How Is A Fad Diet Different Than A Low Calorie Diet: Check Out The Shocking Differences

Dieting means changing one’s eating habits. People also diet for different reasons. But the biggest reason is to lose weight and lead a healthy life. 

Adhering to a healthy eating plan allows your body to have the daily nutrients it needs while ensuring you don’t exceed calorie intake. You’ll have enough energy to perform your day-to-day task and enjoy the benefits attached to eating healthily.

By the way, a healthy diet plan can help lower your risk of several life-threatening diseases. These include heart diseases, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, diabetes, high LDL (bad cholesterol), etc. 

However, the quest to design dietary plans that encourage rapid weight loss has led to the fad diet. And there’s the low-calorie diet.  

If you don’t understand what both diet plans entail, you’ll think they’re the same. But in reality, they’re not. 

This takes us to the question below.

How is a fad diet different than a calorie diet?

The principal aim of a fad diet and a low-calorie diet is weight loss. But results from low-calorie are more genuine. 

The low-calorie diet plan entails eating foods with high nutritional contents but low calories. You can even eat balanced diets on this diet plan, but you mustn’t overdo it. 

On the other hand, fad diets are mostly the handiwork of greedy companies that only care about their pockets. They use their fad diet, which promises a quick fix to weight loss, to persuade people to purchase their products. 

People on fad diet plans are usually encouraged to skip meals, exclude some food groups from their diet program, skip sugar, carbs, and even cut out fats. 

Weight loss achieved via a fad diet won’t last long. As soon as you cease to adhere to the diet plan, you’ll likely regain all the weight you have lost. Fad diet promoters even assure people they can lose weight without exercise. 

Now, the thing is taking the right supplement can help encourage your body to lose weight. But never forget that exercise and a comprehensive weight loss diet plan are crucial. 

Take the Green Coffee Bean Max accordingly, exercise regularly, adhere to your diet plan and consume plenty of water. You’ll start losing weight and get back your slim body, in no time. 

This product is 100% natural, additives-free and safe for everyone. It encourages the body to lose weight naturally. 

Keep reading for more information on the fad diet and a low-calorie diet to make an informed decision. 

How Can You Quickly Identify A Fad Diet?

Fad diets aren’t difficult to spot. They have several characteristics that make them easier to identify. 

So, if you encounter the following, know you’re being tricked into accepting a fad diet, and the result could be disappointing. 

#1: Promises rapid weight loss: 

Lose 10 pounds in 15 days! This line sounds catchy and tempting. Isn’t that so? Now, hear this; if it sounds too good to be true, you’re looking at a fad diet. 

Losing 10 pounds in 15 days is not a healthy weight loss process. Your body may pass through several unhealthy conditions to even come close to this figure. 

Dropping one to two pounds every week is a healthy weight loss process. To achieve this feat, you have to burn approximately 500 to 1000 calories higher than what you ingest daily. 

Additionally, you have to adhere to a low-calorie diet plan and exercise regularly.  

#2: The no-exercise diet plan:

Promoters of fad diets usually claim food can change one’s body chemistry. They also claim people can lose weight without exercise. 

Now, can you lose weight without exercise? Well, the answer is quite simple. You can’t lead a sedentary life and count on a mystery fad diet to help you lose weight. You’ll only be deceiving yourself and putting your body in harm’s way. 

Even if you’re using the super active Green Coffee Bean Max for weight loss, you still need to exercise. Exercise is a metabolism booster. And the higher or faster your metabolism becomes, the higher the amount of fat you’ll burn. 

That’s why teenagers find it much easier to lose weight than adults. They are more physically active and thus, have a faster metabolism. Other factors also make it easier for teens to lose weight than adults, though. 

So, if you come across any no-exercise weight loss diet plan, stay away from them! You’re about to be deceived by money-conscious weight loss product promoters. 

Your body requires exercise to lose weight and maintain your new shape. With regular workouts, a weight loss diet plan, and the highly-rated Green Coffee Bean, you’ll lose weight naturally and hit your goal in no time. 

#3: It is a one-time activity:

Weight loss is not a one-off activity. There’s a need for you to embrace it as a lifestyle. Let it become part and parcel of you. 

If you lose 2 pounds this week, what you do and eat the following week matters significantly. If you ditch your weight loss diet plan the next week, you’ll pay dearly for it. 

Unfortunately, the fad diet doesn’t make provisions or plans for weight management. Fad refers to a trend. Thus, the fad diet is short-lived. 

Promoters of this diet urge their followers to make rigorous changes to their diet plan to achieve their weight loss goal within a short while. They don’t care about what you do to maintain the weight you have lost.

The truth is making healthy and long-term lifestyle changes is the hallmark of any successful weight management. You’ll not only lose weight but maintain your shape for weeks, months, and years. That should be the aim. 

#4: Claims you’ll lose weight and resemble an “after” photo:

Honestly, the before and after pictures of people that have lost weight can be pretty tempting. Those promoting fad diets know this. They know people will be captivated when they view these images. 

Now, understand this. The person in the picture may have tried the XYZ diet plan and lost 20 pounds in 30 days. That doesn’t mean you’ll achieve the same weight loss result in the same number of days. 

The reason for this is simple. Our bodies differ. Thus, the rate at which you’re burning fat and losing weight will vary from someone else’s.

What Makes A Low Calorie Diet Better Than A Fad Diet?

Well, everything! You can achieve actual weight loss results by adhering to a low-calorie diet. 

The fad diets are usually marketing ploys. Companies deploy them as a marketing strategy to kick-start a trend. And you’ll be shocked to know they don’t have your best interest at heart and know their diet plan is a waste of time. 

Another thing that makes a low-calorie diet much better than a fad diet is that it is budget-friendly. You’ll likely get positive results too. 

Fad diets are expensive, and their results are usually negative. Those who embrace such diets may end up regretting their decisions. 

Additionally, fad diets are not endorsed by medical professionals. And some of them require users to remove some food groups from their diet plan. 

But in a low-calorie diet, you can even have a balanced diet, though you have to ensure you don’t overdo it. 


How is a fad diet different than a low-calorie diet? Fad diets promise unrealistic outcomes, but low-calorie diets don’t. If you stick to a low-calorie diet, you’ll achieve positive and genuine results throughout your weight loss journey. 

That isn’t the case for a fad diet. The results are negative, and the diet program is short-lived. The diet plan may only last for a few days or weeks. And there are no futuristic plans on how to maintain the weight users may have lost. 

Most fad diets also promise no-exercise weight loss, which isn’t realistic. Being physically active can encourage your body to lose weight. Exercise is a metabolism booster. And the higher or faster your metabolism, the faster you’ll lose weight. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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