“#SaveRayan” Morrocan Rescuers In Final Stages Of Saving Little Ryan

Rescuers from Morocco are in their final stages of reaching a five-year child who slipped into a well. 

Ryan fell into the 32m (104ft) well four days ago. The accident has been on the headlines for days, and many people have gathered near the scene. The operation is described as complex because it needs precise actions. 

The rescuers fear a landslide, making the operation even more dangerous for both the rescuers and Ryan. 

The mixture of the sandy and rocky soils makes it dangerous for the rescuers to open the narrow shaft of the water well. Huge trenches have been dug near the well using bulldozers. According to the authorities, “they are almost there.”

The rescuers will begin digging horizontally to save Ryan after the trench and reach the same depth. 

“We’re almost there,” said one of the operation’s leaders, Abdesalam Makoudi, on Friday afternoon. “We’ve been working non-stop for three days, and tiredness is kicking in, but the whole rescue team is hanging on.”

The rescue mission began on Tuesday evening. And according to the authorities, they are making progress. 

The accident happened as Ryans’ father was repairing the well. He says that both he and the wife are “very worried and devastated.”

“In that one moment I took my eyes off him, the little one fell into the well. I haven’t slept a wink”, he said. 

“The whole family went out to look for him. Then we realized that he’d fallen down the well. I’m still keeping up hope that we’ll get him out alive.” Ryan’s mother said. 

The rescuers lowered water, food, and an oxygen mask into the well. A medical team is on the scene, ready to treat Ryan after being rescued. He will be transferred to the hospital in a helicopter that is also on-site after treatment. 

Thousands of people have taken to social media with “#SaveRayan.” 




John Taylor
John Taylor
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