name, as you can see. 

21: Etu:

Do you like short names? This Native American name will make a good choice. The meaning is also refreshing, and it’s just three letters long. 

Etu means “sun.” It refers to the sunlight that illuminates the entire planet. 

Giving your child such an appealing name will make them confident and help them build a charming personality. The sun illuminates the earth, even after a rainy day. Your child will have confidence and radiate like the sun wherever he goes.  

22: Dyami:

How pretty can a name be? Dyami is just the perfect name to give your cute baby boy. It’s short, catchy, and has a powerful meaning.

Dyami means “eagle.” And as you know, the eagle is famous for its strength and stands out among other Aves. 

How does this translate to your son? Your son is going to stand out wherever he goes. He’s going to be the person his peers are looking up to. Dyami is such a cute name and perfect for an adorable prince. 

23: Fone

What comes to mind when you hear the name “Fone?” For me, it’s a phone – such a funny name. However, it’s spelled “Fone” and not “Phone.”

The meaning of Fone in Native American dialect is “Snow child.” It refers to a child whose heart and personality are as white as snow. It’s such a cute name to give a child. 

24: Helaku:  

The sun smiles at us, and its smile keeps the snowy or rainy-cold day warm, giving plants energy to make food. 

Your baby boy can be the sun in your life and the lives of others. He can take away people’s pains with a simple while. But that depends on you naming him “Helaku.” 

Yes, Helaku refers to “Sunny Day.” We all love sunny days.

25: Joweese:

This name is pronounced jou-EH-z, and it refers to the Chirping bird. It’s a rare but funny Native American name for male children. 

26: Iye:

If you like short, powerful, and mystical names, you’ll like “Iye.” Iye means “smoke.” And as you know, nothing can stop smoke from traveling. 

In the same vein, nothing can stop your son from shining. He’s a star, and nothing will stop him from shining. 

27: Kitchi: 

Being brave is one of the critical traits one must possess. When you’re brave, you can do the unthinkable and achieve the impossible.

A child named “Kitchi” will act according to his name. By the way, the meaning of the name “Kitchi” is being brave. So do you want a fearless child? Of course, every parent is eager to have such children

28: Pallaton:

Pallaton is a cute and funny name. When I first heard it, I thought about the term “palate.” Anyway, they both have diverse meanings.

Pallaton refers to a fighter or warrior. It refers to someone willing to do the impossible to save others. Your child could be that person. He could be the one that will child your family’s fortune. So Pallaton is an excellent Native American name. 

Native American Names For Princesses (Girls

Check out the cute and funny Native American names for girls/ females below. 

1: Dakota:

Dakota is a gender-neutral name. It means you can give it to boys and girls. 

It’s also an exciting name; you can vary it by adding letters to make it sound prettier. Examples include Dakotah, Dacotah, Dako, and Akota. 

2: Istas:

This Native American name is of Cheyenne origin. It means “snow.”

It’s a pretty name to name a girl child and worth considering.

3: Lulu:

Here’s another funny name, and don’t laugh when you learn about the meaning. Lulu means “Rabbit,” a funny yet cute name. 

4: Poloma:

This gorgeous name means “bow.” and it’s a cute name for a female child. I know of celebrities in Soap Operas that answer the name, Poloma. And she’s such a pretty lady. 

5: Nokomis:

Nokomis is quite a rare name, but the meaning is more calming. It means the moon’s daughter, just a cute name with an attractive meaning.     

6: Tala:

Tala means wolf and is a cute name for little princesses who wants to grow up into independent and lovable adults. 

7: Opa:

Firstly, I like this name because it is short and easy to remember. It’s a cute and funny name, but its meaning is even prettier. Opa means Moonfish.

8: Winona

Winona is another pretty name. It comes from Sioux Native Americans and means “First-born daughter.”

9: Aiyana:

Do you know the meaning of the name “Aiyana?” It’s a cute name with a special meaning. 

Aiyana means forever flowering. It’s the perfect name for a princess with a bright future.

10: Kiona:

Kiona means “brown hill.” It has cute pronunciation and spelling too. Kiona is almost similar to the name “Fiona” in spelling. The only difference is the K in the name “Kiona.”

11: Aponi:

Aponi means “butterfly,” and it’s a famous name. A singer is bearing this name. 

12: Dynai:

The name “Dynai” means “Deer.” It’s a female baby name and a cute one, for that matter.

13: Chenoa:

The meaning of Chenoa is “A place name.” It’s a cute name for females, and females do love it.

14: Moana:

Moana is a Native American name with a profound meaning. It means “deep sea,” and it will make a good name for a princess. 

15: Hialeah:

This name means “a pretty prairie on the hill,” and it’s adorable. It’s a female name that isn’t very difficult to remember. 


These are funny Native American names. They are cute names with powerful meanings. We made a list of boys and girls to help you make a good choice. 

Please choose the best name for your children. Pick a name you like from the list of options here. 

Choosing names for a newborn is tough. The joy in the parent’s stomach makes it even more demanding. You would want to give your child the best name so they will be happy growing up. 

So if you’re seeking powerful yet funny and impressive Native American names, choose here. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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