11 Small Towns In Texas You Should Visit Soon

Have you been to the small towns in Texas? I mean any of them. If yes, what can you say about them? Texas, A.K.A, “the Lone Star State,” has diverse small but great towns. It’s the second-largest state in the United States of America and boasts many things you can explore. 

In addition to the swamps, scrublands, and deserts, Texas boasts a rich history. There are also side attractions scattered across the small towns in TX. So the next time you visit Texas, create time to have the various small but incredible towns we’re about to reveal to you.    

Are you ready? If yes, keep reading!

1: Fredericksburg:

Located comfortably in the heart of Texas Hill County, Fredericksburg is famous for its wineries. The German immigrants founded this small town in 1846 and named it after the famous prince of Prussia, Frederick. 

The German heritage in this great town is on display in the Pioneer Museum. They include the settler’s artifacts and homestead. Furthermore, if you’re a beer lover, Fredericksburg is the right place to be. The Altdorf Biergarten comes to mind when considering beer makers in this town. This German-owned brewing company has been around for a while. 

Do you wish to learn more about this great town? If yes, head straight to Fredericksburg Historic District. Here, you can learn about the history and all you need to know about this town. 

Elevation: 1,693 ft (516 m)

Area: 23.96 km²

Population: 11,072 (2021)

2: Port Isabel: 

Are you eager to feel the warm sea breezes over your tender skin? Then, Port Isabel, Texas, is the ideal place for you. Located in Cameron County, Texas, Port Isabel has a population of 5,094 people as of 2021. 

Port Isabel is famous for many things, but the Lighthouse tops the chart. The Port Isabel Lighthouse is the only lighthouse in Texas available to the public, and it’s a great historic site to behold. 

If you enjoy driving, Port Isabel is a nice place to live. It is far from other places in Texas but peaceful and perfect for anyone planning to raise a family in such an environment. 

This town’s history dates back to the 1700s. The Mexican ranchers occupied a small village in the area, though the U.S. government later reclaimed it. 

Elevation: 2.13 m

Area: 35.74 km²

Population: 5,094 (2021)

3: Alpine: 

Nicknamed “The Eden of the West” by popular journalist Enoch Worlanyo, Alpine is a small but rich town in Texas. In addition to its scenic beauty, rich history, stunning geology, and dark skies, Alpine has a huge cultural heritage. And what’s more, the people here are warm and welcoming. They are eager to meet and engage visitors any time of the day. 

Alpine is a small town with a handful of people. But it boasts a vibrant nightlife and things many giant towns around the country are lacking. The stunning natural surroundings, vibrant art scene, and strong sense of community make Alpine a place to call home. 

Elevation:  1,364 m

Area: 12.43 km²

Population: 5,815 (2021)

4: Shiner:

Shiner is another small town with a humble beginning. It was named after Henry B. Shiner, who voluntarily donated 250 acres of land to construct a port and railway. Initially, this town only had a port, but started developing when a post office was established in 1885.    

This town played host to Czech and German immigrants, which today formed part of its cultural landscape. In addition to cultural impact, the immigrants made Shiner a beer hub. 

So if you’re a beer lover, Shiner is the perfect place to be. Let the Spoetz Brewery spoil you with their perfectly brewed beer. Spoetz has been the one brewing every single drop of beer in Shiner, Texas, and delivers 6 million cases of delicious beers to other states in America. 

The Spoetz Brewery is a reputable and oldest independent brewing company in Texas. It’s also the United States of America’s fourth-largest beer. 

Elevation:  109 m

Area: 6.41 km²

Population: 2,154 (2021)

5: Marble Falls:

Have you been to Lake Marble Falls, one of the Highland Lakes on the Colorado River? If the answer is no, this is the best time to move. This small town boasts a population of 7227 people but has the perfect environment for any lifestyle. 

Marble Falls is a good place to live if you want it quiet. But if you want a lively place with plenty of things to explore, Marble Falls has got you covered. Natural wonders, multiple state parks, and dozens of local wineries punctuate this town’s surroundings. 

Stop at Lakeside Park, Johnson Park, Villa Vista Park, Sports Park, and many other gorgeous parks in Marble Falls. Experience the rugged terrain and attractive lakes. You can engage in diverse watersports in this small town. You’ll find attractive lakes that will surely interest you in swimming or engaging in other water activities. 

This small town also has a rich history and was founded in the 19th century. However, the fact that it’s an adventure hub is what strikes the heart of many the most. 

Elevation:  251 m

Area: 39.26 km²

Population: 7,227 (2021)

6: Bandera:

Known as “The Cowboy Capital of the World,” Polish immigrants founded Bandera. It’s the county seat of Bandera County, Texas. 

Bandera truly lives up to its name, “The Cowboy Capital of the World.” It boasts many ranches and cowboys that have remained active over the years. This picturesque Hill Country town was once the historic cattle drives’ staging area in the 1800s. 

The name ‘Bandera” is a Spanish word that means flag. The town got the name “Bandera” following the red banner that once flew across the area to mark the boundary between Native Americans and the Spanish’s hunting ground.   

