Is WinCo Open On New Year’s Day? Its Schedule

WinCo is initial for Winning Company. The name was chosen and adopted in 1999. Company WinCo Foods, Inc. is a private American company. It’s employee-owned, which means that it’s for the people working in the company. 

The American supermarket chain headquarter is in Boise, Idaho. It has several retail stores in major states, including Texas, California, Oklahoma, Nevada, etc. People love WinCo because of the amazing packaging, prices, and huge item selection. 

Here is a guide on how WinCo operates and offers more information on the question.

Is WinCo Open On New Year’s Day?

Yes, WinCo opens on this day. The stores open from 6 am, which is typically their regular hour. You will get the same quality services and products on new year’s day as a customer. WinCo pushes for customer satisfaction by opening stores during holidays.

Additional Information 

The article has information about WinCo food holiday schedules and how to shop at their stores. Amazingly their stores open during various holidays. Therefore, you can do some last-minute shopping in the holiday season without worries. 

However, knowing about the holiday hours will help you plan your activities accordingly. The privately-owned company has more than 100 stores across America. WinCo stores observe specific holidays by closing or changing their working hours. 

For example, it operates from 7 am to 6 pm on Christmas eve, while on Christmas days, it’s closed.

Winco Food Holiday Hours 

You can visit WinCo stores on any holiday except Christmas day. The company allows its employees to spend a day off with their families on Christmas day. However, on these holidays, the stores will operate for shorter hours. 

Normally, WinCo operates from Monday to Sunday for 24 hours. 

Note that on holidays stores might operate on reduced hours. Many locations will surely open late and close early during holidays.


Formerly known as “Ware mart,” it started operation in 1967 in Boise, Idaho. The founders were Bud Williams and Ralph Ward. The grocery store is no-frill and has the warehouse style. 

The purpose of the store is to offer products at low prices. In 1985, its employees came up with an ownership plan. 

It is known as the employee stock ownership. They did buy most stocks from the Ralph family, making it employee-owned. 

In 1991 it expanded its operations by opening a bigger store (82,000 sq. ft.) The store was in Boise, and it replaced two older stores in Boise. During that time, the company only had 16 stores which recorded yearly sales of over $300 million. 

Winco Foods 

The company changed its name to WinCo foods in 1999. WinCo simply means Winning Company. However, the company claims that the name stands for five states. They include Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon. 

In the days, the company operated its stores in these states. Nonetheless, their other three stores in Keizer, Ontario, and Independence are still known as Ware mart. 

In 2007, the company had issues with its fierce competitor Save Mart. They accused Save Mart of pushing the neighborhood group to file a lawsuit against them. The lawsuit by Tracy First was opposing the city’s approval to open a Winning Company store in California. 

However, that same year, WinCo company opened a store in Pittsburg, California. In 2009 Winco witnessed massive growth. It opened its first two major stores in Washington and Spokane areas. 

Later, in October, it opened more stores in Utah in Midvale and West Valley City. In 2010 it opened another store in Roy, bringing its total store numbers in Utah to five. 

In early 2011, the company started signing expansion leases to open more Arizona and Southern Nevada stores. 

Today the company continues to open more stores across the USA.

Things You Should Know About WinCo

WinCo is a popular store among folks who don’t want to pay high grocery prices. However, the company is not as popular as its competitors like Walmart, Fry’s, etc. Regardless there are things you need to know about this amazing chain.

It doesn’t have stores on the East Coast.

The store did begin operation in 1967 in Boise, Idaho. Shockingly it’s yet to open a store on the east coast. Therefore, WinCo stores in Oklahoma and Texas are the only stores near the east. 

The company only has stores in California, Nevada, Washington, Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Utah. You can check out their official website for more information about their store locations.   

Free Recipes 

WinCo doesn’t only sell ingredients but will also guide you on how to cook them. The company has over 1,000 recipes available on its website. 

You can search for them by dish type, time, ingredients, cooking method, occasion, and dish type. 

To see them, visit their official website. Amazingly you can also bookmark your favorite recipes. 

Saves Their Customers Money

Buying products from WinCo, helps you save an extra 5% on top of the savings you get from bulk purchases. Most of the products in the bulk bin qualify for a discount if you purchase them as a sealed sack or whole case. 

The WinCo website insists that you should always ask whether a product qualifies for a discount. Remember to do this before making any purchases. Additionally, you can place any orders for sealed sacks/cases at your local store. 

But this benefit only applies to qualifying items. Your order item will then arrive, and the store will inform you about it. 

It’s Employee-Owned 

The company has an interesting ownership plan known as “Employee Stock Ownership.” It means that the individuals that own the company are its employees. Therefore, each time the store does well financially, the workers benefit. 

However, there are requirements that one should fulfill to join the program. They include:

  • Working in the company for at least five hundred hours. That’s in the first six months of employment.
  • You should be 19 years and above.

Great Customer Support 

You can contact the company through their different social media pages. It’s available on Facebook and other social media platforms. The good news is that their customer support team replies to almost all queries. 

Plus, their pages usually have amazing banters that you’ll enjoy.

Shopping Strategies That’ll Help You Save Money at WinCo 

Shoppers are constantly on the hunt for deep discounts at WinCo. They know how affordable the no-frills American chain is. 

At WinCo, you buy all your groceries without expecting fancy things like online personal shoppers or in-store sushi bars. 

You’ll surely save some dollars when you shop in any of their stores in many instances. However, several strategies help you make bigger savings. Here are some of the strategies to use. 

Subscribe to WinCo Mails 

The company doesn’t spend hugely on advertising to keep its operating costs low. However, it sends occasional emails to its customers. The mails usually inform the customers about their latest deals and special sales. 

Plus, it informs about the deals that are available in particular stores. If you sign up for their mail lists, you’ll be receiving these mail alerts. You can also learn about the deals from their Facebook page.

Always Prepare a Grocery List 

Before going to the grocery store, have a meal plan and make a grocery list. Check your refrigerator and kitchen to know what you need to buy. You should then identify the meals you can prepare with your groceries. 

After this, create a weekly meal plan and make your shopping list. Note that you might forget to buy some essential items without the list. Therefore, it’ll force you to return to the store later and might lead to impulse buying.

Visit The Stores When They’re Less Crowded 

You probably know the place crowds on weekends if you’re a regular shopper at WinCo. The weekend crowds are usually brutal, and pushing your cart through the aisle can be frustrating. 

Most grocery stores are usually busy at lunchtime and between 4 pm and 7 pm on weekdays. 

Visiting the store when it’s less crowded will be advantageous to you. It’s because you’ll have enough time to check and compare prices. Plus, you can talk to their workers about any possible best deals. 

Additionally, WinCo stores are usually open for 24 hours. Therefore, you have the chance to shop at night. These are ideal hours for insomniacs and individuals that work odd hours. 

Plus, avoid shopping with children or partners. They’ll surely cause distractions and lead to impulse purchases. 


Is WinCo open on New Year’s Day? Yes. The American retailer is popular for its affordability, discounts, etc. Today it has various stores across the US and continues to expand. 

Interestingly the store operates for 24 hours on normal working days. Therefore, you can grab any item you need at any time. The store also operates on all popular holidays except on Christmas day. However, during holidays, the working hours might be shorter. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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