Is Verizon Open On 4th July? Verizon’s Schedules 

Verizon is the largest and most popular telecommunication company in the USA. The company headquarters is in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. It sells high-speed internet, wireless phones, mobile music, calling plans, etc. 

Today it has more than 2,300 locations across the United States. Amazingly their stores are in all major cities, like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, etc. 

They offer customer service year-round; however, there aren’t always open each day. It has special hours for certain days of the year. The article lists Verizon holiday schedules and answers the question.

Is Verizon Open on 4th July

Absolutely yes, Verizon opens on 4th July (Independence Day). Therefore customers have free time to shop for their favorite products. However, note that the local stores have the right to change the working hours. 

Reduced working hours mostly apply on holidays, but this depends on the store’s management. 

Verizon Stores Regular Working Hours And Holiday Hours 

Verizon is open from 10 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Saturday majority of their local stores operate from 12 am to 6 pm. 

However, note that the holidays might have reduced working hours in some stores. Therefore, check with your local store to learn about the operation hours.

How To Find Out About Verizon Locations And Hours

It’s so straightforward. Check out the official Verizon website. It has more information about a store near you and their operating hours. You can search for Verizon stores using your state, city, or zip code. 

The website will highlight stores that are near you. Please choose the most preferred and check their operation hours, contact, address, and services available.

Verizon Corporate Store Vs. Authorized Retail Store

As mentioned, Verizon is a household name in the telecommunication industry. It provides all types of wireless services and related products. However, note that Verizon isn’t its entity but a subsidiary of Verizon Communications Inc. 

Currently, Verizon has over 1000 corporate and authorized retailer stores. The stores offer services to more than 154 million Verizon users across the USA. There are two types of Verizon stores, i.e., Verizon corporate and authorized stores. 

So what’s the difference between Verizon corporate and authorized retail stores? Here is more information about them.

Verizon Corporate Stores 

Verizon corporate stores are fully under Verizon company. Therefore, the company retains full ownership rights over them. All the stores specifically work under the parent company known as Verizon wireless. 

Therefore, it’s upon Verizon to ensure all the stores meet their standards. The telecommunication company controls all stores and hires staff. Additionally, the company takes full responsibility for anything in their corporate stores.

Verizon Authorized Retail Stores 

Verizon authorized retail stores do cooperate with Verizon company. The Verizon authorized retailers aren’t under Verizon wireless. They operate on behalf of the company and agree to stick by Verizon’s terms and conditions. 

But all the parties do benefit from the business. The retailers make profits through commission, maintenance fees, and co-accruals for each customer. They mostly earn commission after activating a new Verizon account. 

However, the Verizon agency agreement determines the commission amount. Note that Verizon Company does the activation with the help of their authorized dealers. Lastly, Verizon needs authorized retailers to identify themselves. 

That’s through banners that inform people that they are authorized. The banners should be displayed both in-store and online. Additionally, authorized dealers can use the company’s trademark as per the agency agreements.

Benefits Of Buying From Corporate Stores 

The corporate stores do offer various benefits to the Verizon clients. You can exchange any telecommunication equipment you purchase from the corporate store. 

Note that the exchange can only happen in the same corporate store and not any other corporate store. 

Another benefit is having access to extended warranties and a clear refund policy. They also offer amazing bonuses from time to time. Some of the offers aren’t usually available in authorized stores. 

Verizon fully owns the corporate stores and thus has your data. Therefore, if you purchase a new phone, they easily and quickly transfer data from your old phone.

Benefits Of Buying From Authorized Stores 

Funny enough, most Verizon stores across America are authorized stores. There would be fewer places to buy their products without the Verizon authorized stores. 

Each authorized dealer has its facilities and insurance policies that aren’t available in corporate stores. 

Some of the insurance policies are usually amazing. In addition, financing is less complicated in authorized stores than in corporate stores. 

Verizon Communications 

Verizon Communication Inc. is popularly known as Verizon. It’s a US multinational telecommunications company that offers broadband, cable, and wireless services.

Its Products 

The company offers different kinds of products to its target customers. It has a product mix in the following product lines:

  • Business
  • Residential 
  • Wireless 

The company’s marketing and push of products focus on the most profitable parts of the business. 

Therefore, it sells the product to target customers. You can access their wireless products specifically from Verizon Wireless. 

The residential products include television and phone services, internet services, etc. Business products by Verizon are cloud-based IT solutions. 

Amazingly the company has ever-evolving products that cater to daily market changes. That’s due to various advancements in technology.

Some Of The Popular Verizon Products 

The company has various products that have been built right for almost all people and businesses. Here are some of the popular Verizon products in the market right now.

5G Devices 

Verizon offers a huge range of 5G products for individuals and businesses. You can surely explore and compare the devices and choose the ideal one.

Fios Internet 

You can power your home or business using Fios internet. The internet is known to be super fast and has a speed of 940/880 Mbps. However, the speeds vary depending on the region.

Blue Jeans 

The platform is quite powerful. It allows users to experience enterprise-grade video events and conferences. 

Overall, Verizon offers several products that’ll offer you better experiences. Plus, it’ll help your business to grow.

Where To Buy Verizon Products 

Verizon company Inc. has many places that help it advertise and sell its products. The company chooses the most strategic locations for its stores in various states. Better location helps them maximize their influence and market reach. 

There are several venues and places from where Verizon Company markets and sells its products. They include:

  • Verizon’s official website 
  • Corporate stores and authorized retail stores
  • Online and other media
  • Offices 
  • Authorized distributors 

Note that the listed places and venues are the primary channels Verizon distributes its products. Customers can easily and quickly register and pay for Verizon services from their official website. Additionally, Verizon employs authorized distributors. 

These distributors sell some of the company’s products, including enterprise technology services. If you want to carry out any personal transactions, you should visit the company’s offices. Lastly, the company has a well-established mass media operation. 

It operates online and on other media houses. It helps the company sell its products to target customers. 

Verizon Products Pricing 

Generally, Verizon product pricing depends on the quality of the product. The price of the products is crucial and hugely affects the company’s profit. The company has different pricing strategies that improve the product’s performance in the market. 

Verizon has premium pricing that focuses on high-quality services and products. However, it doesn’t price its high-end products higher than its competitors in the market. It also has value-based prices ideal for all customers. 

Products under this category are affordable and offer value to the customers.

How Verizon Promotes Their Products 

The company promotes its products using various tactics and strategies. Similar to pricing, promotions are also crucial. It influences the company’s ability to attract and retain clients. 

You should also note that the promotions hugely affect the company’s competition. Verizon uses the following techniques to promote its products. 

  • Advertising 
  • Personal selling 
  • Public relations 
  • Sales promotion 

All companies rely on advertisements to promote their products to target customers. For example, the company advertises its products and services through television and other media. It helps them attract and retain customers across America. 

In addition, most Verizon advertisements are usually about special offers and discounts. For instance, Verizon occasionally advertises special offers to attract new customers. However, the offers and discounts are usually on specific product bundles and products. 

On the other hand, their stores use personal selling. This technique easily persuades customers to choose Verizon’s current or latest products. The company also promotes the products through sponsorships. 

For example, it sponsors both regional and national events. It can be for sports, music, entertainment, culture, etc.


Is Verizon open on 4th July? Well, you now know. The giant telecommunication company opens on holidays, including Independence Day. 

However, the working hours during holidays can be less. But this varies from store to store. Verizon has several stores across the USA, and you can also access its service online. 

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