Is All Might American: The Symbol Of Peace

My hero academia is a popular Japanese superhero manga series. Its illustrations and writing were by Kohei Horikoshi. 

The story is about Izuku Midoriya, the boy who lives in a world that’s full of superpowers (quirks) but lacks them. 

However, he has dreams of becoming a superhero one day. All Might, the most incredible Japanese hero, scouts Izuku Midoriya and chooses him as his successor. 

All might then share his quirks with Izuku Midoriya and help him find unique heroes in high school for training. All Might is also known as Toshinori Yagi and is simply the former number one hero. 

Most hero academia fans wonder what All Might’s nationality is. It’s among the most controversial discussion in the hero academia comic. 

Fans believe that All Might is of American descent because of his costume, appearance, and move names. Therefore, this leads us to the question. 

Is All Might American?

No, All Might is not an American. He is a Japanese character with a lot of obsession with the American culture. As mentioned, his real name is Toshinori Yagi, Japanese. 

In the comic, typically, All Might presents himself as an American superhero. He did visit America for studies and loved the country. He got the inspiration for his features from the American culture. 

Why All Might Uses American States?

All Might uses the American state’s names before unleashing a smash to show homage and love. There are also some American aspects in the names of his moves. 

He uses large states’ names when unleashing maximum strength and small states’ unleashing little power. Plus, he embodies American looks. 

Why Do People Think All Might Is American?

Many features make All Might seem an American. His costumes are almost similar to those of American superheroes such as superman. 

The All Might costume has American flag colors. He also has the behavior and appearance of western superhero traits. It includes being loud, bold, masculine, tall, and having blond hair. 

All Might did study in the United States of America and developed an interest in the country. As mentioned before, he unleashes any smash; he uses the names of the American states to show homage and love. 

All Might did practice in America for five years; there’s possibly developed a way of controlling and managing his strengths while in America. 

All Might Appearance

Toshinori appears so masculine and extremely tall while in his hero form. His design is similar to an American superhero in a comic book. 

He has unique hair that spikes his head top, plus his body has a bigger shadow than all other characters. 

Toshinori’s hero costume has American colors: blue, white, red, and additional golden boots and gloves. 

The design is similar to what most American superheroes have but quite classic. However, All Might is so skinny in true form with angular features such as a long neck, limbs, etc.


All might have different personalities. The first one is while in muscle form, Toshinori has all the personalities of an American superhero: kind-hearted, charismatic, selfless, and courageous.

He protects other people’s lives and is also a symbol of peace. He possesses a hearty laugh and eases people with his signature smile. 

In his proper form, he is quite different; here, he is more severe and focused. However, he can still show a fantastic smile and concern other people. 

After the fight with all for one, Toshinori becomes weak and chooses retirement. He the dedicated to training Izuku and entrusts him with all necessary information about one for all users and their powers. 

Is All Night Symbolic To US?

The anime has many lovers, reviewers, and critics. Most believe that all might address the US. They believe that All Might’s rise and fall is symbolic and relates to the trend of Western anime. 

The fall of all Might shows symbolizes the fall of American anime production. In the hero academia, the stories of All Might begin with him being worn out and old. 

He wears out because of many years of ailing and fighting. Bad health and old age make it difficult for him to match the villains. Despite all these, he doesn’t want to retire. 

The manga portrays him as a lone superhero. It’s because he chooses to handle things alone. Indeed this projects the Japanese stereotype of American people. 

In real life, Japanese people see Americans as lone-wolf individuals. According to them, Americans say or do want they want. 

In Japan, people do collaborate to attain that ultimate goal. Even in the anime, the Japanese superheroes collaborate and use their strength to push for a win. 

The anime also says that Americans create and consume a lot of content; however, the workforce used is cheap labor outside (overseas). 

The inability of All Might to maintain his superheroism in the anime shows the death of the American comic book industry. 

All Might’s Story


All might be born in an era where almost everyone had superpowers. Unluckily he was born with no superpowers. There was all for one in his childhood years who was the prime power state. 

There was nobody that tried opposing him. All Might wanted to build or create a peaceful world with all these happenings. 

However, there is no way he could achieve this without power. He was lucky to encounter Nana Shimura, a superhero, in his teenage age. 

In their interactions, All Might spoke about his dream of becoming the symbol of peace to the people. 

Nana was amazed by this idea, and she did pass her power to All Might before turning 16. Therefore All Might became the 8th wielder of these powers. 

First Fight with All for One 

Immediately after getting the powers from Nana, All Might was able to use the powers. All Might had a fight with all for one before graduating. 

However, all for one was stronger and overpowered Nana Shimura, Gran Torino, and All Might. Nana Shimura did sacrifice her life so that All Might could live. 

She did believe that all might be the only hope when it comes to defeating the famous all for one. 

All Might Experience In America

All Might had the burden and desire to avenge Nana Shimura’s death. However, he couldn’t do it because he lacked the right strengths and skills to harness his powers. 

Another hero, Gran Torino, did send All Might to America for studies and training. The American training and studies were the only way to make All Might strong enough to face and defeat all for one. 

While preparing to leave Japan, All Might changed his style, including hair and smile. He took the trademark smile of his master. 

All might do begin his heroic or superhero duties while in America. He did save a group of American scientists from an explosion. 

The reward from the scientists was designing him a costume. All Might and the scientists became close friends and did act as California’s hero team. 

While staying in America, all might develop names for all his moves. Later on, he returned to Japan, fought, and defeated all for one. All Might now become the symbol of peace for his people. 

Fall Of All Might

The peak of All Might’s career was during the battle with all for one. However, the two did end with serious, life-changing injuries. 

The fight damages All Might’s respiratory system; he also loses his stomach. All these limited All Might’s operation; he couldn’t operate and his peak power. 

Regardless it’s all Might that came better off from the fight. Night eye, also with powers, predicted the fall of All Might, but he was adamant. 

After five years, all might start witnessing night’s eye’s prophecy. All might do decide on enlisting UA as a teacher. The primary role of UA was to identify and mentor all might successors.  

Who Was The Mentor Of All Might?

All might have two mentors, Gran Torino and Nana Shimura, who did it partly. Nana Shimura, the 7th wielder of the powers, passed it all night. 

As mentioned, Nana Shimura died attempting to fight all for one, she collaborated with All Might and Gran Torino, but all for one was quite powerful. 

The death of Nana Shimura was a sacrifice to ensure all might live. Her last words instructed all Might to finish the fight by defeating all for one after proper studies and training. 

After the death of Nana Shimura, Gran Torino was the only person that could mentor all Might. Gran Torino sent all Might to study and train in America, to get the right skills to defeat all for one.


The real name of All Might is Toshinori Yagi, and it is the Japanese highest-ranking hero. All Might is simply the symbol of justice and hope. 

In the anime, his presence brings fear to the villain’s heart across the world, and none can dare challenge him. 

The rest of the world doesn’t know that all Might was born quirk less, and the power he holds came from a superhero, Nana Shimura.

John Taylor
John Taylor
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