9 Tips For Choosing The Right Speargun

If you want an exciting spearfishing experience, it’d be best to choose the right speargun. With spearfishing, you rely on the speargun to catch your prey. Additionally, you must familiarize yourself with the tool to maximize its functionality. Knowing your tool ensures you don’t lose your fish in the water. Remember, you’re only as good as your speargun.

The last thing you’d want is to make the dive and not come out of the water with the fish. Again, you’d want to avoid diving with a non-functional speargun. As such, you should consider some factors when choosing one. They include:

1. The Style

There are different types of spearguns on the market today. Although the speargun hasn’t evolved much from the old version, some manufacturers have upgraded the design, making it more versatile for the fishing experience. The three distinctive categories of spear guns are: 

  • The European Style Gun
  • The Rail Gun
  • The American Style Gun

The style also includes the material used in making the speargun. Some of the common types include fiberglass or wood. Most spearfishers go for the wooden speargun because of their performance. A wooden speargun increases your chances of hitting the target right. The several advantages make them preferable to carbon or metallic spearguns. Check out some of the wooden guns from the Neptonics site or others. They stock some of the most popular and common wooden guns.

2. Length Of The Speargun

The length of your speargun matters. It determines how fast you can catch your prey. The length of the speargun is determined by the depth where you’ll dive, the size of the prey, and how visible you can see in the water. One rule of thumb is that the deeper the dive, the longer the speargun. If you’re fishing in shallow water, a longer spear gun can hit the rocks since the range is four times that of a standard gun. The noise will scare away the fish. Thus, go for a shorter gun.

If there’s poor visibility, go for shooter guns of 50 – 75 cm. You can also use them for cave hunting or fishing closer to the reefs. Go for longer spearguns of 150–165 cm when fishing in open waters. You can also use the longer spearguns when fishing big game. The additional length gives you a better shot at the target. This way, you can hardly miss hitting the fish.

3. Tips

One of the essential parts of the speargun is the spear. The spear can take two common tip forms: the flopper and the slip tip. If you’re hunting delicate fish such as the rainbow trout and haddock, it’d be best to use the slip tip. This tip detaches from the shat after hitting the target. However, it’s attached to the shaft by wires. As for the flopper shaft, it detaches once the shaft passes through the fish. As you choose your speargun, you’d want to look into such mechanisms depending on the species adaptations.

4. Bands

When choosing a speargun, you should consider the stretch and diameter of the bands. Spearguns with larger diameters produce more power compared to those with shorter diameters. On the flip side, the larger diameters are harder to stretch. The main job of the bands is to increase power. So, you can use multiple bands to give your speargun enough power. Get a band size you’re comfortable working with, and you’ll be good to go.

5. Muzzle

The muzzle is another factor to consider when choosing your speargun. It holds the spear in place and prevents it from coming from the barrel. There are three types of muzzles; open, semi-closed, and closed muzzle. Their different characteristics make them perform best given the conditions. For instance, the open muzzle is quieter and gives you a great line of sight down the shaft.

Closed muzzles are more accurate and easier to load than their counterparts. The semi-closed muzzle is much similar to the closed muzzle, only that it has some plastic to hold the spear. Therefore, as you choose your speargun, consider the muzzle and settle on the one with the most benefits.

6. Weight

Another thing influencing your decision to choose the right speargun is weight. A lightweight speargun might not be effective when going for a deeper dive. Your equipment should match the volume of the water.

Additionally, spearfishing weight dives help you dive easily. This way, you spend less energy swimming or flapping your fins. Remember, if you are subtle underwater, the higher the chances of not spooking the prey. You should use the dive weights as they help you stay put underwater for a long, hence making the most of your diving. Comfort in water is key. With the weight of your speargun, you’ll be able to spot your prey and go after it seamlessly.

7. Handle

The handle should fit your shooting style. You should be able to get a firm grip on your speargun. The trigger area should also accommodate your gloved finger to execute the shoot command. Sometimes, the prey puts up a fight. Your handle should perform best and take the load. This way, the fish will not escape after being hit.

On the other hand, check that the handle is long enough. A short handle makes it difficult to respond quickly in case your prey just appears.

8. Trigger Mechanism

You aim your speargun and pull the trigger when you spot the fish. You’d want to understand the trigger mechanism before diving into the water. This way, you’re sure your weapon can get you your prey. There have been several adjustments to the trigger mechanisms. Don’t assume you know all about the trigger mechanism. Know your weapon first before you get down to fishing. You stand a better chance of evaluating your weapon before diving in for the hunt.

9. The Line

The line holds your speargun together. It helps prevent your gun from falling apart once you attack the fish. Ensure it’s made of monofilament or a constrictor cord. The first is more durable and doesn’t form knots. Before you get on with spearfishing, ensure your line is well fastened.   


If you choose your tools of the trade appropriately, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy your spearfishing experience. If you enjoy seafood, such as that served at Fort Myers in Florida, you’ll appreciate spearfishing. Therefore, consider the factors in this article, and you can be sure to pick the right speargun for your hunt. This way, you can make the most of your trip and have an easy time spearfishing.

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
Francis Stein is a writer and traveler who has already traveled most of the states of America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, and he hopes to continue traveling the world in search of adventure. Francis enjoys writing about his experiences as a way of sharing his love for exploration with others.


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