Why Do I Hit Myself; Why You Should See A Doctor 

Mental health and disorders have always been a concern. Every day, people develop complications that affect their health. 

Self-harm is an issue that needs attention. There are different forms of self-harm. Hitting yourself can be one of the forms. 

Do you know why you hit yourself? It is best answered when someone knows your story or traumas/haunting experiences. People who sleepwalk do not know they are doing it. Some people find themselves with bruises, not knowing they did it to themselves. 

Why Do I Hit Myself?

You probably hit yourself because you are frustrated or angry at yourself or others. Hitting yourself is a way of releasing emotions without confronting others or risking saying things you might regret later.

Other reasons for self-injury

To Self-Punish

People who have been exposed to abuse find themselves doing this. Sexually abused people blame themselves. Hitting themselves helps them feel good. Some believe that they should punish evil people. It is funny that they do not feel pain when they hit themselves. 

People who have served in the military might show this. War exposes people to inhumane doings. The deaths of colleagues affect them. Soldiers might be punishing themselves for failing to rescue their colleagues—the reason why psychology treatment is free for them. 

Seeking Attention 

Common experienced by people who grew up without parents or were abandoned. They always feel that everyone does not want to be associated with them. If you see your friend hitting themselves, they will attract your attention. 


People who self-injure themselves are delicate and require lots of care and attention. The best thing to do is have an appointment with a psychiatrist. A qualified psychologist can diagnose the type of disorder or trauma affecting you.

The doctor will come up with the best treatment plan for you. Every patient is different. Your treatment program might differ from another patient based on age, gender, and trauma. 

You should not take any unprescribed medicine. Painkillers help relieve headaches and other minor pains. however, you can be addicted to pain relievers. Such a situation is bad. It means that you cannot do without the painkillers. 

Share Your Experience

If you have a trauma, an abuse experience, or disorder, talk it out with your closest friends. When you open up, you feel calm. You feel free because the burden is shared. Holding things to yourself only makes it worse for you. 

Choose friends who do not judge you; If you have a friend who shares the same experience, the better. It would help if you worked on strengthening each other with a goal of healing. 


If you have any traumas, you need to go for therapy sessions and medication. You might be self-hurting yourself, yet you are not aware of it. Prescribed drugs will help calm you. Therapy helps you deal with your disorder. 

Those in therapy share their stories. You can use such examples to be able to overcome your fears. 

Avoid staying alone if you self-hurt yourself. Engaging with friends will help you pass the time in a relaxed way. Loneliness only makes you overthink and sad. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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