Why Does Drinking Water Make Me Feel Sick? Reasons And How To Avoid This

Water is good for our health. It helps prevent our bodies from dehydration, smoothens the skin, and eases digestion. 

People should drink plenty of water. However, sometimes water makes people feel sick or makes you sick. 

How is this possible? This feeling, however, does not last for long, and one can take painkillers. 

Why Does Drinking Water Make Me Feel Sick?

You might be drinking lots of water after meals or drinking lots of water at once. If the water is contaminated, you may also feel sick after drinking water. If this persists, you are advised to seek medical guidance. 

Contaminated Water

Drinking untreated water is the major reason you might feel sick after taking the water. Water that is not pure contains bacteria and contaminants harmful to our bodies. 

The contaminants can cause nausea, among other effects. It is advisable to buy drinking water from a certified pharmacy to curb this. Not everyone might be privileged to purchase drinking water.

Boiling water is the cheapest method to purify water. Boiling water kills germs and contaminants, making the water safe for consumption. 

People living near streams and rivers have homemade filtration tanks. This method, however, is not the safest way to treat water. 

A Full/Empty Stomach

After meals, you should drink water. Do not drink plenty of water, especially when full. Drink half a glass of water to help digest the food. After a while, when you feel thirsty, or the food has settled, you can drink a glass of water. 

When your stomach is full, you get uncomfortable. It can cause nausea due to un comfortability. 

Drinking water on an empty stomach could also make you feel sick. When our stomachs are empty, we tend to feel nauseated. This is because the body has low energy. 

  • You are gulping water down quickly. Refrain from drinking lots of water at a go. 

How to Avoid Feeling Sick After Drinking Water

If you experience migraines or nausea when you drink water, you can try the following tips. 

Take small amounts of water throughout the day

We should take plenty of water every day. On average, every person needs to take eight glasses of water daily.  

It does not mean that you need to take large amounts at once. Take small sips of water., this is e equated to drinking half a glass. 

Hydrate with liquid-rich fruits

Fruits have so many health benefits. Frequently taking fruits like watermelons, pineapples and mangoes can help. Such fruits keep you hydrated, reducing your thirst and the need to drink water often.  

Try different sources of water

If you feel bad after drinking tap water, you can change to bottled water. Various companies produce bottled water. Bottled water from one company might be causing you migraines. You can change to another brand of bottled water. 

Fewer people have complained against bottled water from pharmacies. Such stores sell products that are certified for the safe consumption of humans. 


Nothing can rid the thirst for water. You need to drink treated water to prevent any health complications. Drinking plenty of water makes the skin glow and prevents pimples in the face. Babies and women should take more water since their bodies are more delicate.

Water is the source of life, which is true. This is true following its health benefits, but when you take the right amount.

John Taylor
John Taylor
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