Can Fragrance Oils Be Used On Skin? Understanding Fragrance Oils And Uses

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It serves as a protective barrier that keeps germs and bacteria at bay, ensuring they don’t enter your body and bloodstream with ease. 

Maintaining healthy skin should be everyone’s priority. People need to make careful decisions when choosing skin care or treatment formulas for their skin. 

Understand that most fragrance oils and skincare formulas are not safe for your tender skin. Thus, applying them to your skin can cause significant damage.   

As shocking as it may sound, most people still apply fragrance oils to their skin. They claim the oils are safe since the manufacturers said so. Most individuals may even cite people they know who have been applying the said fragrance oil on their skin.

However, before you join the bandwagon of people applying fragrance oils on their skin, here’s a question you should ask yourself.  

Can fragrance oils be used on the skin?

Well, not all fragrance oils are skin-safe. The constituents of the oils will give you clues about their safety. 

Fragrance oils with harsh and harmful chemicals can ruin your skin. They can dry up your skin and even cause irritation, cancer, etc.  

Fragrance oils’ composition makes them not-so-good options on the skin. They are made in the laboratory by combining natural and synthetic chemical compounds. 

People purchase fragrance oils for their scents. You can even find fragrance oils whose scent is familiar to a plant. The truth is highly-trained and skilled chemists make these oils.

Unfortunately, the fragrance oils you come across are not 100 percent natural. Most of them contain tons of chemicals and toxic synthetic ingredients. 

Now, how do you treat acne? Is it by using any acne-treatment formula out there? Well, keep this in mind. If you’re using the wrong formula for acne treatment, you’re wasting your time. The acne may likely resurface over time. 

Using acne formulas with harsh ingredients won’t do you any good either. You’ll only end up with badly damaged skin. 

Excitingly, many years of research and development have paid off. It has led to the formulation of a superior product that can eliminate acne once and for all. 

What’s the product? It’s the Lucent Skin Acnezine acne treatment formula. This formula targets acne from the source, eliminating it and ensuring it doesn’t reappear. 

Another thing that sets the Lucent Skin Acnezine acne formula apart is how safe and mild they are on the skin. This product is a wise choice for any skin type. 

Read for more information on the use of fragrance oils. 

What Is Fragrance Oils?

Firstly, keep in mind that fragrance oils and essential oils differ. Fragrance oils are called aromatic oils, aroma oils, or flavor oils. They are a form of blended synthetic aroma compounds. These oils can also be natural essential oils diluted with carriers like mineral oils, propylene glycol, and vegetable oils. 

Fragrance oils aren’t a wise choice for allergic sufferers or people with sensitive skin. Why? They can cause an allergic reaction which could be mild or severe. 

Fragrance oils with harsh ingredients can cause skin cancer, irritability, and other undesirable outcomes. 

Where are fragrance oils made? They’re produced in the laboratory. The process involves blending natural and synthetic compounds. But know that the presence of natural ingredients doesn’t make these oils safe. Most of them contain toxic chemicals that can harm one’s skin. 

What Are The Uses Of Fragrance Oils?

Fragrance oils are present in a range of scented products. These include scented candles, vaporizers, air fresheners, household cleaners, and room sprays. 

However, most manufacturers claim their fragrance oils are skin safe. They are the ones incorporated into products that make contact with the skin. Examples include cosmetics, creams, shampoos, perfumes, etc. 

Furthermore, whether artificial or natural, experts can make all fragrances in a laboratory. 

So, as long as a specific scent exists in the environment, chemists can reproduce it in the laboratory. Oil group variations available for making each of the numerous scents are limitless. 

Most fragrance oils production involves combining one or two essential oils. Some may even have more essential oils. 

The fragrance will be the same when you combine two similar essential oils. That’s the case. But when you adjust the percent of both oils, you’ll end up with a product with a slightly different scent. In other words, the smell would differ from the oils combined. 

How Fragrance Oils Are Produced 

Fragrance oils are produced in the laboratory through a careful process. The fragrance designer or chemist has to choose the type of essential oils and aromatic chemical compound required for the procedure. 

The scent the fragrance designer wants to achieve influences the choice of essential oils or chemical compounds. The chemist also has to choose the essential oils and chemicals that blend well and decide the various amounts to use. 

Here are the ingredients used in making essential oils. They include natural and artificial ingredients. 

  • Resins
  • Esters
  • Absolutes
  • Carrier oils
  • Essential oils
  • Aldehydes
  • Alcohol

A Handy Tip: Most fragrance oils might not be completely natural, but their quality may be similar to essential oils. They may also exude a long-lasting and robust aroma like essential oils. 

Additionally, fragrance oils can contain 80 percent of essential oils and be 100% synthetic. It all depends on the ingredients used by the manufacturer. 

“However, you can end your acne trouble by using the super active acne treatment product – The Lucent Skin Acnezine acne treatment formula. It contains 100% natural ingredients, carefully combined for a safe, effective, and lasting solution to acne. 

This acne formula is safe for your tender skin and goes deep into the skin, destroying the primary source of the acne. Thus, you’ll never experience acne break out again.

Are Fragrance Oils Different From Essential Oils?

Yes, both oils differ, but they are applied similarly. Many use fragrance oils and essential oils interchangeably. But there’s a massive difference between both. Here are the differences below. 

#1:  Essential oils are natural and pure, making them safe to apply on the skin. Fragrance oils are not entirely pure. Some comprise 100 percent synthetic ingredients or 80 percent essential oils. 

#2: Essential oils’ use in aromatherapy is widespread, thanks to their therapeutic properties. Fragrance oils are the direct opposite. They don’t have any medicinal properties and are not valuable for aromatherapy.  

#3: Even when processed, essential oils retain the authentic aroma of the plant. Fragrance oils production entails combining ingredients (natural and synthetic) in varied proportions to form a unique scent. 

#4: Essential oils are from several parts of the plants, such as roots, leaves, resins, grasses, flowers, and herbs. But fragrance oils are designed from natural essential oils or synthetic aromatic compounds.

5 Things You Can Do With Fragrance Oils Safely

You can creatively use fragrance oils for several things in your home. 

  • Create scented candles with fragrance oil. 
  • Clean wooden furniture with fragrance oil to improve the aroma in your home. 
  • Add a romantic touch to your wooden jewelry or gift wrapping with fragrance oil.
  • Have a cotton ball soaked in fragrance oil and drop in areas that need freshening. These include behind garbage bins, purses, bags, underneath car seats, etc. 
  • Dilute fragrance oil of choice in a spray bottle containing water to serve as an air freshener or natural room spray. 


Can fragrance oils be used on the skin? Fragrance oils usually contain 80 percent essential oils (natural oils) or 100 percent synthetic chemical compounds. 

These chemical compounds can be harmful to the skin. Allergy suffers, or people with sensitive skin might react when fragrance oils land on their skin. 

The skin is a delicate and essential organ. It helps to shield our internal organs from direct impact. Don’t also forget that healthy skin boosts confidence and self-esteem. So take proper care of your skin. 

If you have acne, treat it carefully. Do not use formulas that might probably cure the acne temporarily and cause severe damage to your skin. Use Lucent Skin Acnezine acne treatment formula. It’s not only safe for your sensitive and tender skin but penetrates deeper to eliminate the source of the acne. You’re never going to suffer acne breakout again after using this formula. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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