What Is A Good Peloton Output? Tips To Maximize

A peloton is simply the pack of riders or main group in a road of bicycle racing. Riders in a group usually save energy by riding closely to each other. 

However, there’s a peloton bike. The most important metric on a peloton bike is the average power metric (usually measured in watts). 

If you are an experienced peloton cyclist, you’ll have an output that’s more than that of a beginner. 

Other factors influence the peloton output results, such as gender and age difference. If you read this article, you wonder what a good output should be for you. 

So, let’s find out. 

What Is a Good Peloton Output?

Overall an average peloton output should be 150-250 watts. A good peloton output will depend on your spinner. 

Other factors influencing peloton output include gender, body mass, fitness level, etc. Plus, some tips and tricks can help you improve your peloton output.

Understanding Peloton Output

Peloton output measures the total work amount you did in the ride or averagely. Peloton output is the energy converted per time and transferred. Power is usually in watts which is equal to 1 joule/second. 

In simpler terms, peloton output will give you direct and immediate feedback on how intense you’ve been training. 

The bike calculates the watts you have produced averagely and in each session. By having your output score, you’ll be able to track your outcomes and implement more overloads. 

You will be able to increase your intensity within the coming days. Plus, it will help you calculate the calories amount you burn in each class. However, you need to update your profile regularly.

How The Peloton Output Functions

The peloton bike screen usually shows two types of output numbers which are total and average output. Here is more information about the two outputs and their importance.

Total Output

It gives you the total kilojoules amount you’ve produced in the entire session. In other words, it is the energy amount you’ve utilized in the entire class. The number is usually higher after extended rides. 

Average Output

It’s simply the watts amount you give in the time. Alternatively, think of it as the amount of energy you use in a second. The number is always lower.

How Do You Calculate Peloton Power Output (Watts)?

The peloton bike features a built-in dynamometer that records your actual power output and measures torque. Its resistance and cadence determine the peloton’s output. 

The cadence is simply the calculations made from the flywheel’s rotations per minute. 

On the other hand, resistance is simply the amount of difficulty you set during cycling. There is a red-colored resistance knob on the bike that you can use to set the resistance. 

Therefore the total is calculated as the number of seconds in the ride times, the average output time divided by 1000. 

For example, if 1800 second ride (30 minutes) has an average of 100 watts, the total output will be 180 KJ. 

Here Are Some Factors That Peloton Output Depends Upon 

There’s no perfect value for a good peloton output. The value usually varies from person to person, and it depends on their weight, age, power zone, and resistance. 

The section has more information on the factors, and it will help you understand what a good peloton output is. 


The peloton output depends on age to some extent. However, age is just but a number. Some older people at age 80 perform better than youngsters. 

Decades ago, people had better lifestyles and are thus still energetic. But nowadays, youngsters do not participate in physical activities and are so unfit. They spend their time playing video games, in bed, or on social media. 

Power Zone 

The peloton bike has several power zones (seven). However, before joining any power zones, you must do a small test. The primary role of the test is to track your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). 

It helps you know if you can sustain high power for more than 50-60 minutes. 

Class Duration 

It’s among the most important factors that influence the peloton output. According to experts, shorter rides have higher power output than longer rides.

Types Of Workouts

To achieve a good peloton output, you need to choose the best type of workout. It would be best to choose a long-duration workout that doesn’t need you to use much energy and strength. It will give you good output. 

However, a shorter workout with good resistance and cadence will offer good output.


A person’s gender plays a major role in peloton output. It’s because males have more resilience and power than women. 


Your weight vs. the watts you produce will hugely determine your score on the peloton. Individuals with much weight will generate more power than those with less weight.

Fitness Level 

A person’s fitness is one of the most important factors that affect peloton outputs. If you have good physical health and physic, you will be able to produce good peloton outputs.

Useful Tips You Can Use To Maximize Peloton Output 

Now that you know the good peloton output and things that influence it, you must want to learn about improving it. Here are some tips you can follow to maximize your peloton output. 

Peloton Shoes 

People usually think that shoes are important when it comes to certain workouts. However, shoes are equally as important as other equipment. Even if you use a peloton, the shoe quality still matters and will influence the output a lot. 

Several retailers out there, both online and physical, sell peloton shoes. Check out their official website and select your ideal shoe pair. 

Bike Setting

The setting and arrangement of different bike parts also matter a lot, and your performance largely depends on it. The two main factors during bike setting are the seat and handlebar. 

You can read the manual that comes with the peloton to understand how to set it properly. Alternatively, you can check out YouTube videos for more information. Then properly set the handlebar and seat depending on your height. 

Seek Help

It’s the most straightforward way of solving any issues you experience with the bike. Never keep anything in mind when troubled. If there is any question, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals or anyone who understands better. 

If there’s no one around to help you out, you can use Google to find answers to your questions. 


At times workouts might seem easy, but that’s not the reality. You need to invest in them. During the exercises, you will surely feel like giving up or can give up because of exhaustion and fatigue. Other people usually leave the peloton when they are about to reach their goals. 

Therefore you’ll have to stay motivated and always give your best. It would be best to never give up before achieving your daily set goals in your daily training. You can break them into small tasks to make them easier to achieve.


If you want to increase your peloton output, you need to increase resistance slowly. Plus, it would be best to try hard to reach your PR until the end of your workout session. 

When you raise your resistance, your PR will be good at the start. But you’ll start slowing down with time. 

Therefore you should always work towards maintaining it till the end. It will help increase your PR daily. This way, you’ll be able to know what a good peloton is, and you’ll try to achieve it.

Have A Healthy Competition 

It is the era of social media; people post everything that happens in their lives on the platforms. Even though social media is always about competition, it’s not wrong in all aspects. You need to develop a positive mindset and have healthy competition with family and friends. 

However, ensure the competition is healthy in that you are benefiting and increasing your performance.

Additional Information 

There are other additional ways to increase your peloton outputs, such as warming up before getting into the bike. 

Always have good food for enough strength during a workout. You can add some power training to your peloton, such as a power zone program. 

Lastly, you need to keep a good track of your function Threshold Power (FTP). Keep the records monthly to help you know whether you are improving or not. It’s advisable to do more courses to improve your performance. 

If you follow the above tips, you will surely see improvements in your progress. Moreover, each person always wants to gain the maximum from doing something. Other than the tips above, there are many things you can do to improve your peloton output. 


Having a good peloton output is an indicator that you’re getting fitter. However, it would be best never to use the metric to compare with other people. A good output depends on several individual aspects such as gender, age, fitness level, etc. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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