NASA Chief Reassures People That Their Relationship With The Russian Space Agency Is Intact

Although the relations between the United States and Russia seem to crumble, NASA holds positive relations with Russia despite the remarks made by A Russian astronaut.

On his Twitter account, the Russian astronaut posted that Moscow plans to leave a U.S. astronaut in space or crash the “International Space Station” into the earth. 

This week, the NASA C.E.O. confirmed that the organization would work in harmony with all the countries involved in the “Joint-Space Exploration” this week. 

“We have been meeting almost daily for three weeks to ensure the safe operations of the I.S.S.,” said NASA administrator. 

He added that the organization focuses on its workers. He “remains committed” to the cosmonauts and astronauts in the “International Space Station.” NASA will work with other countries to ensure the safe operation of the project. 

Dimitry Olegovich Rogozin, “Russia’s Space Agency” head, started making the remarks after the United States initiated sanctions on the country because Russia invaded Ukraine. Mark Vande Hei, a U.S. astronaut who the Russian counterpart claims might be left in space, is expected to be flying back to earth on March 30 Tuesday.

Mark’s stay in space is 341 days making him the first astronaut to break the “world record for most consecutive days in space.” Experts believe that Russia’s actions will ruin the relations between the American and Russian space agencies. 

The two countries enjoy more than 50 years of “Joint-Space Exploration”.  The “International Space Station Partnership” between the two superpowers started in 1987. 

NASA is on a very short list of entities still in public partnership with Russia — even Starbucks, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have stopped doing business with the regime,” a statement by Ann Kapsuta. 

“We can’t ignore that Roscosmos is now part of Putin’s war machine,” she said. “If they haven’t already, NASA needs to begin the process of severing ties.”


John Taylor
John Taylor
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