Why Are Michael Jackson’s Kids White? Truth Behind Michael Jackson’s White Kids

Michael Jackson is one of the most famous artists ever to live. Many people know him worldwide, and his stories spread wide. 

However, many stories and questions will also come up when you are an icon, and many people love you.

Years after Michael Jackson’s death, people have not forgotten about him. As a result, you will hear many stories about him and his family. 

His left family, especially kids, carry his name, and people can’t get enough. One of the most asked questions is why are Michael Jackson’s, Kids White? Let’s find out.

They are born of Debbie Rowe, and she is white. Two of the white kids are Michael Jackson’s with Debbie Rowe, who happens to be white. As a result, they can be referred to as white, although other people claim they are mixed race.

The debate behind the kids being white has been going for years. Many people have their theories, but the most understandable one is that their mother is white.

Michael Jackson Kids And Their Whereabouts

Michel Joseph (Jackson Jr)

Michael Joseph, also called Jackson Jr or Prince, is the oldest child. Michael Jackson had three kids. Joseph was born on 13th February 1997. He was born of Debbie Rowe, who was Michael’s second wife.

Michel Jackson raised him like his own child, and he got nicknamed Prince. He is one of the reportedly white kids.

Michael Joseph took his father’s path into the limelight by appearing in several TV shows, including Entertainment Tonight. He is the Heal Los Angeles charity that continues his father’s work. 

Paris Jackson

Her name is Paris Jackson, and she was born on 3rd April 1998. She is the second born. She was also born of Rowe before they divorced Michael Jackson in 1999. Paris has followed the modeling and acting path.

She has appeared in several movies, including The Space Between and Gringo. Another appearance was in Rolling Stones cover of 2017 January.

Prince Michael Jackson II ‘Blanket’

Prince Michael II is the last-born child of Michael Jackson. He was born on 21st February 2002, although his surrogate mother is unknown. 

After revealing bullying struggles, he had the nickname ‘Blanket,’ later changed to ‘Bigi’ in 2017. Prince Michael II is the youngest and still studying.

Unlike his elder siblings ‘blanket’ makes rare public appearances. Maybe because of school or he doesn’t like it.


There is so much to talk about Michael Jackson. Now that he is gone, people listen to his music, talk about him and talk about his family. His kids are a major topic as people keep track of them. The question of their race and the reasons is controversial, but you have the answers.

John Taylor
John Taylor
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