Is Texas Roadhouse Open on New Year’s Day?- Operating Schedule

Texas Roadhouse is a unique steakhouse with several chains in the United States. The restaurant chain serves delicious southern-style meals. 

The restaurant chain offers free peanuts to its customers at each table. Customers also get cinnamon butter and bread.

The chain is fairly new compared to other long-established restaurants. Operations began in 1993. Texas Roadhouse has enjoyed success due to its delicious food, hospitality, and loyal patrons.

Holiday schedules differ between many fast-food franchises in the United States. Before we get further, let us answer the question:

Is Texas Roadhouse Open on New Year’s Day?

Texas Roadhouse is Open on New Year’s Day. You can enjoy sizzling steaks and other items on the menu because the restaurants stay open on January 1st

Depending on your location, you can get your meals from 3 am to 10 pm or from 4 am to 11 pm. Texas Roadhouse stays open during most holidays with slight variations in operating hours.

Texas Roadhouse Menu

Few restaurant chains offer as much variety and options as Texas Roadhouse. The chain has a sizable range of items on the menu. There are options for anyone, including vegans and people with allergies.

All customers get a free peanut basket as part of the restaurant’s traditions. These are roasted peanuts for customers to enjoy before they order and wait on their food. You also get bread straight from the oven, accompanied by the side of cinnamon butter.

The starters or appetizers menu offers decent variety. Depending on your preferences, you can get baked potato soup in either a bowl or a cup. The soup contains milk, soy, wheat, and potatoes.

The restaurant has boneless buffalo wings. You have a decent variety of sauces to choose from. You can opt for mild, spicy, or tangy options. The wings come with a side of bleu cheese or ranch dressing.

Enjoy unique menu items exclusive to Texas Roadhouse, such as the Cactus Blossom. It is a meal that contains fish, eggs, milk, wheat, and soy. 

You also have an assortment of sauces to choose from, including Cajun horseradish and ranch dressing.

Like many restaurants, you get more traditional foods like cheese fries. The difference is the unlimited combo options that Texas Roadhouse offers. 

You can get custom combos like the steak fries option. There are two serving portions; regular and small fries.

Some stores serve exclusive items like the firecracker shrimp. Texas Roadhouse has a unique recipe for the shrimp that keeps customers coming back for more. Note that you can only get shrimp in select restaurants.

Another exclusive item on the appetizer’s menu is the twisted mozzarella. There is always something for you if you love spicy food. You can have the chili with or without beans. 

The steakhouse serves healthy options, too, with a good assortment of salads. You can get the Caesar salad with any topping and dressing option. The salad produce is freshly sourced.

There are three chicken salad options: grilled chicken, creaser, and grilled critter chicken. For salmon salads, you have grilled and salmon Caesar salad. You can get grilled shrimp salad and Caesar shrimp salad in select stores.

Texas Roadhouse is best known for its great stakes. There are so many excellent stake options. They include:

Bone-in ribeye. You get a variety of smoothers, including bleu cheese crumbles, mushrooms, shrimp, smoother gravy, etc.

Dallas filet comes in two sizes, the 6 and 8 oz. options. The dressing options include low-fat ranch, oil, vinegar, Ceaser salad, bleu cheese, etc.

Fillet Medallions cooked with a healthy dose of milk and soy. You also get a side helping of whole-grained seasoned rice. The source options are diverse.

There are three serving sizes of ribeye, the 12, 14, and 16 oz options. Smoother options include but are not limited to Monterey jack cheese, smooth brown gravy, etc.

Prime rib has three serving sizes, the 12, 14, and 16 oz options. You can have several sides, including green beans, house salads, and green beans.

USDA Choice Sirloins are a tasty option. They come in several serving sizes. Some of the salad options are the honey-lime source and Italian dressing.

Texas Roadhouse is a family-oriented restaurant with an excellent children’s menu. Some items on the kid’s menu are:

All-beef hotdog with either cheddar cheese or Texas Red Chili topping.

The mini-cheeseburgers are ideal for kids or adults looking for a small meal.

