Is Fort Myers A Good Place To Live? Factors To Consider

People also call this place “The City of Palms.” Fort Myers is a fast-growing community near Caloosahatchee River, southwestern Florida. It’s also known as Florida’s gateway and a significant tourist attraction. 

People love it for the beautiful scenic views, beaches, fantastic fishing, etc. The city establishment was after the 1886 American civil war. 

It quickly became a trading post and then developed a great neighborhood for people to live in. In recent years Fort Myers has been in the headlines as one of the best cities to live in America. 

Many people who aspire to live in Fort Myer usually wonder what makes the place lovely. The article has all the information about fort Myer, but let’s start by answering the question. 

Is Fort Myers a Good Place to Live?

Yes, Fort Myer is among the best cities to live in Florida State. It has a low crime rate, and the living cost is affordable. 

The city is also famous for its local amenities, beaches, and fishing. Today it has an estimated population of 87,000 people. Many people would love to call the warm and humid city home. 

In fort Myer, you’ll enjoy your days out in the sun at a community event or local park. Plus, it has a flourishing job market, an excellent public school system, and many more. 

Living in Fort Myer will indeed expose you to an abundance of opportunities. 

All about Fort Myers City

Fort Myers is a rich history and a fantastic place to live. It has shell-covered beaches and beautiful natural scenery, the city, is also family-friendly and safe. 

It would be best if you considered several pros and cons before relocating to Florida’s growing city. From research and consultation of the locals, some things make Fort Myers a good place.

Job Market

The cities job market is steadily rising. According to reports, various industries such as information technology, financial service, and manufacturing will grow over ten years. 

There are various excellent jobs in different sectors such as education, healthcare, tourism, etc. The largest healthcare in Fort Myer is Lee Health, and it is also the biggest employer in southern Florida. 

In the education sector, the biggest employers are Florida Gulf Coast University, Alico, Publix, etc. The House of Wu and Chicos FAS have their headquarters here if you love the fashion industry. 

Fort Myer has among the best employment outlooks, and therefore there are higher chances of finding jobs here.


Education in Fort Myers is quite remarkable. There are various highly regarded public schools in this place and are ideal for families with school-going children. 

There are also higher education opportunities; it’s an excellent place for you to seek higher education. 

There are many great higher research institutions you can choose from. The best options are the Florida Gulf Coast University, which has several undergraduate programs (more than 63). 

Students have access to the university’s private beach on campus. 


Fort Myers is simply a coastal city; therefore, seafood is quite common in their restaurants. The place is also home to many tourists. 

Therefore it serves several flavors and must serve plates with international influence. The most popular dish in Fort Myers restaurants is the pink shrimp. Many restaurants serve the dish lightly fried and battered. 

Plus, there’s tang and sweet key lime pie, oysters, Cuban sandwiches. You will surely enjoy different meal types in this place. If you are a lover, there are several romantic places. 

For example, there’s the Veranda Restaurant; the place is unique and offers a first-class dining experience. Many other excellent restaurants include the ford garage, Fancy southern café, Bimini bait shack, etc. 

Local Festivals 

Fort Myers has got you covered if you love relaxed and fun festivals. The city hosts various events annually, and you can attend them with your family or lover. 

Art lovers have the art fest and river district art walk that usually features over 200 artists in exhibits and galleries. 

The river district farmers market takes place every Thursday; you can purchase your favorite seafood and local produce. Another highly anticipated and exciting event is the Southwest Florida and Lee county fair. 

Here you will enjoy intense entertainment, carnival rides, and many more. There is also an event for filmmakers known as Fort Myers Film Festival. It highlights the local short films and also celebrates local filmmakers. 

Living Cost 

Fort Myers living cost makes it a great place to live. The living cost is affordable at 6% on average lower than other states and 4% lower than the whole nation. 

Therefore Fort Myers is the best place for families, young professionals, and retirees. It’s also among the fastest-growing cities in America, and the growth has happened rapidly in recent years. 

However, the rapid growth has led to an increase in house prices. Amazingly the prices are still low according to the national average.

In addition to low living costs, several shops, restaurants, schools, job opportunities, etc., attract people to this place.


Fort Meyers is a fantastic place for golf lovers. There are more than 42 private and public golf courses. 

The place is a golf paradise and ideal for golfers of any level. The availability of many golf courses makes it an ideal place for retirees. 

Some of the famous golf courses are plantation golf and country club etc.

The Best Neighborhoods In Fort Myers 

Before you decide to relocate to this city, you need to check out its different neighborhoods and find the one that works best for you. 

Many coastal cottages, luxury homes, country clubs, and gated communities. Overall there are neighborhoods and property types for all styles. 

Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Fort Myers.

Fort Myers Beach 

It faces the Gulf of Mexico and stretches about seven miles. You can visit the place to spend the day in the sun and experience the best sunsets. It’s a nice place to live, but life here is costly. 

Residents of Fort Myers beach get the urban beach feel. Today the place has approximately 7,000 people and is primarily retirees and young professionals. 

There are also several parks and restaurants, and the public school system is sound. Fort Myers beach is usually busy during the spring break and holidays.

Captiva and Sanibel Island 

It’s the ideal place for those that want the island type of life. You can only access the islands using the three-mile causeway. By living in Captiva and Sanibel islands, you will have a never-ending beach experience. 

The size of the land is less than three miles, and you can drive from one Sanibel end to the other. Captiva land is five miles long and connects with Sanibel through a bridge. 

Sanibel is larger than Captiva and has more action, while Captiva is relaxed and quiet. People love both beaches; Captiva has more private beach properties and fine white sand. On the other hand, Sanibel is famous for its public beaches and shelling. 

Sanibel is suitable for those seeking a lively community with on-island schools, restaurants, community centers, etc. 

For those that love a quiet and more life, then you should settle in Captiva. The island buildings have adorning colors, plus there are many luxurious private properties.


The city is one of the best places to live in Fort Myers. Today it has more than 14,000 people. 

At Lona, you’ll get both a suburban and urban feel. The distance between Lona, Captiva, and Sanibel islands is short. 

Therefore you’ll have access to different outdoor natural areas such as beautiful beaches.  

Lona is centralized with good dining and shopping areas that offer convenience and a low crime rate. Lona has many high-end gated communities plus great country clubs like gulf harbor etc.

Cypress Lake 

The place has 12,000 people and is the home of many retirees. Generally, Cypress Lake is a low-key and quiet place, and its good beaches attract tourists. 

The local government maintains Cypress Lake well and has several sceneries. Families and professionals love the place because of the steady job growth and an unemployment rate of 3.4%. 

It also has several great public schools and grand apartments for single families plus gated communities.


The place is near downtown Fort Myers and has about 7,000 people. It also borders Caloosahatchee River, Cypress Lake, whiskey Greek, etc. 

McGregor has a beautiful neighborhood near restaurants downtown, shops, and historical sites. McGregor is near Cape Coral, so you can always access the city. 


Overall, Fort Meyer is a beautiful place and full of adventure plus excellent restaurants with great dishes. It’s one of the best places to live in Florida. It is affordable and safe. 

The article has all the vital information about Fort Meyers and should help you make the right decision. 

Besides restaurants and safety, the place has excellent public schools, beaches, and communities. Plus, it’s ideal for people of all ages, such as retirees, young families, and young employees. 

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