Why Is TikTok So Cringe; Do People Make Money From It?

Social media platforms are used for various reasons. Some people use such platforms for marketing their business. People are making millions from these platforms. However, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok make most teenagers idle. 

All they do is like photos of people they do not even know. Tik Tok is becoming popular each day. You have probably come across videos with Tik Tok tags. 

So how does it work? People make short funny videos with songs in the background. 

People have different views about Tik Tok videos and the platform in general. 

Why is TikTok So Cringe?

Most of the videos from Tik Tok are annoying because they do not make any sense, and people make copycat videos. Common videos that are annoying are those with a challenge hashtag

Show me someone who lives debt-free in your house” is one of the boring videos from Tik Tok that has been trending. 

Although most people feel that the platform is disgusting, some make lots of cash from those silly videos. Youtube pays people for the views they get. The more views, the more money. Tik Tok works in the same way. In addition, if you’d like to grab more views on your channel, you can buy cheap TikTok followers.

People with the most subscribers, likes, and comments make quite a good fortune from Tik Tok. Please do not rush to despise something you barely know. Companies use famous people from Tik Tok to market their products. 

Khaby Lame is one of the billionaires from Tik Tok. He only began making such videos in 2020 after losing his job to COVID-19. You can make the most out of idle people always browsing or on Tik Tok. 

People want to get rich and famous; Peer pressure affects this generation. Young people are chasing clout forcing them to make rather boring videos that are imitations.  

It is a waste of time; If you feel this way towards Tik Tok. You can either uninstall the app or delete your account. Youtubers feel that it should be disbanded. 

You should not follow people’s reviews and opinions foolishly. Some might be making these accusations because they do not want you to benefit as they do. 

Creating A Tik Tok Account

You can sign up for Tik Tok with your email, phone number, or another social media account. Most people will prefer using the last option because their friends will easily know them. There are millions of tik to users who have almost identical names. 

How To Sign up to Tik Tok Using Your Social Media Account

  1. Launch the Tik Tok app.
  2. Click “Me.” It should be at the bottom of the app.
  3. Tap your username at the top. 
  4. Click “Add account.”
  5. Use the social media account of your choice. Use your Instagram, Twitter, Google, or Facebook


Every social media platform has benefits and drawbacks. People will also have different opinions about these platforms. 

Introverts might not find such platforms to be amusing. 

Do not trash something you do not know. Try using Tik Tok, and make your conclusions. Some of the Tik Tok videos are educative. You can use them to learn about acting, photography, or travel. 

John Taylor
John Taylor
John Taylor is a seasoned writer with more than 10 years of experience as a professional. He has written professionally for many different organizations, such as The Atlantic and the Boston Globe. John can write on any topic you need him to cover, from business writing to creative nonfiction pieces. His portfolio speaks for his skills; he's not only an experienced writer but also an excellent editor and researcher!


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