The 2022 Primary Elections Kick-Off In Texas

The clash between democrats and republicans in the U.S. for congress control officially kicked off today, with Texas holding the first vital elections to establish the contestants for congress n November. 

Most of the candidates who will face off will be from the same parties and decided by the march or May runoffs. 

“The Republicans’ job now is not to beat the Democrats. Their job is to find the nuances in their brand of Republicanism that are going to be able to appeal to voters,” said Zoe Nemerever.

Texas is the second-largest state in the U.S. After the census held in 2020. The state added new representatives in the “U.S. House of Representatives” following an increase in population.

The republicans established “new congressional voting maps,” adding another democratic and republican district to cut competitive districts in other states.

“A lot of this will come down to Trump Republicans versus non-Trump Republicans. That is the major fissure in the party,” said Nemerever.

Although Texas is republican dominated, the number of  Democrats is high and increasing. According to a politics professor at “the University of Houston,” he believes that the Democrats feel that they can take on the republicans battling along political lines between progressives and moderates. 

“The ways that the parties have developed and the candidates are now attracting the more polarised voters is to push themselves to the ideological extremes,” a statement by  Rottinghaus to Al Jazeera. 

Henry Cuellar, the U.S representative from the “28th Texas Congressional District”, faces stiff competition from Jessica Cisneros. 

“Henry Cuellar is one of the few remaining moderate Democrats in the national party. She is going after him, saying that he needs to be more liberal, move his policy positions to the left,” said Never. 

Cuellar’s “anti-abortion rights” make him a target for Liberals. The right makes him side with republicans over the democrats on the “abortion matter.”


John Taylor
John Taylor
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