Do You Know What Is Wrong With Owen Wilson’s Nose?

Owen Wilson is a great actor, producer, and writer. He has had such a glorious career in Hollywood over the years. 

However, Owen Wilson’s career and relationships aren’t the only topics people talk about. A mere look at him tells you what people seem to be more concerned about – Owen Wilson’s nose. 

His nose appears oddly shaped. It looks as if he did a nose job that went wrong. But the thing is, that wasn’t the reason. 

So, what’s the reason for Owen Wilson’s oddly shaped nose? Was he born with such a nose, or did something else happen? Let’s clear the air. 

What is wrong with Owen Wilson’s nose?

Firstly, Owen Wilson’s nose is a product of several unfortunate accidents he’s had. He suffered both when he was much younger. 

So, if you thought Owen Wilson’s nose was a product of a bad nose job, or he was born with it, you have to put that idea in the trash. 

Well, Wilson himself has spoken about his nose. He gave details of what transpired to the Los Angeles Times in 2001. 

The first incident that broke Wilson’s nose happened during his teen years. During a brawl at St. Mark’s High School, Dallas, Texas, he broke his nose. r

The second was an injury he sustained on the football field. He collided with a fellow student while playing football and broke his nose. 

People have been saying harsh things about Owen Wilson’s nose, some of which the actor is aware of. He claims people are telling him his nose looks disfigured. But the good part is, he isn’t bothered. 

In the interview Wilson had with Los Angeles Times, he said his nose wouldn’t have looked great if he had not been broken. 

He also claims many people think his misaligned nose sets him apart. 

Keep reading for more information on Owen Wilson.

Who Is Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is a screenwriter, producer, and actor. He was born in Dallas, Texas, on November 8, 1968. 

Owen’s parents got separated when he was just seven years old. But they later remarried, though to other people. He has three amazing brothers, Luke, Andrew, and John Daley. 

Owen Wilson majored in English at the University of Texas, Austin. Unfortunately, he only spent three months in the university. The reason Owen left school was because of an alcohol addiction problem. 

At age 20, he was heavily into drugs. Owen went into six weeks of drug rehab for heroin addiction.   

How Owen Wilson’s Nose Looks

Firstly, Owen’s nose looks disfigured. His nose is crying out for a nose job. But the “Wedding Crashers” actor hasn’t heeded that call yet, so it seems. 

Overall, Owen’s nose appears distinctively shaped and larger than usual, though not that large per se. 

However, it looks a bit compressed on one side. And the odd shape is obvious.

No Hollywood actor has the same nose as Owen Wilson. And even if anyone does, there’s no denying that they would have done a nose job to repair the damage. 

Has Owen Wilson Done A Nose Job?

When you view images of the young Owen Wilson, you’ll discover the massive transformation his nose has had. His nose was good-looking at a young age, but the two accidents he had took all the cuteness away.

Now, has Owen had plastic surgery (rhinoplasty) to fix his misaligned nose? Well, the truth of the matter is, he hasn’t. 

For the record, money isn’t the issue. The “No Escape” actor doesn’t fancy plastic surgery. Owen believes his look is part of who he is, and anyone who knows him well will quite agree with that. 

So, he doesn’t plan to change how he looks for anyone. It doesn’t matter who the person is. Owen feels good about his nose and doesn’t show any bit of shyness on the red carpet. 

Fans also love Owen Wilson for who he is and how he looks. 

How Owen Wilson Started His Acting Career

Many actors in Hollywood had plans to delve into acting from the very beginning. But that isn’t the case for Owen Wilson. 

Owen Wilson kick-started his acting career in 1996, but that wasn’t what he planned to do with his life. In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Owen claimed he cherished writing.

His major plans were to write novels or short stories and probably, delve into advertising to write short jingles for brands. But then, Wes Anderson, Owen’s roommate, had a strong interest in filmmaking. 

Owen Wilson’s film debut was in the 1996 movie, “The Bottle Rocket.” He also co-wrote two of Wes Anderson’s movies, “Rushmore”, including “The Royal Tenenbaums.” 

Owen and Wes’s The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay. 

Since making his debut, Owen has featured in several movies and picked up numerous awards. The American actor, producer, and writer have also been active in movie-making since 1996. 

Are Rumors Of Owen Wilson’s Suicide Attempt True?

Yes, Owen Wilson did make a suicide attempt in 2007 but came out alive. There were reports that the “Zoolander” actor overdosed on pills but was quickly taken to the hospital for treatment. 

Owen Wilson attempted suicide because of a bad breakup that left him depressed. Luckily, his brother, Luke Wilson, was around and quickly called 911 when he discovered Owen had attempted suicide. 

After Owen’s suicide attempt, his brother, Andrew, started staying with him. Owen even claimed his brothers, especially Andrew, helped him heal faster from the suicide attempt.

Owen Wilson’s Net Worth And Film Salaries You Should Know

Owen Wilson’s net worth is around $70 million. Besides featuring in high-grossing movies like “Wedding Crashers,” Owen is also a real estate investor. He has invested over $40 to $50 million in properties across Los Angeles. 

His films have raked in over $2.25 billion in Canada and the United States of America, with an average of $75 million for each film.

Here are details of Owen Wilson’s film salaries

Owen has earned mouth-watering salaries on several movies. He earned $15 million for the 2010 film “Little Fockers,” a career-high salary.

He earned $10 million for “Wedding Crashers” and the 2004 comedy film “Starsky & Hutch.” The movie

As of 2020, Owen Wilson had reportedly earned approximately $90 million from film roles, though before managerial fees, taxes, including other costs. 

The “Zoolander” actor has also featured in 40 movies as of 2020. 


What is wrong with Owen Wilson’s nose? He broke his nose twice. The first incident happened when he engaged in a fight at school. After colliding with a friend on the football field, young Owen broke his nose for the second time. 

Owen’s nose looks misaligned. The “Wedding Crasher” actor has even mentioned how people tell him his nose looks disfigured. 

But the American actor isn’t bothered. And though he attempted suicide in 2007, it had nothing to do with how his nose looked. He experienced a bad heartbreak, which left him depressed. 

Owen has also earned mouth-watering salaries from all the movies he has featured in. But besides the movie, he’s also a real estate investor. 

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Elizabeth Willett (MA)
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