The kid’s grilled chicken has many side options. They include steak fries, green beans, applesauce, mashed potatoes, etc.

Texas roadhouse serves mac and cheese as a kid’s item. The salad dressing options include the thousand island, ranch, and bleu cheese.

For the chicken lovers, Texas roadhouse has you covered. The options include grilled BBQ, country fried chicken, and herb-crusted chicken.

The dessert menu is truly incredible. The desserts are unique recipes created by Texas roadhouse. They include:

Big Ol’ Brownie is a Hershey’s syrup mix with vanilla ice cream.

The strawberry cheesecake is a delicious and filling dessert option.

Granny’s apple classic is a caramel apple dipped in vanilla ice cream for a tasty and unforgettable snack.

In some restaurants, you can get bread pudding. It is a finger-licking dessert containing bread pudding, honey cinnamon caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream.

What Beverage Options Does Texas Roadhouse Have?

Texas Roadhouse has some great beverage options. They serve an assortment of beverages for both adults and children.

The restaurant serves iced teas in several flavors. Some popular flavors are peach, raspberry, and original sweet tea.

You can get freshly squeezed lemonade at Texas Roadhouse. The wild strawberry lemonade is a tasty option. Others include blue crush and red strawberry lemonade.

Texas Roadhouse serves eight margarita flavors. These flavors include hurricane margarita, Jamaican cowboy margarita, mango margarita, sangria, etc.

The wine options are blush red and white wine.

You will get the most popular soft drinks at the restaurant, including diet coke, Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, Sprite, etc.

Other non-alcoholic beverages are coffee, orange and apple juice, and milk.

Why Is Texas Roadhouse So Popular?

Texas Roadhouse is one of the top-rated restaurants in the United States. It has loyal patrons and keeps attracting new customers each day.

The restaurant is family-friendly. They have excellent options for adults and kids. The kid’s menu has many great meals and drinks options.

It makes the chain the perfect place to have a family meal. You are guaranteed a great time with your loved ones over tasty food at a cozy restaurant.

One criticism of many restaurants is that they have limited food options. The other is that they specialize in one type of food while providing substandard meals on the side.

It is not the case with Texas Roadhouse. The chain has a decent variety of excellent meals. They have arguably the best range of food for chain restaurants.

Texas Roadhouse caters to people with varying tastes and preferences. It makes them a popular restaurant because they can attract many customer segments. The chain has great vegan and vegetarian options.

They also have food for people with allergies and other conditions. Their ability to accommodate everyone makes it a great restaurant.

Texas Roadhouse has some of the best hospitality you will ever get at a restaurant. The waitstaff us polite and friendly.

You are treated to free food just by walking through the restaurant. You get a bag of peanuts and freshly baked bread. It is truly a homely and warm experience that will have you returning for more.

The chain serves original custom desserts and meals that you will not get at any other restaurant. They are creative and product preparation seriously. It has made them a popular chain for exclusive food items. Some of their wonderful custom products are:

  • Big Ol’ Brownie is a Hershey’s syrup mix with vanilla ice cream.
  • The strawberry cheesecake is a delicious and filling dessert option.
  • Granny’s apple classic is a caramel apple dipped in vanilla ice cream.

Texas Roadhouse has some competitive food prices. Regardless of your budget, you can always get a filling meal. There are some lovely and feeling budget options.

The décor at Texas Roadhouse is lovely. It encapsulates a warm and homely environment. It isn’t as industrial and boring as you get with most mainstream restaurants.


Is Texas Roadhouse open on New Year’s Day? On New Year’s Day, Texas Roadhouse is open. Because restaurants are open on January 1st, you may savor sizzling steaks and other menu items.

Meals are available from 3 am to 10 pm, or 4 am to 11 pm, depending on your location. Texas Roadhouse remains open during most holidays with minor adjustments in working hours.

The restaurant establishment is well-known for providing complimentary peanuts to diners at every table. Customers will also receive cinnamon butter and toast.

In comparison to other long-established eateries, the chain is relatively fresh. The company commenced operations in 1993. Texas Roadhouse’s success may be attributed to its wonderful meals, friendliness, and devoted customers.

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