Tensions Mount As Russia Sends The Biden Administration An Official Letter Warning Against Arming Ukraine

Tensions between the US and Russia increased as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine went into its second month. A possible new dimension to this conflict arose as the US and Russia edge closer to confrontation.

This happened when Moscow authorities directly warned the US against arming Ukraine. Joe Biden released another $800 million worth of military assistance to Ukraine. Moscow claims that the Biden Administration is fuelling the war by arming Ukraine.

Moscow has now sent a formal diplomatic letter to Washington DC. The letter entailed details on how the weapons the US sent over to Ukraine were affecting the war. 

The Russians stated that the infantry made everything worse and extended the war more than it needed to be.

Additionally, they were more concerned about the sophisticated infantry part of the US government’s $800 million aid. 

The package will include 18 155mm Howitzers, 200 M113 armored personnel carriers, 40,000 artillery rounds, 11 MI-17 helicopters, 500 javelins, and 300 drones. According to the US Government, these weapons will help the Ukrainian people.

They will allow the Ukrainian people to defend and take back their areas that have fallen to Russia. The two-month war has depleted Ukraine’s ammunition, but the Ukrainian forces stand tall. 

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is pressing for urgent delivery of these weapons. The Kremlin warned that arming Ukraine might lead to unpredictable consequences. These consequences included the targeting of weapon deliveries to Ukraine.

This move has brought a new risk of a confrontation between Russia and NATO. Russian attacks on convoys come closer to NATO territory, and it might lead to a bigger war.




John Taylor
John Taylor
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