Snowstorms In The Northeast And Great Lakes Pose A Threat To Travelers

Roads from Wisconsin to new jersey have become impassable because of the snowfall caused by strong arctic winds moving quickly across the northeast and the great lakes. The snowfall has worsened road conditions posing a threat to motorists. 

“A fast-moving storm will trigger locally heavy snow squalls and gusty winds as it races across the Northeast on Saturday following its rampage through the Upper Midwest on Friday.” Meteorologists warned. 

Following this, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York issued a snowstorm warning in effect from Saturday. 

The condition has caused damage. On Friday, thirty-nine cars were involved in a crash that left ten people injured in Wisconsin. People in central Pennsylvania reported “sudden whiteouts” on Saturday morning. The collision led to the highway closing to help clear the road. 

According to the authorities, during such times, motorists should minimize traveling, and those that need to ravel like truck drivers need to be careful while on the roads. The National Weather Service added that people could not be safe on the highway whenever there was a snowstorm. 

During snowstorms, the visibility deteriorates, some become slippery, and the snowy skies may lead to a “whiteout” visibility. It is hard for motorists to drive through the roads, and accidents increase due to the conditions. 

“The combination of winds gusts and “heavy snow squalls” are what contribute to hazardous conditions,” a statement by AccuWeather. Carrying out rescue missions during such dangerous conditions is also challenging. 

According to the “NWS,” temperatures would drastically fall on Saturday afternoon, freezing the snow on the roads. The cold winds would exit the northeastern U.S part on Saturday night. 

Some of the states are experiencing sunny days without any snow or rain. According to the weather forecasters, the weather parts experiencing the snowstorms can have clear skies and roads, but the visibility can fall o zero in one minute. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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