Is AutoZone Open on Memorial Day?- AutoZone’s Schedule

AutoZone is one of the leading players in the global car aftermarket scene. The company operates in nearly all countries globally, but its headquarters are in the United States. 

The firm offers various services ranging from selling spare parts to loaning tools to their customers. AutoZone is a diverse company with many clients from different market segments.

Many businesses have varying policies regarding operating on Memorial Day. Some stores reduce their operating hours, while some stay closed. The business approach is different but,

Is AutoZone Open on Memorial Day?

AutoZone is open on Memorial Day and stays in business through regular hours. You can, therefore, access the full AutoZone services on the day. Many people get time off work on Memorial Day.

Businesses like AutoZone gets a peak in client numbers on holidays and weekends. You can access AutoZone services between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Memorial Day.

What Services Does AutoZone Offer?

AutoZone is a trusted car part, accessories, and repair advice supplier. It is the largest aftermarket car parts and accessories retailer in the United States. 

It has over 6400 stores across the United States, US Virgin Islands, Mexico, Brazil, and Puerto Rico.

Services Offered By AutoZone

Buy Online, Pick up in Store

AutoZone enables you to get parts when and where you need them. AutoZone has eased buying by offering fast store pickup. AutoZone allows a customer to pick up orders made online on the same day.

A customer uses the store locator to select a nearby store and order the accessories and parts when they want. 

Upon confirmation, pick up parts with curbside delivery with your car. You can walk into the store and pick up the order by providing a confirmation email and photo id. 

In-Store Services

Driving into an AutoZone store lets, you enjoy their free diagnostics and troubleshooting. Their battery solutions allow you to check a battery before buying. They allow you to take a dead battery for revival.

You also get free testing of your battery, starter, or other parts in the store. The stores also have the free Fix Finder Service. 

It checks your engine and gives a report, all for free. In addition to this, you get free and trustworthy advice on the best car parts.

Loan a Tool

AutoZone allows you to borrow the tool you need. They are tools from different car specialty tools through the loan a tool program. Walk into an AutoZone store and let the staff advise you on the right tool for your job.

You pay a deposit on the tool. You can use it and get a full refund of your money once you return the tool to the store. You can keep the tool for as long as you like.

Repair Help

AutoZone maintains a blog with helpful articles. The articles help you diagnose a problem or get you started or finish a repair job. 

They also make how-to videos on select perform jobs, parts, and important car system functions. AutoZone also offers free testing and quick fix services at their stores.

Mobile App

Taking care of your vehicle is easier by downloading the AutoZone app. The App allows you to order the right accessories and parts for your vehicle. 

It works with just a few taps. The App tracks your service and browses repair help, among other services.

Get convenient home delivery for the parts you want or store pickup. Track your rewards balance and information on your local store straight from your phone.

Find a Repair Shop

AutoZone helps you with jobs that need a professional mechanic. It provides a qualified and trustworthy professional near you through its Shop Referral Program.

AutoZone rewards

Signing up for membership in the AutoZone Rewards program helps customers earn a credit. For everything you buy above $20, you get a $20 reward. The rewards start when you reach five credits.

Members of the AutoZone rewards can also freely download model/make specific repair guides. Do it by visiting the “My Vehicle” page upon adding their vehicle. 

Why Is AutoZone So Popular

AutoZone is the biggest car parts and accessories retailer in the United States. People trust AutoZone for the best car parts and repair advice.

AutoZone avails parts when you need them. AutoZone has over 6400 stores spread across the United States, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. There is an AutoZone store close to almost everybody.

AutoZone also provides fast pickup on some items. They also have next-day delivery on most parts and accessories.

You can always trust AutoZone’s advice. AutoZone provides customers free and trustworthy advice on parts, accessories, and models. There are professionals at AutoZone outlets who provide professional tips for your car’s needs.

Their deliveries are really fast. AutoZone offers free next-day deliveries in most markets on all orders above $35. It is quite affordable to customers in these markets.

The firm rewards loyal customers. The AutoZone Rewards program enables members to collect credit for every purchase above $20. 

AutoZone Reward members also have free downloads. When members reach five credits, they receive a $20 reward for model-specific repair guides. AutoZone provides a warranty on hard parts, batteries, and other accessories purchases.

There are some services that AutoZone offers for free. AutoZone stores provide free testing of your battery, starter, or other parts. 

The stores also have the free Fix Finder Service, which checks your engine and generates a report, all for free. In addition to this, you get free and trustworthy advice on the best car parts.

The loan a tool program is really popular. The AutoZone loan tool program allows you to borrow the tools you need from various car specialty tools. You return them when you finish using them.

After a deposit of the purchase price of the tool, you can walk away with it for as long as you like. You receive a full refund of your money once you return the tool to the store. 

AutoZone has a mobile application that makes car maintenance easy. The application helps you order the right accessories and parts for your vehicle. It keeps track of your service. You can also browse for repair help, among other services.

AutoZone offers many services. You get to enjoy their free testing and quick fixes. Their battery solutions feature lets you check a battery before purchasing it or delivering a dead.

AutoZone provides parts and accessories from various brands and models. It supplies from popular brands like Duralast Gold, Castrol, etc., models like Ford F150, Honda Chevy, etc. They make like Ford, Toyota, etc.

The company has pickup stations and Curbside delivery. The many stores provide a lot of pickup stations that are located near every customer. 

The pick you stations also provide curbside delivery where customers can get their orders from their cars.

Memorial Day And Its Importance

Memorial Day is an important federal holiday. Americans from all over the country take time to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of people who died serving in the Armed Forces. 

It includes members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard.

Memorial Day gets celebrated on the last Monday of May. Many Americans visit graves and pay their respects to members who died in active service. It is a federal holiday, meaning all 50 states participate in the celebrations.

Memorial Day was previously known as Decoration Day. It was before the time when the day was a federal holiday. Initially, the holiday was a tribute to soldiers who died in the Civil War. 

The celebration was exclusive to the Northern States, but eventually, Southern States took it up.

Veterans Day celebrates ex-armed forces members. It is a tribute to retired armed force members. Veterans day is on 11th November.

Armed Forces Day celebrates members who are actively involved in the Armed Forces. It is an unofficial holiday that is yet to get federal ratification.

The government does not dictate how businesses or private offices celebrate Memorial Day. Some businesses give employees the day off. Many government offices don’t run on Memorial Day.


Is AutoZone Open on Memorial Day? AutoZone is open on Memorial Day and will be open until the end of normal business hours. As a result, you can access the complete range of AutoZone services on the day. On Memorial Day, many individuals take the day off from work.

Holidays and weekends are the busiest times for businesses like AutoZone. On Memorial Day, AutoZone services are available from 7:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

The company provides various services to its consumers, ranging from selling replacement parts to loaning tools. AutoZone is a broad firm with many customers from various industry categories.

Many companies have different regulations about functioning on Memorial Day. Some stores limit their hours of operation, while others remain closed.

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