Is Basketball A Good Way To Lose Weight (Tips To Lose Weight Playing Basketball)

Like many sports, playing basketball offers numerous health benefits. But the question is can it help you lose weight? 

Basketball is a fun, mentally stimulating, but physically demanding game. Two teams of five players each play the game. 

Physical activities can stimulate weight loss, though some put more demand on the body to lose weight. 

So, if you’re looking for a physical activity that can help you get back to shape, is it wise to put basketball on the list? 

Is basketball a good way to lose weight?

Yes, playing basketball can help you lose weight. You can burn a lot of calories while playing basketball. 

Basketball is beneficial for weight loss, whether playing alone (shooting hoops) or playing in a group. But you may likely burn more calories playing in a group. 

The challenge of trying to win back the ball, out-run opponents, and jump would almost double the calorie burn. Harvard Medical School also claims that an individual weighing 185-pound can lose 336 calories playing basketball for 30 minutes. 

So, if you’re interested in losing weight, get a properly inflated ball, gather a group of friends, and hit the court.

However, basketball alone won’t offer you miraculous weight loss results. A combination of the Green Coffee Bean Max, a regular trip to the basketball court, and proper diets can. They’ll help you achieve positive results in your weight loss journey. 

By the way, this coffee bean boasts 50% chlorogenic acid from GCA, which according to reports, can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, boost fat metabolism, and improve obesity-related hormones. It can help your body to lose weight naturally. 

Continue reading for more details on basketball for weight loss. 

Factors That Determine How Much Weight You Can Shed By Playing Basketball  

You can burn tons of calories when you start playing basketball. Furthermore, you don’t need to possess any skill in basketball or play like a professional to reap the weight loss benefits the sport offers. 

Just kit up, grab a properly inflated ball, and hit the court with a group of friends. Keep in mind that playing in a group can help you burn more calories.  

Here are factors that determine how much weight you can shed playing basketball. 

#1: Duration of the game: 

How long did you play basketball? Or how long did you plan to play basketball? Keep in mind that the more time you spend playing, the more calories you may burn. 

You don’t expect someone that played basketball for 30 minutes to burn the same calories as someone that played for 1 hour. 

If that occurs, then it will only be because the individual that played for an hour showed low intensity. Other factors could also play a key role in this. 

#2: The level of intensity: 

Basketball is an excellent sport for people that want to lose weight and have fun at the same time or do something they enjoy doing. 

But don’t get it wrong. You can’t lose weight by dressing like Michael Jordan and showing up on a basketball court. You have to put more effort before you can achieve tangible results.

In other words, you can’t lose weight by standing or sitting around a basketball court. You also won’t burn many calories by simply passing the ball around. 

Get involved in the action. Try to win back the ball, make tackles, attempt to shoot, and move around like other teammates. 

But then, just because you’re eager to lose weight and want to burn enough calories doesn’t mean you have to push your body too hard. 

If your heart starts racing too fast, try catching your breath while the game is on. You can also quit the game and rest. Remember that you can’t burn all the calories in one day. It will happen gradually. 

You have to run long distances up and down the basketball court. Chase opponents with the ball and try your possible best to win it back. Cover long distances, jump, pass the ball around and take shots. That’s how you can lose weight playing basketball. 

#3: Weight:  

Weight determines how many calories you’ll burn when playing basketball. According to Harvard Medical School, someone weighing 155-pound can burn 288 calories playing basketball for 30 minutes. 

However, an individual that boasts higher body weight will eventually expend more energy. Thus, someone weighing 185-pound can burn 336 calories playing basketball for 30 minutes. 

#4: Playing full or half-court: 

Are you planning to play full-court or half-court? Well, full-court will be more beneficial for your weight loss journey. Why? You’ll be covering more distances. 

In full-court, you have to run from basket to basket. It can be tiring but most rewarding compared to moving back and forth between the half-court line and basket. 

So, if you want to lose weight playing basketball, get ready to cover more distance when you hit the court. Endeavor to have some face-off with opponents and participate fully in the game. 

You can also boost your chances of shedding more weight by combining physical activities (Perhaps, playing basketball), a proper diet, and the Green Coffee Bean Max

This coffee bean boasts natural ingredients and is effective for weight loss. It will cause your body to lose weight naturally. 

How Can You Lose Weight Playing Basketball Alone?

Basketball is a group game. It consists of two teams, with each team comprising five players. 

Your chance of burning more calories will increase when playing against a group of people. The face-offs you have with opponents help.

Now, can you lose weight playing basketball alone? Yes, you can. Your intensity and movements will play a huge role.

If you’re playing alone, shoot the hoop, and run towards the ball as if your opponents are chasing you to retrieve it. Cover long distances, shoot the hoop and move from basket to basket. 

Use the full-court. Run from one end to another to take your shots. You can also practice basketball skills to improve your game. 

But please rest if you feel tired, sore, or breathing fast. Do not overwork your body. After resting, you can decide if you want to continue playing or return home.

Tips For Beginners Playing Basketball For Weight Loss

You can lose weight playing basketball. But prepare your mind to jump, sprint, change direction, and make steady contact with people. 

All these activities are beneficial for people seeking to lose weight, but they come with a price. You might end up sore, dehydrated, tired, or probably, sustained a minor injury. 

So, if you’re playing basketball for the first time or resuming after a long spell, consider the following tips. 

#1: Learn to conserve energy:  

You have to pace yourself when playing basketball. Even professional basketball players do. 

Do not run up and down the court nonstop. You may get tired before spending 20 minutes on the court. You can take some rest while the game is on, probably while waiting for your teammates to pass the ball.

 #2: Consume plenty of water: 

Basketball is a highly demanding sport. You’ll undoubtedly be dehydrated by the time you finish playing or halfway into the game. So, drink plenty of water during and after games. Don’t consume any sports drink, as it won’t help your weight loss journey. 

You need to consume plenty of water to stay hydrated. It will also help you to overcome overheating and cramping. 

#3: Stretch before games: 

You’ll use several muscle groups when playing basketball. So, you must stretch your body before stepping onto the court to play.

It doesn’t matter if you were a pro or beginner. Stretching before playing basketball will help lower your risk of injury and increase flexibility. 


Is basketball a good way to lose weight? Yes, it is. Combining this physical activity with a proper diet and the Green Coffee Bean Max will cause you to shed more weight. 

However, basketball is a highly demanding contact sport. So you have to prepare your body and mind. Endeavor to stretch before you step into the court. And when playing, remember to conserve energy.

Furthermore, remember that you won’t lose much weight by spending a few minutes shooting hoops. You have to sprint, jump and have face-offs with opponents. That way, your body can burn more calories. 


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