Ukrainians In Distress As Russia Continues Its Ruthless Onslaught In The 5-Month Invasion

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has gotten to its fifth month, bringing devastation and pain unlike anything anyone expected. The attack was unprovoked, and Putin is not relenting despite criticism and pressure from all world leaders.

The latest information suggests that Russia is preparing for the next stage of its attack. Russian defense chief has directed the troops to step up their operation in Ukraine. He reviewed the operations of Russian commanders and presented awards for bravery.

As this happened, reports of Russian missiles striking civilian targets have increased. Russian missiles struck a residential building in Nikopol, killing two civilians. Another overnight missile attack in Kharkiv killed 3 civilians and left others injured.

Rockets struck an elementary school in the town of Chuguev, but there are no reports of victims yet. There were numerous attacks across Ukraine, including a hot on a local hospital in Kharkiv. Ukraine has stood strong, but the long war is taking its toll.

Doctors and emergency service providers use what they can find to help the wounded. Locals tell stories of doctors doing surgeries using lamps and lanterns as the situation worsens.

Russia seems to get more intensive in its attacks, and the collateral damage is increasing. Most specialists see this as desperation as Ukraine has put up more of a fight than Russia anticipated. Support from the US and other NATO allies ensures that Ukraine won’t be submitting soon.

In his nightly address, the Ukrainian president promised to liberate Ukrainian territories occupied by Russians. Ukraine is launching a series of target strikes against Russian arms depots, sending the Russian troops scattered. 

According to reports, Ukraine used US missiles to destroy over 2 dozen weapons bases. This has left unarmed Russian soldiers disguised as civilians in the south part of Ukraine.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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