Bandera isn’t only small but one of the least populated towns on this list. The 2021 census shows it had only 839 people. 

Elevation: 379 m

Area: 3 km²

Population: 839 (2021)

7: Llano: 

Have you been to Llano? The gigantic historic building you’ll encounter in this small town will amaze you. In addition to the famous 1881 Southern Hotel, Llano features other historic buildings like Llano County Courthouse and the Badu Buildings. 

If you want to learn more about this town, the Llano County Museum is a place you should visit. Plus, you’ll have plenty to do and explore in this region.

Llano is famous for many things. Besides the historic buildings, Llano is called the “Deer Capital of Texas.” Why? This nickname says it all. Llano has the highest density of white-tailed deer in the nation, which is one reason hunters and tourists flock to the town year after year. 

People also visit Llano for other reasons besides deer hunting. These include birding, fishing, and hunting for rare gemstones and rocks.

Elevation: 313 m 

Area: 14.48 km²

Population: 3,347 (2021)

8: Terlingua:

Do you wish to live close to the Mexican border? If yes, Terlingua is a perfect match for you. This mining district is famous for its annual chili cook-off, and it was deemed the “Chili Capital of the World” in 1967. 

Terlingua’s population is massively small. It’s almost like a ghost town, as there are 110 people living here as of 2020. The reason Terlingua is classified as a ghost town is a popular story. 

Mercury mining, popular in the area, started declining throughout the 1930s. In addition, Chisos Mining Company, which employed the entire Terlingua people (both directly and indirectly), filed for bankruptcy in the 1940s. After the Second World War, things got worse for the company. In addition, people started leaving the area. 

So today, Terlingua has become a ghost town, as less than 150 people currently live there. You can even live in the former Perry Mansion, well furnished inside. 

This town’s proximity to Big Bend National Park makes it possible for visitors to have fun. Visit to experience the beauty and comfort of Mother Nature. 

Elevation: 881 m

Area: 28.49 km²

Population: 110 (2020)

8: Marfa:

There is a reason this small desert city, Marfa, is called an arts hub. However, credit must go to the minimalist artist Donald Judd for how he revived the town in the 1970s.

After renting summer houses for a couple of years, Donald Judd acquired two massive hangers and some smaller buildings, where he permanently installed his artwork.

This small town is popular for its excellent soaring condition and hosted the World Soaring Championship in 1970. However, a lot has changed today. Visitors can now soar through Davis Mountain via long-winged gliders with the Marfa Gliders. 

Elevation: 1,428 m

Area: 4.22 km²

Population: 1,750 (2021)

9: Rockport:

Ranked among the top retirement spots in the United States of America by America’s Best Places to Retire, Rockport is a dream for many. This gorgeous small town boasts plenty of recreational activities one can engage in and mild weather.

Rockport is ranked among the 100 Best Small Arts Towns of America. Plus, it’s also a relaxing town blessed with a gorgeous beach. 

Another reason to consider visiting Rockport is its seafood. You’ll find the seafood you need in this great town.

Elevation: 2.13 m

Area: 54.63 km²

Population: 10,436 (2021)

10: Granbury:

A visit to Granbury or time spent in this small town is always worthwhile. Why? Granbury has various cultural, historical, culinary, and enriching stops. The adventure never ends in this town, and is perfect for the whole family.  

Granbury boasts a vibrant nightlife. Live performances on iconic stages are organized in this small town year-round. Granbury is also famous for its festivals and diverse places to explore. 

Explore the late 19th century houses like the famous Daniel-Harris Home, including the Ashton House.

Elevation: 224 m

Area: 43.95 km²

Population: 11,424 (2021)

11: Johnson City

Johnson City is another wonderful small town in Texas to consider visiting. In addition to being a wine country, Johnson City offers plenty of fun-filled activities and places to explore. 

Make a stop at the Science Mill with the whole family so your kids can learn and be inspired. A visit to the White House is another activity to add to your list. This visit will bring back the memory of President Johnson and help you learn more about his personality. 

Experience the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site. Feed your eyes with Texas Longhorns and beautiful oak trees. Johnson City might be small, but it boasts the biggest personalities in Texas. 

There are many places to visit and things to do in this gorgeous small town. It’s one of the best places to have fun and experience what it means to be a Texan. 

If you love art, the monthly Art Walk organized in this city or the Sculpture Ranch would be an incredible place to go. 

Elevation: 365 m

Area: 4.688 km²

Population: 1,717 (2021)


So these are the incredible small towns in Texas. They are some of the greatest places in Texas and the whole of America. So the size doesn’t limit the capabilities of these great cities. They are still great places to live in Texas. 

You can spend your holiday in these small towns and enjoy every single minute spent. There are plenty of places and sites to see in these small but gorgeous towns. So if you’re seeking small towns to spend quality time in Texas, the options on this list are worth considering.   

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
Francis Stein is a writer and traveler who has already traveled most of the states of America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, and he hopes to continue traveling the world in search of adventure. Francis enjoys writing about his experiences as a way of sharing his love for exploration with others.


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